1. M

    AWStats issue

    I am experiencing a strange problem on awstats. On a specific user: AWStats (Viewed traffic: 1450 Unique visitors, Not viewed: Probably about 1400 more Unique visitors Total: about 2850 unique visitors ) Google Analytics ( Total traffic 4600 unique visitors) Is this right? Is there any...
  2. B

    Configuring AWStats from cPanel

    This post is about the Statistics Software Configuration. For a certain account, AWStats is showing just 0 everywhere. I've added this account to the Allowed Users list via User Permissions -> Choose Users. (I first used the checkbox via "Choose Specific Stats Programs for" but this seemed...
  3. E

    AWstats access outside cPanel

    Hello everybody, I has a reseller account and before last update I was able to give customers an access to awstats page from outside cpanel, using a simple php code and a config file into a password protected directory. This index.php was able to access awstats page via port 2083 and customer...
  4. B

    Awstats LogFile parameter is not defined

    Error: LogFile parameter is not defined in config/domain file Setup ('/home/uxaeefj/tmp/awstats/ssl/' file, web server or permissions) may be wrong. Check config file, permissions and AWStats documentation (in 'docs' directory).
  5. T

    Can't process Awstats on new server

    I recently moved my site from a cPanel server running CentOS 5 to a new one on CentOS 7 with the latest version of cPanel. None of the stats for my sites have been running since the move (I only use Awstats). Upon trying to run them manually from the command line I get the following errors (I...
  6. S still alive after disabling it on WHM

    I disabled awstats on WHM. The process still shows up every few minutes causing high load. I don't want it. How do i uninstall it completely? I been searching for a while and none of the suggestions gets it done.
  7. P

    SOLVED is missing

    Hi, this is the first time I want to see stats from awstats, but I got a 404 error So searching on the forum I realized that I don't have /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/ in my server I only have the symlink on /usr/local/cpanel/base/ I'm using WHM 62.0 (build 8) How can...
  8. galbaras

    Awstats shows hosts not in raw access logs

    In the past 3 months, I had a bandwidth usage increase, so I checked the list of hosts in Awstats and it showed the following at the top: (resolves to, and (cannot be resolved!). My hosting support and I...
  9. M

    Awstats for a parked domains

    We have users with packed domains that and would like Awstats. How is Awstats enabled for a packed domain?
  10. S

    awstats keywords missing spaces

    Anybody else noticing that the Search Keyphrases and Search Keywords sections in AWstats the keywords and keyphrases are missing spaces? They are just clumped together into 1 big long word. I'm not sure what or where this setting is misconfigured. Any thoughts?
  11. W

    Redirect referrer spam, without awstats counting it as visit

    Hello, I am trying to limit referrer spam from urls that look like the first line below. The referrals I am interested in are mostly like the second line: My site is on a shared hosting account, so my tools are limited to mod_rewrite in...
  12. sozotech

    AWStats discrepancy

    I have a question in regards to the Pages/Hits per IP reported by AWStats vs the number of log entries. I have a site that has 598 log entries for an IP yet AWStats is reporting roughly a 3 fold increase for the Pages/Hits 1776/1782. Shouldn't roughly each log entry translate to a single hit...
  13. S

    Breaking down AWstats

    As technical analysts, we often run in to various questions and issues surrounding AWstats, and how it works. For this we've created this rundown of AWstats, its files, how AWstats data is populated, and even a few quick fixes. List of AWstats files System files...
  14. D

    Awstats not updating properly

    Hello, From past 3 months the Awstats of my domain is not updating properly. That means Number of visits Unique visitors and Pages are not getting updated properly. I have run below commands already: /scripts/runweblogs user /scripts/fixwebalizer /scripts/runstatsonce But still no luck. I...
  15. BlueSteam

    AWStats not processing for account

    Hi, I had a request this morning to enable the AWStats for one account. So I advised the user to log in to his cPanel and select the "Choose Log Programs" and enable the AWStats option. He did so. Then I went to WHM -> Statistics Software Configuration and processed the statistics for that...
  16. romanepo

    How to add Awstats Days of month visitor to cpanel account Stats

    Hi, I want to view Awstats Days of month statistics visitor to cpanel account Stats.How to i add Awstats to cpanel account Stats. Regards Roman Epo
  17. Osama Tariq

    Awstats not update

    Unable to view Awstats status, Any idea about what's going on?
  18. upsforum

    rebuild awstats last month

    I accidentally deleted the file awstats102014.mydomain.txt from /home/user/tmp/awstats and now I lost October month in awstats, is possible rebuild this month with /home/username/logs/mydomain-Oct-2014.gz file?
  19. A

    Awstats not reporting since Oct 1st

    I was just brought to my attention that Awstats is not reporting for any domain hosted since Oct 1st. It is enabled in tweak settings and use to work fine. When I disable and re enable I get: "Invalid value for transfers_timeout: “300” - Value is below minimum. This setting will not be...
  20. W

    Awstats stopped working

    Hi, One of our accounts have stopped updating the stat reports. Is there anyway to fix this?