1. O

    Run awstats via cron?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the path to awstats so that I can run it via a cron job for a couple of clients. thank you, Sean
  2. A

    Awstats and Webalizer not updating

    Hello, Awstats and Webalizer both stopped updating around 2 days ago, on the 18th, is anyone else experiencing this problem? We didnt touch the settings or anything, they just stopped updating. Thanks, -Anthony
  3. K

    can't access awstats after username change

    After a username was changed, we are now having problems accessing AWStats from the control panel on that account, it seems it is still looking for the old username account: Error: awstats failed to create directory DirData (DirData="/home/olduser/tmp/awstats/", CreateDirDataIfNotExists=1)...
  4. WeMasterz5

    path to site/s awstats logs

    can anyone direct me to these thanks
  5. M

    AWstats 'Update Now" Button Disappears and ...

    Problem 1: This for me is one of the features I like about AWS and for some reason that button goes away once a day. So once a day I have to re-upload the ' ' file with " AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=1 ", than the button comes back and all is right with the...
  6. Radio_Head

    AWstats (yes or no?)

    About AWstats ; These questions are for people which are using awstat from long time . With regards to CPU usage AWstats could cause problems ? With regards to disk usage AWstats could grow /usr or /home dir ?
  7. WeMasterz5


    we get this when we view stats on the sites on the server now Warning: Can't read file "" (mime detection will not work correctly). Check if file is in "./lib" directory and is readable. anyone seen this one? thanks
  8. H

    AWStats using GeoIPfree plugin?

    Anybody successfully running AWStats with the GeoIPfree plugin? It seems to be the best way to get around the load issues with DNSLookup etc, but I can't seem to get it working. Anyone with an idea?
  9. equens

    Offer access to awstats from public_html directory

    I need to offer access to awstats but not to cpanel, is this posible? Regards, Equens.
  10. jackal

    AWStats Page

    Client AWStats page is returning an error. Warning: Can't read file "" (mime detection will not work correctly). Check if file is in "./lib" directory and is readable. How would I load that? Also what command would I use as a cron job to update the stats automatically for a...
  11. G

    AWStats stopped working after upgrading to CPanel 6.0

    I upgraded to CPanel 6.0 and now my AWStats says: "Error: SiteDomain parameter not found in your config/domain file. You must add it for using this version. Setup ('' file, web server or permissions) may be wrong. See AWStats documentation in 'docs' directory for...
  12. D

    Webalizer vs AWstats

    I've had a few clients request that I switch to using AWstats instead of Webalizer but I have a couple of questions/concerns. #1 Will the server retain the current webalizer logs if I switch to AWstats or will I have to leave Webalizer enabled for those to stay available? #2 With regards...
  13. P

    Server load and AWStats - will switching to Webaliser do any good?

    When cpanellogd is run for a long period (I suppose that it generates the stats) the server load is to high and top shows that it uses 25%+ of the cpu resources as well. Will it make any difference disabling AWStats in WHM and switching back to Webalizer? - Is Webalizer as CPU incentive as...
  14. B


    Seen as the cpanel wrote a new without keeping the old one for me (presumably in the 6 upgrade - grrrrrrrrrrr) I need to rerun awstats for the entire month. How can I do this? thanks
  15. O

    Why is Awstats and Exim Running in <defunct> mode?

    I would like to know why these two processes are running in defunct mode evertime i view top. WHM 6.0.0 Cpanel 6.0.0-S97 RedHat 7.2
  16. P

    How to set up a cronjob for awstats

    Hi, Does anyone know how to set up a cronjob for awstats to run in the night (US timezones). I am an cronjob newbee - hehe - well, hope that someone will help :) John
  17. R

    AWStats country statistics

    Is there a way to force AWStats, across an entire server, to include country statistics? Currently if you change the configuration file, CPanel overwrites this again nightly. - rhood
  18. E

    AWSTATS Config

    Where is the main awstats.conf file on the server. Currently it is setup as a split screen setup. I would like it to all be on one screen. Any ideas?
  19. A

    AWStats- constant problems - S116

    My AWStats does not update and does not work half the time.. I did a manual /scripts/runlogsnow and still that did not update all the domains even though I could see it tried to run on each one What is the fix for this- or should I just get rid of this stats package thank you JDT
  20. WebHostPro

    Awstats not updating???

    Hello, I never enabled webalizer ona 8.0 box, I just did awstats and it and has never updated I raised the server load ability way higher then it would reach yet the awstats still never updated. I have another server that has webalizer and awstats and it ran well. Are you sapposed to...