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    Awstats stopped working

    I have several websites that are all hosted by Web Hosting Hub. In sept awstats just stopped updating my site stats and there isn't anything I can do about it. I just recently started another website and awstats hasn't even registered that site. I tried to update it by just pressing the update...
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    How to get City stats, using Awstats? is it best way?

    Hi there, I'm a complete newbie to Linux and root access :) I have a new VPS and want to setup City detection in the US. It looks like it might be the best way to use Awstats and the GeoLite from Maxmind. Which is free. I found this post from 2009...
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    Manually activate awstats

    Hi all ! This is my statistics software configuration : But when I select an user by clicking on "Choose which specific users can modify their web generating software.", the user can't select Awstats. But all users can when I select "Allow all users to change their web statistics...
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    AWSTATS massive compared to CPanel Bandwidth?!

    In cpanel my monthly transfer is 3tb. In Cpanel bandwidth section it states 3tb. However, in AWSTATS it says bandwidth is more like 30tb?! 11,000 unique vistors and 65,000,000 hits!! WTF - hotlinking dot com or what. Any idea why the difference in stats? I want to buy a server so I need to...
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    Awstats not running

    Just noticed they are not running any more. Any ideas to figure out whats wrong? The server is also not taxed either.
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    cant view other sites with awstats?

    i have enabled awstats for my other sites but they are not showing up to view their stats under cpanel
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    AWSTATS is not updating....since the start of the month??

    hi, for some reasons AWSTATS is not updating any sites since the first day of may .. any one has the same problem ??
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    Since turning on Logaholic, AWstats have stopped running. Why would this happen?
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    After latest update to WHM 11.30.6 (build 7) Awstats doesn't work.

    Friends, After latest update to WHM 11.30.6 (build 7) on 04/02/12 Awstats doesn't work. I can't even update any of the reseller accounts from the browser I get this error. log is currently being processed in the background. Cannot update. Any suggestions.
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    Raw access logs VS Google adwords clicks & AWstats

    Hello All, I have been searching high and low for an answer to this question. Hopefully someone on this forum knows the answer! Presently I have an adwords campaign to a website. Looking in the "raw access logs" on cpanel, I can see who has been accessing the site. Also on cpanel I...
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    Allow 3rd party access to AwStats

    Customer has an associate which needs to access the AwStats data, but should not have other privileges on the cPanel account. Could an external access method be allowed for the allowed associate to log in and view the stats information? Jerry Stretch
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    Export statistics to PDF awstats

    Hello! I need help to obtain or export to pdf awstats statistics how I can do? :)
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    awstats issue

    weird scene with awstats i have , one domain doesn't show view option though awstats are enabled for it some 5 days ago its an addon domain , that account has 2 addon domains , one addon domain stats show up normally but other doesn't show view icon :s
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    Awstats working randomly or not at all

    Hi, On two Xen VPS awstats is working randomly or not at all. I get zero values for everyday, then one or two days I get stats, then zeros again. This happens with all domains. I run /script/rubweblogs username and get no errors. I run /scripts/runstatsonce and /scripts/runlogsnow and same...
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    Awstats not working

    Hello Everyone, I've been trying the last few weeks to get my awstats working on my sites, I've both enabled it via WHM, and cpanel, but getting this message: There are no domains which have awstats stats to display. I don't know why I get it, and I've tried to wait 1 week for it to get the...
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    Awstats not working

    We seem to have an issue with Awstats on our server but I can't find what it might be. We have a number of sites / accounts on our server, some of which have always been there, while others have been migrated from another cpanel installation. With one of the sites that we migrated, the owner...
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    Awstats filter problem

    A customer emailed me that they were looking for stats for July 2011 and nothing was showing for some searches. In Awstats they go to the Viewed / Full List and type in a filter. I tried this as well. The filter works for many terms and returns the relevant stats. But when searching for...
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    error with awstats

    hello, i have problem before i configure suphp but for 2 days my awstats doesnt work can anyone help me ? :(
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    One domain showing stastistics (awstats) for another domain on same server.

    I have something weird going on today. I've been using Cpanel for a long time and haven't seen anything like that. When I log into one users control panel ( and look at his awstats statstics, it is actually showing the stats for another site on my server. It even...
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    awstats updatenow button/link is not there in cPanel account

    Hi, awstats updatenow button/link is not there in cPanel account. I have checked in whm tweak settings & Awstats stats is enabled. And Allow users to update Awstats from cPanel was disabled i have enabled it but still awstats updatenow link is not there what could be the reason ??