1. P

    Error whilst trying to load cP Domains page

    I am unable to manage my parked Alias and Addon domains by clicking "cPanel > Domains > Domains", I am getting pop-up.. "Error: The API request failed with the following error: 500 - Internal Server Error." My server log "/usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log" shows.. "info [cpaneld] Internal...
  2. D

    reject_forwarded_mail_marked_as_spam whitelist sender domain

    Hello! I have a client ( for instance) that always runs into "reject_forwarded_mail_marked_as_spam" when sending to some addresses outside our cPanel server. Instead of telling my client to change the way he sends the mails, I would like to whitelist my client's full domain so that...
  3. K

    In Progress CPANEL-42708 - Htaccess redirection appears on List Domains weirdly

    Hello, I noticed something weird which bothered me. I'd like your assistance to verify that i don't understand anything wrong. We make redirections through the .htaccess file on public_html. Nothing new, have been using it for many years. Had to create a new subdomain on cPanel -> Domains ->...
  4. G

    Automatically adding SSL to addon domains

    Hello, hope you're well. I searched for this but couldn't find an answer. I'm creating a site-building app. Users are able to add their own domain to the site they build. The domains get added fine in cPanel. However, they don't have SSL. Is there a way to have all new domains that get added...
  5. W

    Transfer of parked domains to solo license failed

    Starting situation: Admin license, 2 accounts Account 1: Domain A Account 2: Domain B, two domains (C and D) parked on top Account 1 became obsolete, Domain A still active Objective: Minimize costs by switching to a solo license Park domain A on top of Domain B after transfer of account 2 to a...
  6. Islandhosting

    "Domains" icon missing from Jupiter

    Hello, I know that under Jupiter some of the domain related tools have merged under the single "Domains" icon, but that icon is missing entirely for me. So I thought maybe I needed to explicitly enable it in the features list, but there is no such option in there (there are, however, still...
  7. 4

    Keeping track of addon domains usage

    I've been maintaining cpanel servers for a long time now - and one thing that always troubles me is the fact that a customer can easily downgrade their account to a plan that has less addon domains, but retain the same number of addon domains they had previously. I appreciate that if enabled...
  8. J

    Is it safe to have 2 domains forwarding all email to each other?

    Email Domain Forwarder #1: -> Email Domain Forwarder #2: -> Is there any chances of getting into an infinite loop? The documentation says the forwarder is only triggered if the email is undeliverable, which makes sense. But what happens if...
  9. N

    Domains without zone records

    if I point a domain to the server without creating an account, than the domain will direct traffic to an unrelated existing account. Do you know why this may be happening and how to set said default location if infact there is one?
  10. tbutler

    Swap Primary and Parked Domains

    I host a number of sites that years ago dropped their original domain names for ones that had been originally just parked alternate domains. (E.g. the alternate domain was shorter and they realized the primary domain wasn't all that useful.) Though those domains have long since expired, they are...
  11. J

    SOLVED How to Enable Share Document Root Folder Option for Add-On Domains?

    In Cpanel under List Domains > Create New Domain the check box option "share document root..." is greyed out. What do I need to change in WHM to allow this particular account to add an add-on domain that shared the document root. I assume it must be possible, otherwise why is the option even...
  12. anton_latvia

    Working with multiple domains in new Jupiter theme

    Hello Developers. I would like to share my suggestions on UI for managing addon, alias and subdomains (now called just "Domains") page. If you could improve these things - it would greatly make our life easier. I hope my screenshots are clear and useful.
  13. E

    Track visitors for all domains hosted on server

    Hi Is there some way do display visitors for all websites hosted on the server, to see what websites gets the most visits ?
  14. S

    Wild Card Entry for All Domains (Non Existing DNS Zone)

    Hi, I want to make a wild card entry for all domains (and display a specific Page on it) whose DNS zones do not exist but they have my server nameservers set on it, is it possible to create this scenario on the cPanel Server? Regards,
  15. S

    Addon domains that require DNS zones before registering

    cPanel uses a system of verifying someone owns a domain name by checking it's nameservers before allowing that domain name to be added as an addon domain in the user's cPanel. I understand the policy for this. It's meant to insure that users don't just add random domains to their account that...
  16. H

    Why is the alias domains feature missing?

    I just created WHM and Why is the alias domains feature missing? Someone please help me.
  17. B

    Mirroring another cPanel account (addon domains)

    Hi, I'd like to create a new cPanel account to mirror another cPanel account the way that when I add a new addon domain to the new account, it loads the /public_html content of the original cPanel account when you visit the domain. Basically I just need a new storage for addon domains since...
  18. M

    pm2 service installation on WHM server with shared domains

    Hi, Please guide me to install pm2 service on WHM server with shared domains without affecting any current setup. Node and npm are already installed on server. Regards, Mehul
  19. mariusfv

    cPanel deletes main domain, but addon domains remain

    1. What happens if for a cPanel account I have to delete the main domain but the addon domains must remain? a) Will the addon domains work without the main domain? b) What is the deletion methodology (do's and don'ts)? I couldn't find it anywhere in the cPanel documentation, nor in Google...
  20. M

    Whitelisting RBL domains

    I have one customer receiving emails from one cloud service which uses different ips: ..etcetera. and some times that cloud service falls in some RBL spam lists: # exim_checkaccess