1. USA_Webmaster

    SOLVED Hide / Remove / Disable "The Horde webmail application…" Banner??

    Please advise, How do I system-wide hide, remove and disable this yellow banner for all cPanel users? I have WHM access and am prepared to log into PuTTY to execute a command. I do not want cPanel users to have to click the "X" button or to even read this banner. "The Horde webmail application...
  2. O

    Emails sent from Horde are getting blocked but emails sent from email client work fine

    Emails sent from my email client has been generally reliable. However, when sending emails from Horde (accessed by www.domain.com/webmail) some recipients don't receive the emails (particularly some @outlook.com email addresses). This is the error message I got from outlook.com: "Unfortunately...
  3. C

    Horde to RoundCube migration issue

    During the migration from Horde to RoundCube all of a user's email that was in the trash folder was placed back in the inbox. Any idea why this happened? It only happened to one user.
  4. D

    Hide the deprecated Horde notice and the Elevate to AlmaLinux 8 notices

    Is there a way to hide or suppress for a period of time these two notices in the WHM. They take up a lot of page real estate, especially on a small device. Why aren't they just appearing in the standard notifications at the top of the page? Or at the very least put the Favorites and...
  5. cPRex

    Horde removal in version 108

    Horde support will be removed from cPanel & WHM starting with Version 108. This is because Horde does not support PHP 8.x, and PHP 7.4 reaches End of Life in November 2022. What does this mean for me or my customers that use Horde? Our Webmail offering will be focused on Roundcube going...
  6. S

    Horde Kronolith event invitations SMTP configuration

    Horde is pretty confusing to begin with. When using Kronolith (Calendar) to send out event invitations, Kronolith doesn't use the information in /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/config/conf.php to send out mail. Instead it tries to connect to on port 25 and send out unauthenticated...
  7. O

    Some emails not being delivered. How can I resend from Horde

    HI, I am using Horde at the moment on my server plus having the emails from this account forwarded to my ISP account which comes down to my desktop. I see many emails in the Horde account that never got to me Desk. How can I resend them to me. Thanks oz
  8. O

    Horde UI pop up overlay (z-index) issue on mobile browser

    I don't know if this is a correct place to ask. My clients are using webmail on mobile browser and they are using Horde interface. The problem is, they can't attach files or download the attachments because when they tap attachment, the side drawer comes into the screen and the drawer...
  9. JIKOmetrix

    Horde throws error opening message

    Hello, Horde is throwing an error when opening certain messages. I had an issue with roundcube earlier. You can see it here:SOLVED - Roundcube Webmail - error "Could not load message from server" I had to make a configuration change to $config['imap_disabled_caps'] = ['BINARY']; This allowed...
  10. DJPRMF

    SOLVED UPS-430 - Horde Webmail 5.2.22 - Account Takeover via Email

    Just to know if cPanel team is currently working in fix this issue (or is already fixed) https://blog.sonarsource.com/horde-webmail-account-takeover-via-email Thanks
  11. D

    Horde session timeout

    Hi, I haven't found solution in other forum topics. I know that is 3rd party software but maybe someone can help me with this problem. My Horde session is logging out clients after 10 minutes. I changed values in ./config.php ./config.xml restarted Apache and nothing other happen, still logs out...
  12. N

    Removing horde user entries when mariadb was in "upgrade mode"

    After yesterday updates from version to version I have an error message says: Removing horde user entries with blank password ... Cpanel::Exception::Database::Error/(XID nyqhva) The system received an error from the “MySQL” database “mysql”: CR_CONNECTION_ERROR (Can't...
  13. I

    In Progress CPANEL-38632 - Horde spell check stopped working

    It seems spell check in Horde stopped working recently. I found that /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/config/conf.php.rpmsave contained $conf['spell']['params']['path'] = '/usr/bin/hunspell'; Whereas /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/config/conf.php now had a blank value. I added the config line to...
  14. B

    Horde is unavailable while the system is being upgraded. Horde constantly in Maintenance Mode.

    Hello, The Horde Webmail of one of the accounts on a cPanel server is constantly in Maintenance Mode. This is the message when it's being accessed: Other accounts on the same server do not have this kind of problem at all and are able to access Webmail without problems. How can this be...
  15. A

    Horde shared Address Book sync.

    Hello, client export address book form horde mail account and there are mail account that are removed from account list in Email account's but they are still on address book. Is there any way or script that sync address book mail list with deleted mail account and how can we do that. Client has...
  16. L

    Horde is using the wrong email address, rebuild fails

    I have an account that changed its main domain. All is well, except when the user is sending mail via horde. In this case the from address is [email protected]. The old domain is long gone, so the message fails to deliver. I tried backing up the Sqlite database and running...
  17. T

    SOLVED What's the proper way to download Horde rpm?

    Hi, What's the proper way to download the Horde rpm? My goal is only to download only the package, not installing it, and then move it to another machine and there extract it, so I can confirm some Horde config files are exactly like the original ones, as for example, this files...
  18. F

    I have problem when exporting by horde

    Tengo problema al exportar por horde puedo exportar pero cuando la bandeja es muy pesada no permite descargar el mbox como puedo sacar una copia de dichos correos I have problem when exporting by horde I can export but when the tray is very heavy it does not allow to download the mbox as I...
  19. davetanguay

    Horde Move Message to Trash Default

    Within Horde, how do I turned on "Move deleted messages to your Trash mailbox instead of marking them as deleted in the current mailbox?" server-wide by default? I do have root access. Is it within /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/config/prefs.php somewhere?
  20. G

    Mail Composition: open all mailto links using Mail

    I'm currently using Horde eMail. Under: preferences > mail composition After clicking the LINK: "click here to open all mailto: links using Mail" I quickly realized I didn't want this on. It takes over ALL other programs: gMail and TopProducer (a REALTOR themed CMS) The PROBLEM: I cannot find a...