1. M

    S3 Backups create "authorization failed" objects?

    Hi guys. I've been trying to setup a proper S3 backup from WHM. We used to use tha Backblaze integration, which worked great, but we had to move away from that because they don't have datacenters in Canada. We have some clients that need their data stored in Canada. Anyway, the steps I've taken...
  2. WebHostPro

    Backups have an error from a MYSQL database export issue

    My backups won't complete because it says: [2020-03-01 02:04:19 -0800] The “Mysql” failed with an error: (XID x8zq3k) “/usr/bin/mysqldump” reported error code “2” when it ended: mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show fields from `wpxw_totalsoft_poll_setting`': Incorrect file format...
  3. F

    Best remote backup destination

    Hi! I'm using JetBackup as a backup solution (it works much better for me -and for my users- that the native WHM/CPanel native solution). But, since JetBackup STILL (February 29, 2020) doesn't support incremental backups on Backblaze, do you have any suggestion for a cheap but reliable backup...
  4. U

    rm -rf incremental

    Hi quick question, do you know if it's ok to rm -rf an incremental backup folder? Eg one of our backup servers is smaller than the other and Cpanel do not allow us to control what goes to what additional destination. Therefore we sometimes go in and rm -rf /xxxx/monthly/2019-**-** to get rid...
  5. Sujoy Dhar

    How to keep 7 Days backup in google drive not in my own server ?

    Hi , I don't want to keep any backups on my server so I set the retention to 1 but I want to keep 7 or 8 Days backup in google drive. What option I should make changes so that in my server no backups are kept and only in google drives all the backups are kept.
  6. S

    metadata creation failed during backups

    Dear All, i have a new cpanel shared server version v84.0.9 i have several accounts that every day i take a backup for all these accounts on a directory called /backup when i mounted this directory path on a qnap disc it gives me this error every time "Some of the metadata database(s) appear...
  7. D

    How to limit backups to specific accounts when using the Google Drive™ backup transport?

    Just setup Google Drive™ transport for our servers. However, we ran out of space real quick. Is there a way to only backup specific accounts to Google Drive™ to prevent this from happening?
  8. N

    Remote Rsync Incremental Backup kept file locally

    I’m trying to fully understand how the Rsync remote incremental backups are working. My understanding is that the backup system is using Rsync with the remote server. What I do not understand is why the server is keeping a copy of all files locally in the backup folder. I’ve double check to...
  9. F

    Backup Configuration - Additional Destination

    Hi Guys, I setup cpanel v80.0.14 backup to an additional destination (SFTP). The remote server is fine and validated. I would like to know, how does the cpanel transfer the backups to the remote server? Is it one by one, right after a backup compression is completed? Or it will need to finish...
  10. M

    SOLVED After update to WHM 80.0.11 remote backups > 2.3Gb fail

    Using the CPanel given Backup Perl script here [ CpanelInc/backup-transport-dropbox ] , to backup to a remote Dropbox, after updating WHM from 78 to 80.0.11 this now returns failures on account sizes above 2.3Gb . ONLY accounts larger than this size have failed. Smaller accounts have transport...
  11. DigitalEssence

    SOLVED Backups don't contains all of the data in the homedir

    Hi, I've noticed that the backups for some of my accounts don't contain all of the data in the homedir. I'm using the new backup (not legacy) and backing up all accounts to S3. I've just checked two tar files and there are chunks of data missing. For example: \homedir\public_html\wp-content\...
  12. T

    SOLVED Backup transport to B2 is faililng

    Hello, Since May 19th, my backups have been failing to transport to B2. Everything was working fine prior to that. I made no changes to the server prior to this, so I am unsure why this is occurring. I have even rebooted the server, however this hasn't resolved the issue. It appears that a 500...
  13. Z

    Backups fails for accounts only backs up system folder

    Dear All, While backup configuration to sftp only showing system folder under backup destination not all accounts. I have follow this - Removed - see screenshot - Removed -
  14. Z

    Additional backup drive for storage?

    I am running a dedicated server with hetzner and looking for a backup solution for my server around 1TB of drive .. Need Suggestions Cpanel/whm is also installed.
  15. M

    Full Backup cpmove not found

    Help me, please. I just did an OS Reload due to CentOS 6 being EOL on November 30, and prior to doing this I did a full backup using WHM Backup Configuration, and setting up a scheduled backup for all users and databases. That backup went to a connected drive that was mounted at /home2 and...
  16. Q

    Restoring backup to another server issue

    I was testing my backups as I do every so often, which meant spinning up a new server instance, installing CPanel, transferring the backup files, and restoring them to the test server. Previously, I was able to upload the backup files to either /home or /root and have CPanel pick them up. This...
  17. L

    SOLVED Problem with Backup Restoration from AWS

    Problem: My VPS gets backed up to an AWS S3 bucket. I need to restore a particular website from the last good backup (today's backup by chance). However, WHM > Backup Restoration says: "The system cannot restore backups because it does not store those backups locally." Research: After a good...
  18. J

    gzip compression work unit size?

    What value should the number of kilobyte chunks per compression work unit actually be? Backups regularly cause serious load spikes on a 24-core box with 32gb RAM that normally sits at a load average of 9.0--even with the compression level set below the default of 6, (4) and the number of...
  19. WebHostPro

    Using rsync remote backup destination question

    Hi, When I do a rsync remote back up destination with cPanel backups. Does it copy just the changed files to the remote server? The load seems to spike pretty high for just the changed files. With the folder name changing to the new date could that could trigger all files being transferred...
  20. P

    Backup data and user account

    Hi, I am new to cPanel and have some questions about data backup and user accounts, currently my cPanel runs on CentOS in VM. 1. Right now my /home is already 50%, and i do weekly compressed backup for the accounts and system files and transfer the backup to another server that acts as a...