1. sneader

    SOLVED [CPANEL-31544] How to install a Wildcard SSL Certificate using the free Let's Encrypt provider plugin

    Since v84, there is apparently an option to have a Wildcard SSL Certificate installed, if you are using the free Let's Encrypt plugin in WHM. However, I cannot seem to find any documentation on how, exactly, to go about this. I'm assuming that the cPanel user needs to use the Zone Editor to...
  2. E

    The system failed to create the file

    Hello, i think i wrong set permission and ownership file and folder. Any body help me? The system failed to create the file “/home/USERNAME/.cpanel/datastore/.tmp.b5bb1.MOUNTS_CACHE__proc_mounts” with permissions “0600” (as EUID: 1001, EGID: 1003 1003) because of the following error...
  3. Sujoy Dhar

    User Manager , Where to login using the logins ?

    I have searched all over the Youtube and the Articles but unable to get the answer where to login after creating the sub accounts in user manager. I got [email protected] as the user and the password but unable to understand where to put those logins so that I can access the panel .
  4. cPanelMichael

    SOLVED [CPANEL-29596] Let's Encrypt - 400 Bad Request

    Hello Everyone, Following Let's Encrypt CDN update (New CDN for the Production API), we have received a number of reports regarding 400 Bad Request errors (visible in WHM >> Home >> SSL/TLS >> Manage AutoSSL) on cPanel & WHM servers using the Let's Encrypt plugin. This is blocking the...
  5. keat63

    Failed FTP login but Host Access Control configured to block

    I have Host Access Control to block unauthorised login attempts. There are only a very small handful of IP allowed access to FTP. However, this morning I see these in my log files pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [anonymous] ([email protected]) [WARNING]...
  6. R

    Bind a subdomain to another server?

    Hello I have a host on which vestacp is installed. Now I want to attach one of the subdomains I made to cpanel. Please guide me a bit. Thankful
  7. R

    Certificate Issued to multiple sites?

    On our WHM server we can access the sites with the normally used domain names like but if we try to access the same site with the fully qualified domain name (dot or root at the end ) like the browser (Chrome) indicates in red that the site is not secure. When we...
  8. wingtip

    Webalizer stats decreased greater after moving site to HTTPS

    I noticed when looking at Webalizer States for on of my main sites, that the "Hits", "Files", Pages" states fell drastically in May (It is not September 2019). In trying to figure out what might be going on, I realized that May is when I converted my site from HTTP to HTTPS. Would I be correct...
  9. T

    Dedicated ip for subdomain, addons and parked domains?

    Hello, Im on a need to add dedicated ip addresses to a client account for his subdomains, the reason is for SEO, rdns, for mail delivery, and for a script that he has that is used for each subdomain in order to obtain some info from another server that he owns and he wants to know the ip in...
  10. R

    IPv6 range setup problem

    I have IPv6 range. Added it as shared IPv6. When assign address to some site it always use 1 shared IP. How to setup 1 IP for shared IPv6 virtual hosts and have unique IP for other sites?
  11. S

    Can I change cPanel login url?

    Hello, I would like to know if can I change cPanel login URL. For login, I go to and automatically redirected to Can I change this? It's for security reasons. Thank you.
  12. B

    rename automatically .crt and .key files

    Hi, from cPanel with cPanel (powered by Sectigo) Auto SSL I automatically generate the SSL certificates for my domains and the *.crt and *.key files are saved in the SSL folder related to the domain. In my node.js applications, to create a https server with node.js, I call the *.cert and *.key...
  13. N

    Does cPanel query RemoteBlackList for cPHulk?

    Does cPanel query RemoteBlackList (RBL) for cPHulk?
  14. G

    Statistics and Bandwidth data for user Stalled Emails

    Hello everyone, These days always got the emails from Cpanel, could someone help. Thanks Jun one is: The process “/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/webalizer_lang/english -N 10 -D /home/***/tmp/webalizer/ssl/***.com/dns_cache.db -R 250 -p -n ***.com -o /home/***/tmp/webalizer/ssl/***.com...
  15. Babene7

    Perl module installation fails

    Hi, I'm trying to install the DBD::mysql Perl module but it fails with this error in WHM: Checking C compiler....C compiler (/usr/bin/gcc) OK (cached Sun Sep 8 23:57:35 2019) Tuned C compiler not available because it is not enabled....Done Method: Using cpanminus --> Working on DBD::mysql...
  16. R

    An error occured: cPanel API Response: Access denied

    Hey all, I am new to CPanel and all of the hosting industry. My reseller hosting provider gave me my login details and when I try to set up a new server in WHMCS I am unable to Verify Connection successfully. I have tried many times, I contacted my hosting provider and asked them for the...
  17. G

    SOLVED AutoSSL renew Let’s Encrypt failure , Local DNS DCV error and Local HTTP DCV error

    Hello everyone When the AutoSSL try to renew the certificate of Let’s Encrypt, the log show below: Local HTTP DCV error (****.com): The system queried for a temporary file at “http://****.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/45TN8M74-I6JJBE1N44933TDY4DPCSIY”, but the web server responded with the...
  18. N

    SOLVED All login attempts going to one-day list blacklist

    Hi All login atemp from my country goes to one-day blacklist in our server. The behavior is the same in WHM (root user) or whatever user account. The client IP goes to the one-day blacklist at the first time, even if the password is correct. On country management our country is not blaclisted.
  19. P

    Cannot Create New Account

    I recently updated my installation of WHM to v.82.0 (build 12) and since then I've had issues when attempting to create a new account. In WHM I see: Account Creation Status: failed (XID dwumzv) The system failed to read up to 16 KB from a file handle because of an error: Connection reset by...
  20. Techs-Y

    Unable to install cPanel-issued SSL for hostname

    As mentioned in the title, we have faced an issue with installing cPanel-issued SSL certificate for services (exim, cPanel, FTP etc.). As a result, certificate that is being installed is self-signed and produces security warnings in client browsers. Here is the part of error log: #...