1. D

    e-mail authentication

    I'm having some trouble with the authentication of my e-mails. gMail likes them, but Outlook and Yahoo don't. My listserver is Sender. My Sender IP is not blacklisted, and I think I have my SPF right, as v=spf1 ?all. But Hostgator, who manages my domain, says that e-mail...
  2. L

    Suddenly I have an Authentication issue.

    Out of the blue three of my email accounts had the same error message. I am using Thunderbird for a client on a Win10Pro PC accessing email accounts on domains on my server. No problems until this morning, all of the accounts worked fine, i.e. 19 email accounts on 19 different domains. 16 are...
  3. carock

    Spam from local user delivered without authentication

    One of my users forwarded me a spam message they received. It was sent to them with the From address of their mailbox. Checking Exim logs shows the message was submitted from a foreign IP address and accepted without error. I also did some testing with several user accounts and a two cPanel...
  4. Sujoy Dhar

    WHM loads slow or Timeout with Two Factor Authentication

    Hi, I am facing and weird issue where WHM as well as Cpanel Starts loading slow whenever I am enabling the Two Factor authentication. Sometimes it gets timeout and sometime takes more than 60 seconds to load. Once I disable Two Factor , WHM and Cpanel starts load faster without any issue.
  5. JIKOmetrix

    SOLVED kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer

    Hello, I'm trying to disable password auth for SSH and enable key authentication. I created user green-set keys in cpanel user ssh->manage keys and authorized the key. If I use a remote terminal to connect: ssh -i /Users/user_remote/.ssh/id_rsa [email protected]
  6. P

    Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Documentation Warning

    On the documentation page for Two-Factor Authentication, there is the vague warning: "This feature may cause some third-party applications to fail. It may also cause applications to improperly store data". Is there any more information on this? Thanks.
  7. M

    number of email authentication daemons

    Hello, One of my customers is receiving a prompt message asking for his email password from time to time and was wondering if this could be solved with the solution mentioned in this forum post Mail client prompts for password all the time If that is the case where can I change that value...
  8. D

    SOLVED SMTP connections problem

    Hi all, i have a vps with whm cpanel and litespeed web server. I host wordpress websites. I use wp smtp email plugin so i can avoid sending php emails. And every now and then i get an authentication arror and i have to manually reset the connection so many emails get lost. The error i get in the...
  9. O

    550-Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client

    Hi guys, This email issue keeps happening very the last three months. I'm using outlook to send emails and I do have the SMTP authentication enabled. Emails work fine and then out of the blue I keep getting emails back. When this happens all I can do to make it work again is go to Security...
  10. M

    SOLVED Keyboard-interactive authentication prompts from server

    When I connect whm putty through its showing like. why is that? how can I resolve this. I am not enable the SSH.
  11. B

    Sendgrid API and Two Factor Authentication

    I use google compute engine and use SendGrid to handle email. Exim configuration has worked for ages, then I noticed I could not send emails. For a day I was confused (it happens), then I realized SendGrid is pushing Two Factor Authentication (which I did) so this part of my exim configuration...
  12. L

    i get email regarding succesfull cpanel login even after i enabled 2 factor authentication

    Hi, let me tell you the whole thing 1) One day i try to login into my cpanel account and unfortunately i a, unable to do so. 2) i try forget password and it given me the hint of email id that is not mine. 3) ok as i also am root user with whm i login and then login into my cpanel account...
  13. A


    Hi, I need to configure external SMTP (smarthost) for my cPanel Server. My users connect to cPanel SMTP port with their credentials. How can i configure authentication for external SMTP like Postfix? It must be interesting to interconnect cPanel email user's credentials, with Postfix, allowing...
  14. M

    Two-Factor Authentication configuration

    Hi, You recommend me enable "Two-Factor Authentication" tool in WHM/cPanel or can generate access problems?. If I enable him, in "Issuer" I need put a different hostname in each server or I need put the same info in all servers? (because I have various servers). I attached an image. Thank you...
  15. M

    PureFTP 530 Login authentication failed

    Hi friends, I installed pure-ftpd in dedicated server which only have CentOS 7 (without any other panels). I configured all, enabled port in firewall, did user commit, etc. But Filezilla return this error when try login: 530 Login authentication failed I don't know where is the problem, i see...
  16. G

    How to fix “PHP Warning: ftp_login(): Login authentication failed”

    I use centos 7 with cPanel. I have installed Open Game Panel. So the panel is installed /home/user/public_html/panel. With subdomain After that i create new Counter Strike server and tried to login from ftp and i see this error: After that i check the error logs on...
  17. R

    External Authentication

    Hello, I need to make custom web management system. The application contains data about all our client (domain to connect to cpanel,username and password). I need to implement logic that gives us possibility to login directly into client panel and manage his/her hosting properties. There is a...
  18. R

    Login authentication failed creating account

    Hello, I could not find someone with the same problem. So I decided to open this post. I have the following scenario: - The client inserts a domain into the system; - The account is created in cPanel; - The system copies some files from another account on the server, and via FTP pastes the...
  19. M

    Disable two factor authentication?

    Hi, Hoping this finds you in good health. my control panel for the domain: - Removed - is asking for 2 factor authentication. I cannot login as I my phone got stolen a few days ago and have lost my authenticator app. Kindly please assist me with the login, as I need to create email account...
  20. S

    Site Demands Authentication

    This site has been down since yesterday It keeps telling to login while it refused access to it. Errors on port 443, 80 etc. Check errors and suggest possible way out. - Removed -