1. G

    Common Internet Domains

    Where is this list stored? We need to add some domains to it asap. Thanks in advance, ~G
  2. B

    Rebuild list of parked domains

    Hello, This morning all the email on parked domains stopped working. If I log and go to "Email" page, I only see the original domain name in the select. If I park a new domain it works but all the previously parked ones do not. Is there a quick way to rebuild the list of parked domains for...
  3. S

    Multiple SSL-enabled domains on 1 account

    Hello, I just came across what seems like a limit within the cPanel software. On a package with multiple addon domains, will it be possible to install a SSL certificate on more than one domain? As far as I see, there is only a option to assign a dedicated IP to the main domain of the...
  4. D

    Domains problem need help

    Hi all, I'm pretty new in Cpanel and i hope you can help me. I have a main domain. www maindomain com. I wanted to park another 2 domains so i went in cpanel menu -> parked domains and added the other 2 domain: mysite1 com and mysite2 com . I logged to mysite1 com through ftp uploaded my...
  5. M

    Domains Not Loading

    I've been looking around everwhere on this board I could think of, I can't find an issue that's exactly like mine. So here goes. Last night the server was having trouble. The datacenter consoled the machine and told me an inode dropped in /var. Overnight, while this issue was still present...
  6. Z

    Pointing parked domains in cPanel to a different directory

    Is it possible in cPanel to point parked domains to a different directory of that account? Thanks :)
  7. R

    Multiple Domains / Accounts Pointing to Same Directory

    Hi everyone we're starting up a new company that's based on Wordpress Multiuser Edition (wpmu)... we have the system currently running but we want to add cpanel/whm to the current system... I'm currently pointing all domains to the same directory (wpmu does the work for finding out which...
  8. A

    Automatic Subdomains and Parked Domains

    I will soon be creating a web app where users can sign up and we'll host a page for them. The pages will all be generic templates that they can choose from. During the sign up process they can choose whether they want a subdomain of our main domain or they can register their own domain (through...
  9. Z

    Bulk unpark domains via cPanel or command line

    Is there a way to unpark domains in bulk via cPanel or via command line? I have over 2,000 domains to unpark. Thank you in advance :)
  10. G

    /scripts/fixvaliases doesn't handle add-on domains

    I just found out that the /scripts/fixvaliases script (which is used to reset the permissions/ownership for all files in /etc/valiases to their respective owners, doesn't seem to handle add-on domains. I have over 300 accounts that are still owned by root:root and have no idea what the...
  11. M

    multiple domains, same hosting account

    Hi everybody, This might seem like a totally stupid question, but I'm a newbie. I have a hosting account with unlimited domains possible. I want to have multiple domains that don't interact/interfere with each other--just separate domains and sites, that happen to have the same hosting...
  12. L

    Prevent users from setting up forwards to domains

    Is there a way to prevent users from setting up forwards of there mail to specific domains. eg, so that it will tell them or pop an error. thanks
  13. F

    Two domains pointing to the same site

    Hello! I have a reseller account in a Webhost company and it uses WHM. One of my "clients" has an account (let's say registered in my WHM and now she would like to buy another domain, but pointing to the same site ( while keeping the new address in the address bar...
  14. G

    Getting ONLY addon domains list - not subdomains!

    Hello! I saw here in this forum the following command to get a list of a user's domains: cat /var/cpanel/users/user | grep DNS | awk -F [=] '{print $2}' And it works! The only problem is that I only need the first level domains names, not the subdomains. For example... the command...
  15. N

    How to Print whm list of domains

    I'ld like to print a list of domains in my resellers whm panel. The only way I'm aware of is to select what is listed and paste into notepad. If I try to paste into excel I'm repetedly asked for my password hundreds of times. Please someone help. Thank you.
  16. P

    Weird issue with Addon Domains

    I have never noticed this before until friday when a user brought it to my attention. When you create an addon domain it creates a subdomain as well. Which is okay, but it also shows up in the subdomain listing, add email pull-down tab, etc. Which for this customer is a problem because of the...
  17. sh4ka

    Reseller domains dissapear from /etc/localdomains

    Hello, I have about 200 accounts an a RHEL 5.x cPanel server, the problem is that one of the resellers and all his accounts from time to time are dissapearing from /etc/localdomains, and that obviously is causing him email problems, and we had to add the domains again to the list so the mail...
  18. H

    Addon domains - park wrapper error?

    Hi, I've set up a server and I've assigned my two nameservers: They work fine, I can access all domains that are added through WHM, however when trying to add an addon domain (yes the nameservers are correct, I can add the domain to WHM and it resolves) to...
  19. B

    All domains showing 0 bandwidth.

    Hello, A customer of mine has a server and for some reason all his domains are showing 0 bandwidth. This seems to have started a few months prior and he is now getting to me about this. I have run bandminup --force and also a upcp --force just in case. I still have not been able to resolve...
  20. D

    CPanel -> Addon Domains -> Choose IPs?

    I just move from Plesk to CPanel. Using WHM, I created an account named "" and it is tied to IP address I went into "" CPanel and added on a domain "". I want to have an IP address of How can I manage this? Is the only...