1. Radhi

    AutoSSL in my site not working automatically

    Hello, AutoSSL in my site not working automatically. In order to create a new certificate I have to delete the .htaccess file and the .well-known file. Then run certificate update through whm. What is the solution to make the certificate renew automatically?. thanks
  2. V

    AutoSSL & Cloudflare - What's the Deal?

    I'm using Cloudflare for my domains = my DNS is hosted on Cloudflare + records are proxied through Cloudflare (records resolve to Cloudflare IPs) I'm using Cloudflare with Strict mode = both Cloudflare (Edge) server and Origin (My) server talk to visitors through SSL. Cloudflare provides the...
  3. V

    "Generate a self-signed SSL for new domains" vs AutoSSL?

    First to differentiate: 1) AutoSSL installs Let's Encrypt SSL which is CA-signed and passes the browser security check? 2) Option "Generate a self-signed SSL certificate if a CA-signed certificate is not available when setting up new domains." is not referring to SSL that is installed by...
  4. ewerton.sanches

    AutoSSL Mail Node

    Good afternoon! I'm having trouble performing autossl on my exclusive Mailnode server! When attempting to generate a certificate, it simply doesn't react at all. I'm seeking help to understand what might be causing this issue and how I can correct it. Here are some screenshots that show the...
  5. M

    SOLVED AutoSSL alerts for account terminated months ago

    This is not another AutoSSL complaint thread. We all know very well that there have been some challenges in the past couple years and, for a many of us, simply switching from Sectigo to Let's Encrypt resolves those issues. This is something new for me, and I'm wondering if it's happening to...
  6. K

    autossl_check frequently triggering "script is stuck"

    Have been getting these "script is stuck" email notifications more often for the past 6 weeks. Last month it happened 5 times. This month so far twice. Why does it so often take so long for autossl_check to execute or why does it hang? Here is the contents of the most recent email which advised...
  7. B

    AutoSSL / Wildcard / Error? / Can't Disable Request?

    We have a VPS running CPanel 110.0.2 on Apache. We use Let's Encrypt with AutoSSL. DNS is done by another server at another provider. It's been working fine for a few years. As of a couple of months ago, we started getting error messages related to SSL certificate renewal. The error is "DNS...
  8. E

    AutoSSL renewal problem

    Hi, We are using Sectigo as the SSL provider. Since 11 April, we have a problem. The logs, as well as cPanel show that everything is OK, however on the website side the certificate fails because it shows that the certificate belongs to the main server and not the particular domain. Has anyone...
  9. E

    AutoSSL certificate not renewed for some account

    Hello, I have WHM&cPanel version 108.0.14. AutoSSL has expired for some of my users, not renewed. Why is it not an automatic process on cPanel server? Best regards, Elizabeta
  10. P

    Certificate for a delegated subdomain (AutoSSL + Let's Encrypt).

    Hello, I have delegated a subdomain to a new server, DNS is configured and everything works fine. But I am wondering if I can and how to create an SSL certificate for the delegated subdomain? I am using AutoSSL and Let's Encrypt. The subdomain is not assigned to any account, it functions as an...
  11. M

    Sectigo AutoSSL doesn't renew domain

    Our clients are calling us up because AutoSSL Sectigo (Cpanel) are not renewing the domains. What do we do? This happens before and this is happening again now -- why is CPanel becoming soooooo ****. This is really bad. The AutoSSL is recognising the domain SSL is expired 10:37:25 AM ERROR TLS...
  12. S

    AutoSSL cron run time(s)

    When I view /etc/cron.d/cpanel_autossl, it shows: 57 0 * * * root /usr/local/cpanel/bin/autossl_check --all And when I go into WHM->Manage AutoSSL, I see this message: This system’s next regular AutoSSL check will occur at 1:57 AM. Since I'm in ET zone and the server is in CT...
  13. A

    AutoSSL - Switch from Sectigo to Let's Encrypt

    Hey everyone, When reading the subject you might think "Not another Sectigo AutoSSL post" and roll your eyes but please bear with me because I'm trying to understand the mechanics behind cPanel's Let's Encrypt implementation and figure out a plan. I won't repeat what everyone has been posting...
  14. W

    problem with certificate parent cpanel - run autossl no work

    I have problem with certificate, my server with sub domain not renew certificate, the domain into server if have the certificate for any motive the server not inherits the certificate, it is cause the domains in the server not actualize the certificate. Show the next image...
  15. J

    AutoSSL Exclusion via API issue

    We are using the guide posted at to exclude (mail.) subdomains from the Autossl run - as they are not used in our stack. Unfortunately we keep getting the following errors: ---...
  16. W

    ERROR AutoSSL - error: (XID pcpt27) - request from “” indicated an error (504, Gateway Timeout)

    Always too many errors with the autossl procedure, instead of speeding up these procedures it wastes time For a new domain we get 11:53:24 AM ERROR AutoSSL failed to request an SSL certificate for “” because of an error: (XID pcpt27) The response to the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer...
  17. H

    Does disabling AutoSSL also disable the cPanel, Inc issued root server (WHM) certificate?

    I don't have a need for AutoSSL on my server since I use CloudFlare for SSL. However, if I remove it, will my main WHM/server URL not auto-renew when the time comes? Not the domain itself, but the actual URL that WHM is on (i.e. Or is this certificate renewed in another way...
  18. M

    New SSL order is in pending status too long

    Hi, I've created a new account about 3 hours ago. I cant see any problem with sectigo SSL order generated but its waiting in Pending status since then. I've checked DNS records all resolving to correct IP address except (resolves www record with cname to another ip address) I've...
  19. cPRex

    cPanel's AutoSSL

    Hey everyone! Since there are several AutoSSL threads with multiple replies at this time, I just wanted to post what we've been doing lately behind the scenes. You're likely familiar with the following error message from AutoSSL: The “cPanel (powered by Sectigo)” provider cannot currently...
  20. G

    Email when AutoSSL fails

    Under "Manage AutoSSL", I have this selected: Notify the administrator for AutoSSL certificate request failures, warnings, and deferrals. I'm constantly hitting a snag where a certificate doesn't renew, and I think it's due to the firewall's CC_ALLOW_FILTER setting. But I never get an email...