1. H

    Backup Transport Errors to External Destination S3

    I'm encountering transport errors when attempting to back up files to an external destination, S3. The backup system is failing to send various files, including system files and user account backups, to this destination. Here is a summary of the errors: "system_files.tar" and several user...
  2. B

    Additional Destination backups are not being transported

    I am having an issue where backups are not being transferred to S3. The S3 destination is validated and enabled. The backup log shows that it is being set into TaskQueue for transfer, but the TaskQueue Monitor is empty. Why are the backups not moving to S3? I have validation files in the bucket...
  3. A

    SOLVED remote destination for backup not validating

    Hi I recently set up an AlmaLinux dedicated server to replace one of my Centos7 dedicated servers I am trying to set up a remote SFTP destination in the WHM for the backup of my new server I am backing up from AlmaLinux v8.8.0 STANDARD standard cPanel Version 110.0.6 to one of my other...
  4. H

    Different backup configuration per destination

    Hi all, Is there a way to have different backup configuration for "Additional Destination: Google drive"?, I only have 30GB of space and it's a mess...
  5. H

    Additional Destination validation Error

    Throwing additional destination validation error for good drive. it was working fine from the last few months and suddently its failed its validations. Validation for transport “ovhserver” failed: Could not create path directory “/ovhserver/”: Token refresh failed at...
  6. A

    Backup Additional Destination For Specific Account

    I have set up a Google Drive additional destination for backups. Setup went fine and everything worked. However, I only really need to backup one specific account/domain from my WHM to Google Drive. For all the other accounts, the built-in backups are fine. Is there a way to do this?
  7. J

    Weekly/Monthly Backups stored locally when remote destination selected

    I have my backup configuration set to remote storage on Backblaze. My backups are being stored there. I have Retain Backups in the Default Backup Directory unchecked so that all backups are sent to remote storage. WHM still stores weekly and monthly backups in the /backup directory. I'm sure...
  8. W

    SOLVED GIT Install to Public_HTML - fatal: destination path 'public_html' already exists

    I am trying to install a script via git and cPanel won't let me install the script in public_html. When I execute the following command, I get the following error: [user@server ~]$ git clone public_html fatal: destination path 'public_html' already...
  9. S

    Store backup on different directory

    Hi guys, i hope that all is well wit all you, look i have this situation: I have 14 servers that send their backups to a main server with WHM and an additional HD, On the mail server i created linux users with their respective passwords for each server On each server i configured rsync on the...
  10. M

    SOLVED not retaining destination on login

    Issue: someone posts a link in the forums to an issue on, eg: Viewing this page requires being logged in, so you get redirected to the login page. Once logged in though...
  11. sozotech

    Rsync destination to TrueNAS

    I was attempting to set up an rsync destination on a TrueNAS server via SSH but I can never get the validation to complete successfully. I keep getting an error "could not upload test file: child exited with code 1". I changed the destination to a different Linux server and it worked right...
  12. G

    Validation for SFTP Destination fail

    Trying to add an SFTP location to WHM for backup, but when it validates, I get the error: " Error: Validation for transport “hkhost” failed: Could not delete the file we had uploaded onto the server: Couldn't delete remote file: No such file".. Logging in with FTP software to the backup server...
  13. behinam

    problem set FTP in windows server destination

    Hello I have an FTP server with a windows operating system, FTP is work and I can connect to the FTP server from ssh, but when set FTP information in cPanel Jetbackup, give this error: Error: Unable to validate connection. Can Help me plz?
  14. W

    Jetbackup issue on space and destination

    Hello cPanel user start restore procedure dir and this filled server hd (big account) We are testing jetbackup as backup alternative but we meet a loot of issue in the last months. 1) why restore file are copied on server and not direct overwriting? 2) why file is copied on /usr/** and not...
  15. P

    SOLVED Incremental backup destination validation fails

    Hello I need to setup incremental backups in my servers using the WHm backup system. I´ve created the "additional destination Rsync" with all correct data in external server (with cpanel too) I´ve tested the SSH connection and works perfect. When i try to validate the destination i get this...
  16. albatroz

    Failed transfer due to missing package in the destination server

    I recently received this error message when I tried to transfer CPanel hosting account from a different server It seems that the transfer tool was looking for the same package to be created in the destination server The curious thing is that I never had this problem before "Failed to load...
  17. M

    Better destination Type in Backups

    Hi, I'm configuring a new remote server for backups. I need know: Which is better cPanel "destination type" for do backups: FTP SFTP Rsync Which you recommend me for have better backup's integrity?. Thank you very much.
  18. H

    GDrive Backup Additional Destination Validation Error

    Backups to GDrive settings are correctly configured and validated successfully. But after few hours the validation disconnect automatically and show a warning message. Error: Validation for transport “ovhserver” failed: Could not create path directory “/ovhserver/”: api_test failed at...
  19. httpdocs

    Remove Home Directory From Fullbackup Destination

    hello i need to remove only home directory from Backup Destination in cPanel account. I don't want cPanel Users back up Files at home directory.But the other options don't matter. (FTP,SCP...) This may be?
  20. B

    set backup destination

    hello in new 84.0.19 when we want set backup destination in custom or ftp there is new box script what is this? how can we check this