1. bloatedstoat

    SOLVED Email fails to send after migration - urgent help please

    Hello, I'm around 2/3rds the way through a server migration. I moved a bunch of accounts over the weekend that use email heavily. At this stage most appear to have moved without issue but I have some that just refuse to accept mail from the sender and the email sits in the sender's outbox...
  2. A

    exploit email

    Hello, I have problems with my mail server in cpanel I received information that I have an exploit and to detect it they only gave me the following information I already checked the webserver logs and the access log but I can't find this information or something sumilar with that date, where...
  3. M

    Risk of forwarded emails getting filtered out by Mailchannels?

    How critical would you see this use case - a friend of mine (not a real paying client) needs email. They can't get Google Workspace (what I usually recommend). As they run their small website on my hosting, I can offer them a free cPanel mailbox. However, I am not sure how well the setup works...
  4. D

    SOLVED Customizing the suggested SPF record in Email Deliverability

    In WHM, I can see a feature to customize the suggested SPF record, but as far as I can tell it only modifies the SPF for one domain at a time. How can I customize what the system will suggest to all users? (I want it to show our IP range, xx.xx.xx.0/26, instead of just a single IP.) Thanks!
  5. M

    Email Routing simple explained

    I thought I understood it already months ago, and now I am again confronted with the topic of Email Routing in cPanel and forgot even the basics about it, e.g. what is it actually for - outgoing emails from the server vs incoming emails? Why is it even anyway relevant when the MX record is...
  6. W

    spamassassin move 'Spam Box' spam back to email account inbox

    Hi there I have set up spam box as a seperate collecting place for all spam on my account. I have 10 email addresses and spamassisin is good at getting all the cr*p, but occassionally, legitimate emails get caught in there and the ***spam** label is added to the subject. 1) How can I move...
  7. V

    is there any way complete Email List Export with username and password ...

    is there any way complete Email List Export with username and password ...Using Cpanel Or WHM Thank you in Advance
  8. M

    Email pipe to PHP script not getting whole string if email exceeds 1MB

    Hello, I am using cPanel Pipe to function to my PHP script using the modified following code to insert email to mysqli: It's working fine. But the problem is if the email attachments crosses 1MB then PHP is...
  9. R

    Problem sending email to office 365 users

    Good morning I have a VPS from where I send emails to my clients and suppliers and I am receiving an error to send to more than 2 recipients who have their emails with office 365, the error I receive is the following: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<[email protected]>: 452...
  10. R

    Email Queue Runtime

    Hello, I have a VPS from there I send emails to my clients and suppliers, I realized that when I send emails to my office 365 clients and suppliers, it shows me the following message: ": 452 4.5.3 Too many recipients (AS780090) [
  11. R

    Problems sending email to office 365 email accounts

    Hello, I have the following problem, I have a VPS and I am having problems sending emails to Microsoft Office 365 users, whenever I send email it shows me the following message: Example 1: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451 4.7.500 Server busy. Please try again later...
  12. A

    Suggestion: Opt out from WHM server email notification

    Hello, I am not sure if this already suggested in the past so please accept my apologies. As sometimes we no longer manage the cPanel server and can't contact the owner or new server administrator but we still receive the notification from the WHM since our email listed in the Contact...
  13. M

    maillog - any tips for maillog showing continual login and then instant logout from end user?

    A current email user is having some issues they can't seem to log in to their emails. Checking the various /var/log files comes up with maillog showing lots and lots of these: /var/logs/maillog Apr 14 13:37:37 servername dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<[email protected]>, method=PLAIN...
  14. A

    Importing 10GB Mbox format Email

    Hi, We have exported GMail backup, the backup format is Mbox and the size is almost 10GB. We want to import it to our cPanel E-mail Account. As I can see in the roundcube import option, the maximum upload size is 2GB. In the tweak setting also, the Maximum upload size we can do is 2GB. So is...
  15. S

    rpcbind - lfd excessive resource email

    Could be coincidental, but lfd excessive resource email started at the same time cPanel updated to 110.0.1 today. lfd on Excessive resource usage: rpc (676 (Parent PID:676)) Time: Tue Apr 4 16:35:31 2023 -0600 Account: rpc Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 19867 > 1800 (seconds)...
  16. M

    How can I know if a user is connecting to email correctly using SSL on IMAP and/or POP3

    Hello, I recently had a problem with the SSL certificates of one of my cPanel accounts because the AutoSSL feature couldn´t renew the certificates due to a blockage caused by the Cloudflare proxy. So I ended purchasing a SSL certificate from PositiveSSL for the hostname which...
  17. H

    554 Message rejected: Email address is not verified - AmazonSES

    I have created followed to implement AmazonSES but the issue I face now is that any emails that are being forwarded use those emails as the sender. Example [email protected].com send me an email to [email protected] AmazonSES will reject...
  18. M

    Where are INBOX based emails stored? Is this system flexible to having new files added?

    In relation to my Backup question here: New Thread - How to restore email backup without overwriting more recent emails? We're using maildir storage mechanism: 1) Is emails sitting in the INBOX folder found in the /cur folder of the email address? e.g...
  19. M

    How to restore email backup without overwriting more recent emails?

    We had an issue today and someone who was not familiar with the WHM / CPanel system has deleted all INBOX messages older than 1 year for a client account email address . We have a backup for yesterday (21st March) and have this backup to hand, as a tar.gz file. I want to double check the...
  20. T

    Sites not sending email unless php-fpm is enabled?

    Strange thing. Multiple sites stopped sending emails. An example error message from WP and Gravity forms was "WordPress was unable to send the notification email. Could not instantiate mail function." This goes away if php-fpm is enabled on the account. Some setting I'm missing somewhere...