1. M

    MultiPHP ini editor and PHP version CronJobs Issue

    Hello, I'm experiencing a wierd behavior: I changed the domain PHP version in MultiPHP Manager from 5.6 to 7.0 (there's only one domain) and I correctly see it in the MultiPHP INI Editor but as Home PHP version I still see the 5.6. Shouldn't it be 7.0? I guess it involves the PHP system version...
  2. C

    SOLVED Cron jobs stopped working after cPanel to cPanel transfer to a new server

    Ok, these cron jobs used to work just fine on the previous server, and we kept the same OS and pretty much everything moving WHM/cPanel accounts over to the new server, but now, after all the troubleshooting and little tweaks, we can't figure out what's causing these cron jobs not to fire and...
  3. M

    WGET cronjob not working

    In cpanel I am trying to setup cronjob command as follows wget -o public_html/data.csv But I am getting following error Connecting to
  4. G

    limit cron jobs

    hello, i saw that some hosts have cron jobs limits start packed has cron job option only one per hour minimum advanced packed has cron job option half hour minimum expert packed has cron job option every minute how is this possible to do this? also is it possible to remove every minute cron...
  5. P

    SOLVED Creating a cron job problem

    I am really sorry for my bad english. I need to set up a cron job on my cpanel to receive emails and tweets on my ushahidi deployment. So I'm using a linux command that runs well by ssh. This is the "cd ~ / public_html / astilV10 / platform && ./bin/ushahidi incoming dataprovider" command. But...
  6. P

    Problem creating a cronjob

    Hello i want add cronjonb in cpanel last version' i see expamle cron jobs : /usr/local/bin/php ( directory not found) usr/local/bin/ea-php56 ( directory not found) but this directory not found in my server !! im using php 5.6 can you help me ( and pleas help me about directlink and wget metod...
  7. N

    Create a Cron Job?

    I want to schedule a task to run on a regular basis and have heard that Cron is the way to do this. How do I add Cron jobs in Ubuntu?
  8. R

    SOLVED Hide copyright message from php cli output

    Hello! When running ea-php-cli scripts, cron jobs we're getting on command's output Cpanel copyright message "Copyright 2017 cPanel, Inc.". It does not send actual output of the cron script, but copyright message only. How to remove the message from output? Thanks!
  9. S

    Setting up cronjob questions

    Hi, I have a problem getting my cron jobs to run. I have searched this forum for the answer and also googled it and tried all the suggestions there. Basically I have a couple of php files that need to be run via cron. These files run correctly if I enter the following in the url...
  10. A

    SOLVED Cron job to test file time and send email?

    My home network uploads a file with the date and time, which happens every five minutes. I wish to create a cron job which checks this file and sends me an email if the file is not updating. This would be an indication that my home network has lost internet connectivity. I have been using...
  11. L

    Export single table and email via cron job

    How can I setup a cron job to execute a SQL query, export the results to a CSV formatted file and email to an address?
  12. U

    SOLVED Error email from cronjob

    The issue is present on cron and manual run Cpanel::Exception::IO::RenameError/(XID e6d4f2) El sistema no pudo renombrar “/root/.cpanel/datastore/Cpanel::MysqlRun::running.tmp.7091406.62268469” como “/root/.cpanel/datastore/Cpanel::MysqlRun::running” debido a un error: Is a directory. The...
  13. F

    Cronjob to delete folders & files older than 3 days?

    I have 4 cameras that automatically store .jpg & .avi in seperate folders for each camera. I wish to use cron to delete folders & files after 3 days. Can someone please point me in right direction. Setup is folders ftpcam/cam1/cam2/cam3/cam4 New daily folders are generated in these folders...
  14. sahostking

    Tweaking cPanel Servers for maintenance cronjob times

    Hi guys We use cloudlinux cpanel servers for shared hosting. Now I was looking at crons today and thought I'd clear out old ones and start tweaking times and workout and manage the times they run better. Now a question. I have tons of tasks in crontab -e which I assume is completely...
  15. A

    SOLVED Cron Email as CONTENT_TYPE text/html; charset=utf-8

    Hello, Currently I have several Cron jobs that are being run on my server, they were set up via the cPanel interface, Cron Jobs page. All emails are being sent as: Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 What is the best way to send all cron email (or a specific cron job's emails) as HTML...
  16. O

    How can i restart my cron jobs?

    hi I chaneg my cron jobs and now I have a problem with earlier work cron jobs I want to restart my cron jobs with cpanel or whm how can I do??
  17. C

    Run cron manually from inside domain control panel

    Is there a way to run a cron job manually from inside the domain control panel cron section? I'm looking for a run button/link but I don't see one. Is there really no way to run a con job manually? Is there even a way to disable a cron from running?
  18. Motamedi

    problem with cron jobs time for whmcs

    hello i'm install whmcs 7.4.1 but after install , problem whit cron job time example : my server linux time is 16:00 my site time is 16:00 timezone and date on cpanel and centos is Perfect Correct but cron job time on whmcs is 12:00 And instead of at 00:00, tomorrow's invoices will be issued at...
  19. D

    where are cron scripts?

    I'd like a cron job to send me an e-mail when it is complete. I understand that I have to put an echo "I'm done"/ sort of line in my cron script file for that job. But I don't know where the cron script file is! I looked in public_html, and there is nothing there that looks like a cron script...
  20. P

    Execute php file via Cron Job with Correct Rights

    Hi I need to execute the PHP script located here: via Cron Jobs. But there do I place the php file - so it works? The script needs to be able to read:/var/named/ and write to...