1. A

    is BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage good for storing cPanel backups?

    Hello, We're having something 3 servers with a total of almost 1.5k cPanel accounts including Shared Hosting customers and Reseller Hosting customers, so in this situation data backup is really important. so is it good to store all those cPanel's backups in BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage Buckets ...
  2. M

    Backup Encryption Security

    BACKGROUND: Many customers of CPanel have over the course of over 5 years been looking and waiting for Backup Encryption ability on the server controlled backup processes. This can be found on the Feature Request here...
  3. T

    Wish to retain more backups on /backup, and fewer on AWS S3

    We wish to keep main backups local on /backup, and two most recent daily backups on remote S3 compatible location. How can I configure this? The retention numbers seem to be for the remote backup location, and then we can keep or remove the local files, and that isn't what were trying to do...
  4. M

    cPanel Backups ignore automatically lscache directory?

    Hi, cPanel Backups ignore automatically lscache directory when are doing backups?. The "lscache" is a directory where LiteSpeed keep her cache data, sometimes with big cPanel accounts this directoy can have more than 100.000 inodes. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
  5. M

    calendars and contacts how to locate backups files

    calendars and contacts how to locate backups files
  6. HedSpaces

    SOLVED Determining Backup Size

    I am attempting to determine the size of my compressed backup to send to Amazon S3. I ran a forced backup to /backups (no external destination) and arrived at these sizes... [2021-06-15 18:49:32 +0000] size is: 1128617848 [2021-06-15 18:49:32 +0000] [2021-06-15 18:49:32 +0000] homesize is...
  7. M

    SSDs, backups and Maibox vs Maildir

    We're now using Mailbox on our servers (some legacy accounts we didn't migrate as POP3 got confused on conversion and a lot of clients complained of having the messages downloaded again). This was almost mandatory as backups kept getting slower and slower and converting to mbox allowed for a lot...
  8. M

    Como hacer Backups del 50% de los hostings días pares y 50% días impares

    Hola, Quisiera hacer copias del 50% de las cuentas los días impares y 50% los días pares, para que no sea tanta carga del Servidor porque tengo muchas cuentas. No se si se podría "clonar" el sistema de backups para poder seleccionar unas cuentas para el lunes, miércoles, viernes y domingo, y...
  9. M

    Moving backups stored in local to backblaze

    Hello, I am thinking of using backblaze to store CPanel/WHM backups, however I was wondering if there is a way to move the local backup files currently stored in my CPanel server to Backblaze
  10. M

    Not appear weekly or monthly backups

    Hi, I have one server that are doing backups every day, weeks and months, but only appear daily backups in WHM -> Backup Restauration. The weekly or monthly backups not appear in: WHM -> Backup Restauration. Why happens this?, is a bug or is normal?. All backups are saved with FTP. Have a...
  11. speckados

    Option for testing backups

    Hi. A backup is not only a copies that makes copies, but a procedure in which the copies are regularly verified. A problem that I find is that wanting to perform a backup compound procedure, I can not realize this, in any of the servers of the company, since all the servers are in a DNS...
  12. Ashstyles

    How to Restore the Webpage Data?

    Hello Everyone! I doing some changes in Store Your Dentures webpage. But Suddenly, Theme of webpage occurs the problem. All content merge with each other. Images not showing now. Now, I want to restore the data. But I am unable to backup data . Anyone knows, Please Help me. Thanks
  13. Y

    Restore backup from 'Additional Destinations'

    I've configured Additional Destination(Blackblaze) to backup and unticked 'Retain Backups in the Default Backup Directory' backup configurations since I don't have much disk space left and backups are consuming a huge amount of dis space. Backups have successfully transferred into Blackblaze...
  14. M

    WHM won't delete backups after reconfiguring retention

    Hi everyone, I configured keeping 7 daily backups at the beginning, but after 2 months the disk space was nearly filled up and the backup process stopped running, with warnings sent to my email, so 2 days ago I reconfigured it to keeping only 2 backups. But when I checked it today, the 7 backups...
  15. sajithgsm

    dAfter cPanel 94.xx update, Automated Backup time is big

    Hi, Do you all get any automatic backup process speed issues after updating the cPanel version to 94.xx? My Backup regular time was 17-20 hours to complete. Now it is taking 48 hours to complete. Any idea about it?
  16. psytanium

    External disk space for backups

    Hello, I have 200GB space on a VPS server, currently I'm using 140GB, so the disk space is enough, but when the server run the daily backup process it fails because of disk space. How can I solve this issue ? is there a way to use external drive ? or maybe delete the previous backup "before"...
  17. I

    Backup Failed - No Disk Space

    Hi guys, I'm backing up my website on an external destination (AWS). The system process is always creating the backup on my server first, then it transfers it to the external destination, then deletes the backup file from the server. The issue now that my usage has exceeded 50% of the server's...
  18. Ashstyles

    How should I store backup data of my webpage?

    Hi, I have a website that is related to articles of Putter's guide. I am new here and want to store data on the website of my website. How would I store the data? Kindly guide me through the process. I am looking for great responses. Thanks:)
  19. M

    Can account backups seperate mail folder from other account information

    We have regular account backups that are generated every day. These backups contain all the account information for each account and are stored as .tar.gz files. Recently we needed to explore the SQL data in some backups and found issues that the backup file size was so big it was causing a big...
  20. M

    What are my options for encrypting backups sent to remote destinations

    We have regular backups generated on the WHM server and these are sent as .tar.gz files to an external depository. There is a lot of talk on the forums about encrypting the transportation connection, but not much about encrypting the actual .tar.gz files themselves, This means that when the...