1. L

    upgrade from mysql 5.7 to 8.0 failed because of an old database with utf8mb3 characters

    hi, I Upgraded mysql 5.7 to 8.0 and now after installation cpanel have removed version 5.7 and it only has 8.0 even when I want to install 5.7 again manually yum wont find files... anyway there is an old database with utf8mb3 characters in it . which innodb is giving errors about it and won't...
  2. H

    [ERROR] mysqldump: Error 2013: Lost connection to server during query when dumping table

    Hello, I use Current Version MariaDB 10.6.12-MariaDB During the process of backing up all sites All copying operations succeed except for one site that shows this error while copying the database [ERROR] mysqldump: Error 2013: Lost connection to server during query when dumping table...
  3. jimlongo

    path to sqlite

    when I ask /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/sqlite3 --version I get 3.38.5 2022-05-06 15:25:27 serial when I use a db I have sqlite3 /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/xyz/Model/Db/database.sqlite and ask .version I get SQLite 3.7.17 2013-05-20 00:56:22 serial` how can I set 3.38.5 as the...
  4. icandoit

    SOLVED prefix before my database in phpmyadmin is this normal?

    Please see my wordpress database as you can see there is a prefix before my real database 2f0857_ I did not create this and in my wordpress config it is not there either however the site works find I can see this in phpmyadmin
  5. S

    In Progress CPANEL-42266 - Addon domain converter - database prefixes

    So with the Convert Addon Domain to Account - the database name and database user name prefixes don't change? Is that wise? If you ask me, that's a recipe for disaster later on. So if user1 has an addon domain - - that's using a database - user1_wp1 and they want to split...
  6. charliecres

    Mysql database error

    facing this error after importing an SQL file to my server, but this SQL file working perfectly on another server! Note: (Server version: 8.0.31-cll-lve - MySQL) I have attached a screenshot for better view.
  7. X

    Removing an account does not remove the database

    Hi, First time this happen but on a new Linux VPS when I remove an account using the command: /scripts/removeacct xyz and try to restore the same account /scripts/restorepkg cpmove-xyz.tar.gz I get this message during the process of restoration: The system will restore the database...
  8. F

    Cpanel transfer completed but cannot find database

    Hi, One of the accounts which was transferred via cpanel transfer tool does not show databases in the database section in cpanel(New Server). It says that the databases already exist as when i try to create these manually. I can see the DBusers and password but cannot see the databases. DO i...
  9. V

    Ubuntu fresh install mariadb database server

    Hello On our Ubuntu 20.04 server, we were able to use the mariadb server by adding the line mysql-version=10.5 to the /root/cpanel_profile/cpanel.config file, but this setting no longer works. I see an error during the installation phase and the installation does not continue; 2022-12-23...
  10. M

    The system failed to grant privileges on the database ...

    Hello, Just made a backup restoration of account and this appeared: Warning: The system failed to grant privileges on the database “new_db” to the user “new” because of an error: (XID ju8a2v) This system will not add the database user “new” to the database “new_db” because this user does not...
  11. ljj3

    In Progress CPANEL-41695 - Modsecurity Geo Database

    Is GeoLite2-Country-Locations-en.csv the file that ModSecurity needs to have Geolocation Database pointed to? I'm confused... My GeoIP.dat is very old, but the MAXMIND list of databases are al GeoIP2 which are not compatible with ModSecurity...
  12. N

    Change Database Server Name

    Hi, Previously I had a server that was hacked, and I saw a lot of mysql hostnames using And now I'm moving it to a 3x new server, but some cpanel accounts still display the huffingtonpost text on cPanel => Server Information (Server Name). Where can I edit the text? and...
  13. J

    Frequent Database Backups (Jetbackup)

    I'm using Jetbackup for backups. Used it for years. Works really well. I have several sites I want to backup the databases more frequently than once a day. A couple of the sites, there's a lot of things being updated in the database constantly. The most critical one is 1.3GB of data, 2.5...
  14. P

    Cannot Restore Database Backup

    Hi, When deleting all Wordpress posts before a specific post I accidentally deleted a bunch of categories, so I need to restore the database from the backup I made right before I did that. Problem is when I upload the backup I get the error: Error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<!DOCTYPE...
  15. behinam

    could not be added to the database The request failed

    When I want to add a database to the user I give this error: could not be added to the database aaa_bbb”. The request failed. (Error ID: rcyg25) Ask your hosting provider to research this error in cPanel & WHM’s main error log. in Cpanel log show this error: Error from MySQL query: (XID...
  16. K

    Database Migration

    What's the fast way of copying a large database (size is around 150Gb) onto another server? Both old and new servers are cPanel ones and mariadb 10.5 version. I only need to move the db to another server.
  17. charliecres

    error establishing a database connection after upgrade mysql to MariaDB

    Last Night I upgraded MySQL to MariaDB 10.5. Currently, i am using cloudlinux. Now I am facing an error issue" error establishing a database connection"| after per 10-20 minutes it's getting this error for 1-2 minutes. I have tried to fix this. but unable to fix this issue. so need help to...
  18. G

    Force Wordpress to install in MyISAM instead of InnoDB

    I had a major problem last year with InnoDB, and had to completely disable it using: innodb_force_recovery=5 No one has been able to track down the actual error, so instead I had to change everything to MyISAM. Now I have a new account that wants to install Wordpress, but I keep getting...
  19. N

    csv cronjob to import in mysql database table

    Hello, I am having a CSV daily sent via ftp to my public_html folder on a website. I am trying to make a cron job to import it into database called "grijanjetuzla_stanjeracuna" in table "saldo" , and delete records in table "saldo" it next day so I can import it again with fresh data. This is...
  20. K

    terminated cpanel still working and using another site files and database

    Hi, I deleted/terminated a cpanel account for example now if i go to it shows the exact website as another site on the server and also uses the other sites database after getting deleted why is this happening? is this a secutity issue?