1. 360webfirm

    Best solution for Backups on several WHM servers

    Hello all, I have several VPS servers running C Panel and I am using OVH Hosting as the auto backup system for each. I am looking for a cheaper way to do daily backups rather than spending almost $20 per server each month. If anyone can suggest a safe, reliable and more affordable way to do...
  2. T

    external backup : email when fails & automatic deletion of older backups ?

    Hello, I have a VPS running CentOS & WHM/Cpanel, and I have another external account to store backups of VPS accounts. I configured WHM to backup every account using FTP on that second account and it works perfectly : it stores daily backups on separate folders named /BACKUPS/2020-12-15...
  3. K

    Backup Transport Errors Google

    Searched but couldn't find a solution here or with Google searches. Set up Google. Drive as additional backup location (did this twice, same outcome). Works fines for a couple days. Then throws this error. Unable to send “/backup/2020-12-08/accounts/music4u.tar.gz” to destination...
  4. G

    The system encountered an error during the attempt to restore the file. For details, check this error log, or contact your hosting provider

    I tried to restore a folder from WHM and when I clicked the restore button I got: Error: The system encountered an error during the attempt to restore the file. For details, check this error log, or contact your hosting provider: /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log Checking the log I see: The...
  5. K

    SOLVED What time is my backup running?

    HI, I'm backing up my files to AWS using the WHM Backup Configuration. How can I tell what time this is happening? Thank you, Kim
  6. A

    backups don't send to windows server

    Hello I recently install a new Cpanel server, When i try to validate destination in "backup configuration" via WHM, I get the following error: Validation for transport “backup” failed: Could not upload test file: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process...
  7. M

    Some question for do more secure backups

    Hi, I'm configuring backups with WHM/cPanel's system and I need your help for the last settings: 1- Is safe use the directory "/backup" for do the backups?. If any client's web have malware and the system copy this files to "/backup" for create the backups can broke the server?. 2- The...
  8. leonep

    Slow and large backups i need find solution

    HI, My backup size is 216GB . I store 2 weekly and 3 daily Today i got a disk warn about low space. The backup duration is also long , it is 8 hours ! i removed compression to save time , but it not helps about space i have excluded something from backup with global exclude file. i am thinking...
  9. G

    Eliminating log backups (.gz)

    I'm running very low on server storage, so I'm trying to eliminate anything that's not necessary. I vaguely remember setting something up a long time ago to link /home/user/logs to show log file backups for the account, but I can't think of any time that's ever been used. The times that I do...
  10. O

    Avoid backup schedule convergence

    Hi all, As I have experienced this kind of disaster, I would like to avoid it in future thus I want to know if it is already a cPanel's feature. The disaster I mentioned is the converging of different backup schedules. Let's say I have scheduled 3 backups Daily backup (runs daily) Weekly backup...
  11. D

    How to limit the number of backups users can store locally?

    Hi, Is there a way to limit the number of cPanel backups users can store on their hosting account? Regards, Mechanic
  12. M

    Error when restoring backup

    Hi guys, Today I needed to restore a backup but here is what happened: Not sure is it related but a week ago I chown by mistake most of the /home users files and folders. And I thought I restored. But maybe I miss something? Help please!
  13. P

    In Progress [CPANEL-32760] Amazon S3 backup transport failure (Amazon responded with 403 Forbidden)

    I am facing an intermittent issue with backup transport to Amazon S3. The majority of accounts copy across just fine, however one or two accounts fail with the error message: Upload attempt failed: Amazon::S3: Amazon responded with 403 Forbidden at...
  14. M

    "Backup Not Enabled" error message even though backups are enabled

    My nightly backup failed due to running out of disk space, so I cleared out enough to run them and attempted to re-run the backups manually, but it returned with this error: # /scripts/cpbackup --force [cpbackup] Backup Not Enabled (This can be adjusted in WHM => Backup => Legacy Backup...
  15. H

    Restore all Daily Backups

    Hello, I transfered my old cpanel backups to /backup/2020-06-01/accounts/ how i can restore all these backups automatically ? ( not one by one , or select one by one to queue) i need select all and restore all backups to new server. ( i dont have access to old server for using transfer...
  16. M

    Better destination Type in Backups

    Hi, I'm configuring a new remote server for backups. I need know: Which is better cPanel "destination type" for do backups: FTP SFTP Rsync Which you recommend me for have better backup's integrity?. Thank you very much.
  17. G

    Accounts back up files missing

    I have set up a backup to a mounted HDD from WHM and I can see all system files being backed up when I access it via WinSCP, but the accounts folder is empty. In the backup e-mail I get that the accounts were backed up and that the backup was successful. ie Successfully backed up account...
  18. L

    SOLVED Database Backup Options

    i'm looking at the Databases section of the documentation for WHM Backup Configuration. It lists three options for database backups: Per Account Only — Only back up the databases for each account. This setting uses the mysqldump utility. Entire MySQL Directory — Back up all of the databases on...
  19. N

    Create Full backup in low storage

    Hi My colleagues and I had discussions about relying on full cpanel support. I read several different articles but did not find a direct answer. That's why I created a new topic here. According to the server configuration, as a normal user in cpanel, when you click to create a full backup...
  20. M

    Use of uninitialized value $cmd in pattern match

    After the most recent WHM update, my cron is giving the following error: Use of uninitialized value $cmd in pattern match (m//) at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/BUse of uninitialized value $cmd in pattern match (m//) at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Backup/ line 489. ackup/ line 489.