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    Boxtrapper Whitelist - How to match partial subject?

    Howdy! For whitelisting in boxtrapper, is there a way to match a partial subject? I need to match just the beginning of a subject line. A typical subject line looks like this: [Webstore] Order # 1234 So I need to whitelist just the beginning, like this: [Webstore] Order # I have tried...
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    Block an email domain using BoxTrapper?

    I am trying to block these TLDs but I'm not sure how to use Perl. Are these correct? = from .+\@biz\.ua = from .+\@com\.ua = from .+\@co\.ua All help and guidance will be gratefully received. Best regards, Selgovae
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    BoxTrapper Error

    Hello, boxtrapper does not send automatic blacklist emails or other system templates, what would be the problem? Email matches rule "from [email protected]" Line 2 in blacklist Found user as mailer/postmaster [email protected]/Mail failure - no recipient addresses Discarding verify...
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    Location of files BoxTrapper

    Hello everyone, everything good? I'm looking for the location of the blacklist.txt return.txt files and the other original boxtrapper template files. Does anyone have this information?
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    BoxTrapper Verification link

    Hello, I post this because on multiple servers (almost all of them) BoxTrapper does not work very well. The verification link does not work and return an error. On the last case, our customer have the following error : Delivery Failed! Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied...
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    BoxTrapper : special characters

    Hi all. I have the same problem than shown (and not solved) here : Typing special characters in BoxTrapper. As lot of people who are writing to me will be french, I want to include french and english messages. But french language include special characters like "é" and so... No problem to...
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    BoxTrapper - Ignore, White, Black list order

    Greetings, There seems to be an issue with the order in which the ignore, white, and black lists are used. For example, I want this to pass through to me - [email protected] And in my white list - from .+\@.+\.specificdomain\.com The intent is to pass everything that...
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    What is Boxtrapper whitelist syntax?

    What is the Boxtrapper whitelist syntax? Specifically, what characters require an escape character of back-slash (/)? We have checked cpanel docs, and on the Internet, from a 3rd party, the only thing we found was "When you manually enter line items in your white list, you must be very...
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    disable sending boxtrapper verification emails

    Hi, I need to prevent BoxTrapper accounts from sending verification requests to the alleged senders address. I stopped using BoxTrapper some time ago because it just chewed up CPU and disk space... glad to see it has improved... however back then there was an option to disable sending the...
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    Possible to disable the mails boxtrapper sends?

    Hi, We want to use boxtrapper for our invoices email, but there is one minor issue we dont want it to send out e-mails to thos hu send mails to us, we actually just want to whitelist manual and not let the senders know anything about boxtrappers, is there a way ?
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    BoxTrapper unable to edit

    Hi, When I choose to edit Boxtrapper lists (white/grey... etc) (link: - Removed -) I get: Error HTTP 401 Wrong security token and I have to login again, but this doesn't help. It is on all account on sever, and PC/Browser isn't cause.
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    Boxtrapper bxd.cgi

    Olá, Meu nome é Ralph Moreira, trabalho com informática a mais de 20 anos. Gostaria de saber se alguém já efetuou a personalização da pagina web de confirmação do BoxTrapper (bxd.cgi) e onde ela esta localizada! Grato antencipadamente! Ralph Moreira
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    Boxtrapper black list (blocking) causing email looping

    Hello all! I'm new to the forum Researched in the forum for this issue, but did not see anything exactly. Forgive me if I've missed it. My Specs: cPanel Version: 62.0 (build 17) Apache Version: 2.2.31 MySQL Version: 5.5.54-cll Architecture: x86_64 Operating System: linux My host sent me a...
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    Mail Sent From Hostname

    One server send emails (unwanted) to many people. It is fresh install : WHM 58.0 (build 27) I have Atomicorp/ASL fully installed. Because, ASL doesn’t work properly with Easyapache 4, I use EA3 with Apache 2.4 PHP 5.6. I cannot use mod ruid 2. On this server, there are two forums (not so...
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    Box Trapper with contact forms

    Good morning all. I am attempting to use Boxtrapper on my website to avoid spam and fake email addresses. I am using a contact form on my website to send emails to a specific email address on my domain. If someone sends an email directly to this email address, Boxtrapper works and requires the...
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    Email Flagged as Spam

    Hi, I'm trying to sending emails using roundcube, but all my emails sended get in SPAM folder (Outlook, Gmail, and others). I don't know what to do anymore. 1 - DKIM and SPF are enable. 2 - "Introduce a delay into the SMTP transaction for unknown hosts and messages detected as spam." OFF 3 -...
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    Cannot find Boxtrapper

    I have a reseller who wants Boxtrapper on his account. I did have it disabled in the disabled feature list and enabled it there and changed the feature manager on his account to allow Boxtrapper. For some reason it does not show up in his cPanel. Any thoughts? FIXED: I had to enable it in...
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    Spamassassin and boxtrapper conflict?

    Due to increasing spam I started to educate boxtrapper with increasing blacklists but these did not appear to trap. I read here that there can be conflict with spamassassin and saw a recommendation to switch boxtrapper OFF and rely on spamassassin. I have done that and have been reducing the...
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    Suggested Improvement to BoxTrapper

    When an email is stopped by BoxTrapper and it shows in the queue the only choices are whilelist and delete. If there are multiple emails in the queue and I want to blacklist them I have to open each email in Boxtrapper and then choose blacklist. I would suggest that either the chooses in the...
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    BoxTrapper Blocking Log

    Is there any way I can find out anything about any emails that BoxTrapper has blocked because the email address was on the BlackList. For example I would like to know if any emails were blocked and if possible which ones.