1. F

    How to throttle backups

    For some reason my backups create a load of 3-7 and take a couple of hours to finish. It runs at 3AM My server load is quite low at all other times (0.1). I don't have nearly enough server when backing up but am absolutely fine the rest of the time. I have had to upgrade servers to be able to...
  2. M

    Backup Server

    Hi, I want to know how I can setup a backup server of Centos server using Licensed WHM /Cpanel. we want to make a backup server in order to provide 100% uptime to our clients. if sometimes the main server goes down for few hours then the backup server will take the place of the main server...
  3. J

    Best Full Featured Backup Solution?

    Currently using the built-in Cpanel backup system which is fine for accounts that are either not hosting mission-critical apps and/or the rate of data change is not very high. I backup daily with 7-day retention, a 2-week and 1-month full also. All set to a second host via FTP. However I have...
  4. J

    MySQL db backup won't upload

    Hello, We were trying to restore a website db by uploading a saved backup that was created using the Files > Backup function in the customer's cPanel portal. Timed out, leaving this in the browser: Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess ( (cpanel)): The subprocess ended...
  5. B

    How to Get Account Back into WHM After OS Reload?

    Hello all. I have a problem here. I am running CentOS 6.0 Minimal VSI on a cloud server at Softlayer running a Wordpress website (latest version of WP, latest version of Genesis framework), MySQL 5.6, etc. and I was forced to do an OS Reload with data preservation because MySQL started going...
  6. S

    Steps to restore full server backup

    I have been unable to find this information in clarity anywhere, as most guides reflect individual cPanel accounts. I've got a lot of custom settings in WHM and do not want to have to re-do all that or install each individual plugin/add-on manually. So I have 'Backup System Files' checked, as...
  7. A

    Download incremental backup to Windows then upload to a server and restore

    I generate my backups by incremental backup system without compression, can I zip them, download, extract from zip in Windows, rsync the backup all day and when I need a restoration, zip backup again, upload to a server and restore it? The cPanel take care of ownerships and permissions...
  8. E

    Remove old backups when automatic backup

    Hi, I am using WHM for automatic backups for each cPanel account into Amazon S3. For now I am doing it once per week, but I'd like to do it twice per week and keep the backups for a month. This means that after the 8th backup, the 9th one will replace the 1st one. The 10th will replace the 2nd...
  9. L

    Deleting backups

    How do i delete backups? I have a webpage, but it says i can only have 5 saves. Which means i have to delete some backups. I don't find where to go to delete backups. Please help me!
  10. Islandhosting

    restorepkg can't restore from a read-only file system

    I'm trying to restore an incremental backup from a read-only file system (zfs snapshot) but restorepkg fails because it can't create temporary files. Is there any way to tell restorepkg to create temporary files in a different location?
  11. O

    Crear conjuntos de backups independientes

    Buenos días, Tengo una duda, verán, actualmente poseo dos servidores adicionales al cpanel, en los cuales alojo los backups, y he llegado al punto en el que el espacio ya no es suficiente. Tenia el pensamiento de contratar un servidor adicional con mas espacio para guardar las copias, y poder...
  12. J

    Backup Limit (Inodes & Size)

    Hello there... Anyone knows how to create a hook similar to Hostgator to block cpbackups for accounts with more than X inodes or XGB?
  13. S

    Disable Backing up MySQL Databases

    On one of my cPanel servers, I have a custom backup script that handles the huge databases well (while the cPanel one doesn't), so I want to disable backing up of the MySQL databases. The only solution I've found so far is to put all the big databases in their own cPanel account and disable...
  14. S

    Cpanel backup restoration failed due storage

    Hello, I asked for a restoration from my hosting. After some ling hours, I was finally told that there is not enough HDD. Then I asked if they can remove all the data except backup file and then restore that and they did that. I am using 120GB SSD and the backup file was 29 GB. Then I was told...
  15. S

    backing up cpanel accounts

    Hi I am currently backing up my data nightly by incremental backup. is there a way to run a normal full backup, and an incremental backup at the same time for cpanel accounts?
  16. B

    How to take a Backup of webmail?

    To Download an E-mail Folder: You can download your e-mail messages from an Open Webmail folder onto your computer with the folder manager (click the toolbar button). When you are in the folder manager, you can click the disk icon ( ), by the folder you wish to download. It will then start to...
  17. R

    Automatic Daily File and Database backup from cPanel to Local Computer

    Hello, Recently I losed my all files and database due to my server provider terminated my server due to heavy bandwidth use, I dont have backup for recent edited file and database and i dont have time to take daily Backup of my file and database. Do any solution to take daily (schedule)...
  18. Z

    Backup rsync kill

    Hi, I'm force backup because i receive error after finish backup. I already mount the nas and able to see on OS level. This server got high load due to shared hosting using cpanel. This the error: [2016-06-21 09:11:25 +0800] info [backup] Detected “/backup” in /etc/fstab [2016-06-21 09:11:25...
  19. J

    Account not backed up

    I noticed an account was not being backed up. I notice backup was off for the domain. I turned it back on but it's still not getting backed up. How can I make sure it works?
  20. A

    error restoring a a Full Backup/cpmove file

    I'm trying to restore a backup created by my old cpanel to my new cpanel. when I try to restore the backup from Main >> Backup >> Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file I get the following error : Account Failed to create the account: Please setup a secondary nameserver Failed: Account Restore...