As you might have noticed we've been making some changes to the forums! This is a part of an ongoing effort to maintain uniformity across all cPanel platforms. We've also created some new features we hope you'll enjoy. 

What Changed? 

  • We added several forums
  • We changed the name of some existing forums 
  • General discussion is gone.
    • Threads are still viewable but you will need to open a new thread rather than respond at this time
  • Workarounds and Optimization
    • Threads are still viewable and able to be responded to but will require moderation on ALL of them so that we can move them to the correct forum
  • International Discussion
    • this used to be a separate forum with sections for Spanish, Portuguese and German.
    • We encourage you to post in any forum in these languages. 
    • It is also encouraged to post in both your native language and include output from a translator such as Google Translate in English

What's new? 

Community Guides and Tutorials 

We wanted a space for our extremely talented community to share their own help articles.

  • Anyone can post an article here once they have made 5 posts.
  • All submissions are moderated. 
  • Keep in mind that all tutorials added here are not official nor will they be supported by our support staff unless otherwise noted. 

System Administration Services:

  • Our System Administration services page has long been a resource for users. We're now opening this up to allow you to post your own system administration service resource. The requirements for this to be approved are as follows: 
    • You must have an existing website with system administration services listed. 
    • You must have a forums account with a valid email 
    • You must submit an article and it be approved 
    • SafeAdmin Certified Articles will be handled in a similar way though they will continue to follow the process laid out through the cPanel University to ensure their certification process goes as smoothly as possible. 

We hope you enjoy these changes and we'd love to hear your feedback as well as any issues or concerns you might have, feel free to send me a direct message @cPanelLauren



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    Jul 21, 2020
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