1. T

    How to set LFD to send email for WHM/cPanel access alert if the IP in allowed list?

    Hello, I want CSF/LFD to send me an email of WHM/cPanel access alert even if that IP is allowed in csf.allow file. If the IP not in allowed list, LFD will send this email "lfd on my.server: WHM/cPanel username access alert from A.A.A.A" But if the IP in allowed list, LFD won't send alert...
  2. A

    Schedule email delivery

    Hi, how do I schedule an email to be delivered at a specific time? I am currently using Roundcube.
  3. W

    Plus adressing issue - email delivered to default account

    Hello We have an issue with a customer. email sent to [email protected] if tagged as spam is delivered to [email protected] (default address) in a spam folder as ([email protected]) and not, as aspected, on folder spam of mailbox [email protected] Any idea...
  4. L

    Email delivery - webserver under Attack --- email many from 2 days ago

    Email delivery - webserver under Attack --- email many from 2 days ago... My website was attacked by a "DoS attack" Two days ago, emails came to my Inbox from a malicious user, see attachment Back then, they may have sent 2500 emails, and they are in a queue since emails sent two days ago were...
  5. O

    Desactivate sending email from php script of specific account

    Good morning, How to deactivate the all sending of emails via php scripts for a specific cpanel account from whm ? Thank you
  6. E

    Server under attack email "no such person" denial of service from Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan

    A client's primary cPanel mail server with 1000s of users is under attack. Unfortunately the staff at Hi-Velocity doesn't understand the problem properly and / or they are unable to help after three days. Our service is down for three days. The problem is quite simple to witness: tail -f...
  7. E

    SOLVED A way to force authentication on local email delivery

    Hello, From what I noticed, a local email delivery, on the same CP server, A.K.A. LMTP (Local Mail Transfer Protocol), which is not considered a "relay" of the email - does not enforce authentication, which is less secure. I noticed it using a WordPress email plugin (hence PHP). I tried but...
  8. K

    Email deliverability issue

    Moving some accounts between 2 cpanel servers. There were some minor issues w/ the Nameservers early on, but everything seems to be sorted now. However, I've gotten this message from google twice trying to send mail to the accounts on the new server: TLS Negotiation failed...
  9. E

    In Progress CPANEL-43534 - Using a link form CP email of "WordPress Updates Digest" gives security error

    Hello, Using latest CP 114. I received from my CP installation an email titled "WordPress Updates Digest". At the bottom it has this text: " “WPT::AdminAutoUpdates” notifications are currently configured to have an importance of “Low”. You can change the importance or disable this type of...
  10. V

    Does SpamAssassin Affect Redirected Messages

    I've created an email filter to redirect all mail from an internal to an external address. SpamAssassin marks suspicious email messages as spam (updates the header of new messages whose calculated spam score meets or exceeds the spam threshold score). But will it do this before the messages get...
  11. V

    How to Host Email Only on Server? is registered and parked at the domain registrar (R). I have a VPS server (S) with a cPanel account. What are the steps to host email on S but leave the domain parked on R? I know I need to add S's MX, SPF, and DKIM records to R. This article mentions adding an A record on R that...
  12. V

    Email Deliverability & Enable DKIM/SPF Globally

    Email Deliverability Regarding the SPF record in the "Email Deliverability" interface, why are accounts' dedicated IPs added to the server's (hostname's) SPF record? Is that normal behavior? Note that I have enabled "Send mail from the account’s IP address" in Exim. Enable DKIM/SPF Globally...
  13. JIKOmetrix

    IOS 17 users getting SSL error for email

    Hello, I have IOS 17 Users saying they are getting an SSL when trying to connect email to our cPanel server. OS - AlmaLinux v8.8.0 STANDARD standard cPanel Version 114.0.8 Any idea why apple Mail would work fine with IOS 16.7.x and throw SSL error with IOS 17.x? Ciphers maybe?
  14. T

    email listed in WHM delivery report isn't in roundcube or client inbox

    Suddenly not receiving messages in either roundcube or Thunderbird sent to a particular email address. Multiple remote senders. The raw message can be read from the report page and can be found int the email user's cur folder, but isn't showing up in the email clients. This just started...
  15. W

    Need to Ban a Gmail email address that is spamming accounts on server

    I know I can blacklist domains in WHM > Filter Incoming Emails by Domain BUT I need to ban a specific Gmail email address that is spamming all of the accounts on the server. There should be an easy way to do this in WHM - please tell me the best and easiest / quickest method to ban individual...
  16. W

    Migrate email folders in cPanel manually into Outlook

    Hi there A client was using cPanel mail and has a lot of folders etc. But they decided to move to Microsoft 365 mail and unfortunately, have not imported their mails first before switching DNS. Now the MX point to 365 and we are not able to "pull in" the cPanel mailboxes. However, we do have...
  17. C

    Reduce email queue

    I have an issue, I have a server that I'm using for email testing, so it sends emails back and forth (long story). Anyway, Sometimes I get a message that the Exim queue is large. I think this is because emails are being retried several times. Is there anyway I can set Exim just to try once...
  18. R

    dnf-automatic empty email notification

    Hello, I have dnf-automatic installed but when it installs updates it does sends an email but the body of the email is empty :rolleyes: so in /etc/dnf/automatic.conf i have [emitters] emit_via = command_email, motd [command_email] command_format = "mailx -S sendwait -s {subject} -r...
  19. K

    Alert for passing email deferrals and failures threshold

    Hello, Right now, we are daily monitoring our servers' "View Sent Summary" in order to check if any account is making many email deferrals or failures. This job is being done by hand, meaning that we login to each server in turns every few hours in order to check if everything is working as...
  20. AndyX

    In Progress CPANEL-43403 - Cron Email block hidden

    When we are creating Cron Jobs, there is an area for adding emails. By Default the full Cron Email block is hidden and only if we click the more do we see it. Cron Email block is hidden by default After clicking more we see the full Cron Email block It's not at all obvious the more does...