1. J

    Redirect bad referrers

    Hello. Please view the following snippet of logs. I wish to deny or redirect these malicious referrers that contain "wp-login". Does cpanel have a way to do this or are we talking about modifying virtual hosts files or .htaccess files? - - [02/Nov/2020:14:16:16 -0500] "POST...
  2. U

    Exim config to route email to certain domains through another provider?

    Hi folks, There's a regional bank with which a ton of people in our area do business. We route all our mail out through SpamExperts. The bank has a rule on their Barracuda ESS that prohibits any mail from a non-US IP address from being delivered to their accounts. I have tried numerous times...
  3. radeonpower

    Ghost domains

    Hello, I have a problem that I have not encountered before. One account that has assigned to it, there should be more domains under that account in "Domains" or "Addon Domans" but it is empty. Under "Redirects" I can see those extra domains and also in "Emails". The...
  4. M

    Hi "Domains" in cPanel for only can use "Addon domains"

    Hi, I have some clients that add a new domains in "Domains" tab, but not add him in "Addon domains" and cannot install her wordpress. I attached an image. I need know: WHM/cPanel will have any problem/error if hide "Domains"?. Where can i hide him?. I have: CloudLinux + WHM/cPanel +...
  5. W

    How to turn on awstat for many domains

    Hi, I have a cpanel hosting account with awstat on it. It was turned on earlier, but somehow it got shut down. I would like to turn it on again. I see it can be done at "Metrics Editor", but doing manually is killing. I did also find the "stats.conf" in the tmp folder of my hosting which looks...
  6. M

    add-on domains location

    Since my host upgraded cpanel to 86 last night I am only able to create add-on domains within the public_html folder. Previously add-on domains would be created in a folder in home/user directory. (not limited to using public_html as root) Is this a change in 86? My host seem to think this...
  7. L

    Modsecurity - Configure Individual Domains

    G'day All, Does anyone know where the notation is made within the modsec configuration when a user disables modsecurity for all or any domain within their cPanel? I've looked in the expected locations (/etc/apache2/conf.d/userdata etc.) without success. We just need to be able to produce a...
  8. N

    Addon Domains to Main Domain

    Please can you let me know that How to move Addon Domains to Main Domain?
  9. V

    Missing domains - WHM API get_domain_info doesn't return all domains

    I'm using this function: To get a list of all domains on our server, but it only returns the domains from the users that are owned by root, it doesn't return the domains of users who are owned by resellers...
  10. R

    Using multiple nameserver domains on the same server

    I need to create multiple nameserver domains for the same server. for example. all on the same server. The reason is to assist in server migration while retaining the current nameservers, while also retaining...
  11. T

    HTTPS Redirect for addon domains

    Hi, I have multiple addon domains but I can't get them to redirect to HTTPS . What should I put in the .htaccess file? Tried pretty much everything there is on Google on this topic. Including this: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}...
  12. S

    Unable to add sub/addon domains to any of our servers

    Since the 86.0.8 we're unable to add sub/addon domains to any of our servers. getting the error message that looks like this (for both add/subdomains): (XID rkqxg8) Error ID 28bfff6d99280 I checked DNS zone and removed the records and tried again but it still did it. I also checked the tweak...
  13. K

    How can I use addon domain which DNS server is out of WHM server

    When I add a domain name to add-on domain, cPanel returns XID npcvc4 error (domain ip address point to other dns server). But I would like to create only web site on cPanel and would like to use DNS server out of this server. Are there any setting allow this use of add-on domain?
  14. E

    Add Domains to Account

    Before I begin, let me say that I am new to cPanel. We do not host through another cPanel provider. We purchased cPanel ourselves to host our website. I would like to add some alaises to my cPanel account and have them point to the current domain that I am running. The new domain names are...
  15. B

    I am unable to add domain into addon domains

    When I try to add the domain into addon domain it displays following: Your addon domain limit of 0 addon domains has been reached. Please help me to solve this problem.
  16. H

    Create Account Not Working Other Domains

    Hello, I have a problem with User Creation. . com. net .org.I can create a site for shop domain extensions.But .xyz .it doesn't allow me to create domain names for extensions like online. Can you help me with error records below ? processes I've done; check hosts check resolv check hostname...
  17. M

    SOLVED New Cpanel licensing and parked domains

    About new cpanel licensing. For every dedicated server the license support 100 domains (you can add more with additional fee) I would like to ask if parked domains are counting on these 100 domains (If I have an account with 5 parked domains will count as 5 domains in license?)
  18. M

    SSL Cert for Addon Domains

    I have a bunch of addon domains that I am currently switching the dns to. In the past I have edited the .htaccess file to push to https. Problem is I just added a new domain and new .htaccess file. Once I point the DNS it tells me the 'Connection Is Not Private'. Does it take time for a cert to...
  19. P

    Changing websites gradually, but not domains

    Hey everyone, I'm a fairly new comer to managing a website and would like some advice on this project. My company is changing our website from Drupal to a custom web solution, but they want this change to take place gradually. Our plan would be to create a subdomain on our server and then have...
  20. inteldigital

    Disallow visting sites as add-on domains example:

    Hi, I have my cPanel set up as having addon domains within public_html, but I have my main website in the root of public_html. Problem is, anybody with knowledge can access anything in that directory as trailing slash URL from my main website. For example is my...