1. I

    In Progress CPANEL-43571 - Keep DNS zone not available as option when pressing terminate domain from cPanel

    We are experiencing a consistent replicable graphical issue with message overlap when trying to terminate a domain from cPanel main dashboard. When terminating a domain the checkbox to keep the DNS zone is below the notification for termination it only shows the description part. When using the...
  2. bloatedstoat

    Send Configserver Mailscanner RBL lookups to remote DNS

    Hello, We switched to Config Server's Mailscanner for spam and virus protection and our new server utilises pDNS over Bind. Sadly for us, pDNS that comes with cPanel is not a caching nameserver and so we're constantly running up against the infernal "Your query was blocked" when the system...
  3. V

    Wildcard A and CNAME DNS records and The Exceptions

    Is it possible to have wildcard A and CNAME records and records with exceptions to the wildcard? For example: A site.com A *.site.com A mail.site.com or A site.com ==> resolves to host1.site.com CNAME *.site.com host1.site.com A mail.site.com ==>...
  4. V

    How to Host Email Only on Server?

    domain.com is registered and parked at the domain registrar (R). I have a VPS server (S) with a cPanel account. What are the steps to host email on S but leave the domain parked on R? I know I need to add S's MX, SPF, and DKIM records to R. This article mentions adding an A record on R that...
  5. R

    DNS Zone Failed To Load Error ID: fc5w87

    I am getting an error when open DNS zone editor The request failed. (Error ID: fc5w87) Ask your hosting provider to research this error in cPanel & WHM’s main error log. Reset The DNS Zone
  6. P

    Partial DNS resolver failure

    Some of the server's DNS resolvers fail to respond. Resolver State Failed Normal Normal Use the "Resolver Configuration" interface (https://tehama.tehamatechnology.com:2087/scripts2/setupresolvconf) to investigate or update the system's DNS resolvers...
  7. C

    "Pull" DNS records

    Hi, I have a VPS with a couple of hundred domains. I'm using Cloudflare for my DNS but Im thinking of using my local DNS instead (sorry, its probably not called this, but I don't know how to describe it). I'm trying to somehow automate this by making cPanel pull all the DNS records from...
  8. D

    Enabling PowerDNS to existing webserver in DNS Cluster

    Hello, So looking for any advise from the community. We have a number of WHM servers which are not running any DNS services themselves. They have 3 DNSONLY remote servers in a cluster running PowerDNS. We need to enable DNSSEC for some customers so will need to enable PowerDNS service on the...
  9. verdon

    Best practice for DMARC, DKIM, and SPF when hosting DNS and web, but email is at gsuite

    I'm getting more and more clients where the mail is being hosted on Google Apps or Outlook or Fastmail, etc, while I am hosting DNS and web. In these cases, what's the best practice for mail related records in DNS? 1) I've changed the SPF record to look something like this v=spf1...
  10. Q

    Reset dns zone whm /cpanel

    Boa tarde! Após uma tentativa fracassada de migração, o cpanel alterou o ip do servidor na zona dns, e agora tenho muitos sites offline. Existe algum comando que eu possa alterar a zona DNS de todas as contas cpanel que tenho no servidor para o padrão! Por favor me ajude urgentemente!
  11. G

    Is there a better way to set up DNS at the registrar?

    I have about 70 domains parked on top of a main domain. I have all of them set to the same nameservers, then use cPanel to park them on top of that main domain. My registrar has DNS settings, though, which allows me to enter DNS records at the domain and not have to ping the server. I'm testing...
  12. 000

    with cPanel hostname.midomain.com load perfect, the correct is SAME EVENT with my DNS ?

    hello,hostname.midomain.com load perfectly, a good config requirens1.midomain.comandns2.midomain.comalso load using access http and https ?
  13. charliecres

    New Addon domain/sub domain not getting DNS

    I have a few servers, one of which serves as a DNS server. I configured clustering with this DNS server. My other servers were functioning properly, and I recently added a new server which has been running smoothly for almost a month. However, I suddenly encountered a DNS issue with this new...
  14. spaceman

    (How much) Does it matter when local and remote DNS disagree?

    Hi All, I think I'm correct in saying that WHM always creates a local DNS zone file (which may become part of a WHM DNS Cluster, if enabled) for new domains that are added to a WHM server, e.g. as a primary domain, parked domain, or subdomain. It does this regardless of whether the local...
  15. M

    Is there any way to sync cPanel DNS server records with Cloudflare?

    Hello, I am using Cloudflare DNS quite often and was wondering if there is a way to sync the DNS records created by cPanel automatically with Cloudflare
  16. M

    cPanel DNS Only

    Hello, Currently we have cPanel DNS only servers on Azure using CentOS7. We have a mix of WHM/cPanel and Plesk servers (for windows hosting). Plesk has the SlaveDNS Extension which can talk to cPanel DNS only using Bind. However the Ubuntu version of cPanel DNSOnly cannot use bind (uses...
  17. spaceman

    SOLVED How to edit two TTL values at the same time - WHM blocks this

    Hi All, I recently had the need to greatly reduce the TTL values for two NS records in a DNS zone file. But I couldn't change either of them, because it requires that the other be changed at the same time with the same new value. But WHM doesn't allow us to edit two values at the same time...
  18. C


    Hello, I am hosting a cPanel server and the data center has informed me they are moving the IP space they gave me years ago. So I will need to switch the IPs out. Most of the accounts are using my DNS servers. However some manage their own DNS. Is there a way to generate a list of all domains...
  19. J

    SOLVED: Reverse dns issues bare metal or cpanel/whm?

    Hello. I hope everyone is healthy and safe. In the process of researching issues with my install I came across a long delay in reverse dns when running this command: for i in {a..m}; do echo -n "$i.root-servers.net: "; dig -4 "$i".root-servers.net @"$i".root-servers.net +short;done...
  20. F

    The given serial number does not match the DNS zone’s serial number. Refresh your view of the DNS zone, then resubmit.

    Hi, I am trying to add a CNAME register for a domain and I receive this error The given serial number (2023061603) does not match the DNS zone’s serial number (2023061605). Refresh your view of the DNS zone, then resubmit. How do I fix it? Thanks, Francisco