1. R

    Root User Cron Job times - Adjusting for UTC?

    So we are moving from CentOS to CloudLinux for our server and for a decade and a half we have always run our server at our local timezone (Chicago). I am aware this is (was?) not the best practice due to possible DST issues, etc. On the new server I want to finally switch this so the server is...
  2. AndyX

    In Progress CPANEL-43403 - Cron Email block hidden

    When we are creating Cron Jobs, there is an area for adding emails. By Default the full Cron Email block is hidden and only if we click the more do we see it. Cron Email block is hidden by default After clicking more we see the full Cron Email block It's not at all obvious the more does...
  3. spaceman

    Suggestion: WHM should run a cron job, daily or weekly, to /scripts/fixquotas

    If you do a search in these forums, you'll see lots of advice being given to run /scripts/fixquotas to fix up the reporting of disk usage of hosting accounts. Which tells us that, for whatever reasons, sometimes disk usage report for hosting account in WHM gets out of sync. Why not include...
  4. J

    SOLVED Suspicious option in cron job

    Hello. I found this in my /var/spool/cron: '' Anybody have a clue what it is - I didn't put it here. . .
  5. J

    SOLVED Does cpanel service manager interfere with cron jobs?

    I need to setup a cron job to stop and start mysqld. My concern is that when it goes down server manager will try to restart or issue warnings when my desire *is* for it to go down for a specific period of time everyday and not be restarted by server manager. . .
  6. R

    auto add clean_user_php_sessions to cron looks wrong

    It looks like cpanel, (...or LAMP...) auto installed the following line into cron: 09,39 * * * * /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/clean_user_php_sessions > /dev/null 2>&1 But, it doesn't look right. 1) the second value `39` is not a valid hour and 2) it has 6 fields `09,39 * * * *` defined when cron...
  7. P

    Can I Have Too Many Cron Jobs?

    Is there such a thing as too many cron jobs and if so how many is too many? I have a bunch of domains which have cron jobs but I've noticed they don't always run. For instance, I have a new site with 50,000 Wordpress posts in draft status and a plugin which is supposed to change that status to...
  8. M

    Altered Packages found

    This is something that just started happening during the upcp cron after updating from cPanel 106 to 108.0.11 (with CloudLinux 6.10 ELS) I've checked some other threads that are similar to this, but not exactly the same and I'm wary of making any changes such as running the...
  9. C

    spamassassin sa-learn run on cron job

    Hi all, I need your help with running the command on cron job. I am currently using this command to run on cron job in every 24 hours following by: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/sa-learn -p /home/myusername/.spamassassin/user_prefs --spam...
  10. D

    cd and cron?

    Can someone explain to me why "cd" doesn't work in cron? I want to manipulate some files in a cron job, and I don't want to have to spell out the whole file address each time in my command line. I tried "PATH=workingdirectory; commandline" , and that doesn't seem to work either.
  11. S

    AutoSSL cron run time(s)

    When I view /etc/cron.d/cpanel_autossl, it shows: 57 0 * * * root /usr/local/cpanel/bin/autossl_check --all And when I go into WHM->Manage AutoSSL, I see this message: This system’s next regular AutoSSL check will occur at 1:57 AM. Since I'm in ET zone and the server is in CT...
  12. H

    Cron Job not running

    cron jobs not running. This issue is only for root user. due to this issue cpanel backups are not running.
  13. U

    cron jobs of account disappeared

    Hello, suddently in one account of my server that is a resseler until some hours ago it had dozens of cron jobs. Now it has none. I downloaded a backup and found a file that state all the cron jobs as: SHELL="/bin/bash" MAILTO="[email protected]" 0 0 * * * cd /home/xxx/public_html/ &&...
  14. G

    Cron to back up MySQL

    I want to back up one site's MySQL database every night, and every other database weekly. I have this for the nightly backup, which I'm pretty sure will let the database stay active so minimal impact on site users: 0 1 * * * mysqldump --single-transaction --quick example | gzip >...
  15. S

    cron add_line

    Hi, Could someone point me to the current version of the API documentation page for the cron: add_line function? I can only find this page which says it's deprecated: cPanel API 2 Functions - Cron::add_line Thanks,
  16. N

    Clam AV weekly cron job to scan last 7 days of files in home3/* home5/*

    Hello, I am trying to make weekly cron job to scan new files in "home3/*/mail" and "home5/*/mail" folders and to remove them if infected, but only for last 7 days of new files. Currently I have this working pretty good, but it takes too long for it to finish because it scans all files in mail...
  17. R

    run a php file every 10 seconds

    Hello everyone, I need to execute a php file from one every 10 seconds, I can't use cron since it only supports every 1 minute, what solution can you give me?... The example url is this
  18. H

    Cron Job not working

    Hello, the Cron Job is not working. I got the Email about snmp-mib not found. I have it installed in cpanel. why does t not work
  19. E

    where is rkhunter cron controlled?

    Many questions about rkhunter here and in other threads, but none answer this basic question... Where is the rkhunter cron information? More specifically, /etc/cron.d holds several files that control various cron jobs using strings like this: My question is: Where is this same information...
  20. F

    Cron Daemon

    Hello I have this message from the server Cron <root@server> exim -bp | awk '/^ *[0-9]+[mhd]/{print "exim -Mrm " $3}' | bash > /dev/null 2>&1 /bin/sh: exim: command not found