1. T

    How to enable CURL with SSL

    How to enable CURL with SSL for PHP 5. I installed "php55-php-curl Installed". What further steps do I need to take?
  2. behinam

    problm in curl command

    when i want test a domain whit curl command, Instead of displaying site content, i give this message: <html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV="Cache-control" CONTENT="no-cache"><META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi"></head><body></body></html> also in web browser php file...
  3. brianc

    cPanel Curl Update breaks WHMCS Enom Module

    The enom module within WHMCS is no longer functioning with the following error message: Registrar Error CURL Error: 56 - OpenSSL SSL_read: Success Enom is saying this: We have concluded our investigation into the CURL error that WHMCS users have encountered, and determined the root cause to...
  4. B

    Install fail curl error 23 failed writing body

    I have looked up this issue on Goog, but there are a bunch of fixes for mac computers and non-cPanel related posts, I am trying to install cPanel WHM on AWS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, curl -o latest -L curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 16384) -----...
  5. D

    Server Software Clean-up

    This question is asked to gain understanding and find the answer for 'clean-up' (aka organization). File this under Server Maintenance. It seems sometimes that servers will become cluttered over time. Recently, I discovered that there are four versions of curl on the server. Thankfully...
  6. E

    SOLVED cURL Error(7)

    Hi, When using cURL at a PHP script, it produces error (7) at times. I notice this on PayPal IPN script and Facebook login scripts which both use cURL. Here is a sample error message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'cURL error: [7] Failed to connect to...
  7. N

    SOLVED Cron Job execute curl only if file has been modified

    Hi I need to execute a command in cron job, but only if a file has been touched. Currently, my cron command is: curl "..." where "..." is my target link. I am new to this but I did manage to find something online. Hoping that someone with experience can confirm that the command below is...
  8. Q

    SOLVED [EA-8010] cURL upgrade breaks RSS feeds

    During last night's updates, I was upgraded to 76.0.5 as well as latest Easyapache. I'm not sure which of the two is causing this issue. I use a web-based RSS reader on my server, and after last night's updates, several of the feeds I pull mysteriously stopped actually updating. They stopped...
  9. M

    curl ssl issue - 443: connection refused

    Having an issue using curl and ssl all of a sudden. I think this 'might' be related to switching from EA3 to EA4 awhile back and/or using autossl certs through WHM. I am testing using the following script from the site in question and curlopt_url set to itself : <?php $ch = curl_init()...
  10. rinkleton

    PHP cURL IP - V4 vs V6 per account

    Is it possible to force each account to use it's specified IP and IP version for cURL requests? For example, I have an account which is not enabled for IPv6 and it is set to use the global IPv4 address. However if you do a curl to a google service, and that server supports IPv6, the request...
  11. D

    Apache Byte-Range Request Compatibility Tests Provide Inconsistent Results

    Hello, A client of ours is trying to get their site compatible (Site #1) to byte-range requests as Apple requires it for some of its software. When performing the following test on their website: curl -H Range:bytes=16- -I We get the following: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Thu, 28 Dec...
  12. A

    CloudLinux PHP cURL Issue

    Has this issue returned? I've noticed since a yum update yesterday that cURL no longer works via PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1, even though the php-curl extension is provisioned via EA4. cURL does not show up in phpinfo() though. Reverting to PHP 5.6 resolves this but that's not an ideal option. Looks...
  13. P

    Error: cURL error 77: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)

    Hi, Has anyone faced this error before? Error: cURL error 77: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) It's the error from woocommerce. Thanks
  14. F

    cURL Failing After recent EA4 update

    Php-curl can not be enable after update.
  15. M

    PayPal SDK's and cPanel

    So I'm running a custom coded system utilising Laravel Framework and PayPal's Rest API SDK. The issue I have found is that PayPal doesn't like cPanel's OpenSSL version. How do I go about manually upgrading OpenSSL to the required version? Previously, in my previous thread (located here) CURL...
  16. E

    Problem with OpenSSL Version

    Hi Guys, I seem to be facing an issue with the version of Openssl the software is reporting. Using some software Woocommerce to be exact it is saying: cURL Version: 7.38.0, OpenSSL/1.0.0 however when I type openssl -version in ssh I get OpenSSL 1.0.1k-fips 8 Jan 2015 PHP version is PHP...
  17. D

    Curl connection issue

    Hi guys, im new in the forum and a granpa in Cpanel. i have a dedicated running proxmox with 2 VPS in there both with WHM Cpanel. im using CSF as firewall in both servers and the proxmox firewall disabled at the moment. in one of the servers i have WHMCS billling and automation script. i run a...
  18. k2tec

    SOLVED Easyapache enable custom CURL

    I found a interesting site to update curl but this is for easyapache 3. is there a possibility to edit a file in EA4 so if you run EA4 it will install it.
  19. M

    Curl version mismatch

    Hello I explain my problem: Installation of Unrealircd4.0.10 (Download - UnrealIRCd) : cd /home/irc/unreal4/Unreal4.0 In what directory do you want to install UnrealIRCd? (Note: UnrealIRCd 4 will need to be installed somewhere. If this directory does not exist it will be created.)...
  20. D

    cURL SSL is broken after EasyApache 4 upgrade

    After upgrading Easy Apache from 3 to 4, I am now getting a cURL SSL error: '35: The error message is SSL connect error' The cURL SSL options are: curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, CURL_SSLVERSION_TLSv1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_CIPHER_LIST, 'RC4-MD5'); The server's cURL settings...