1. W

    Default Horde preferences.

    Hi, By default, When an email account is created, Horde sets emails that are deleted to get marked with a strikethrough as opposed to moving the item to the trash folder. This causes problems with older versions of outlook. How do I change the setting so that all new accounts would move...
  2. Hedloff

    Horde and Squirrelmail not accessible because of php-fpm limit

    Hello, Lately on some servers we had to restart cpanel php-fpm service because customers are reaching max_children setting limit (25): [02-Jun-2017 14:07:53] NOTICE: using inherited socket fd=1308, "/var/cpanel/php-fpm/username/sock" [13-Jun-2017 09:22:42] WARNING: [pool user_username] server...
  3. Masimo

    Problem deleting email horde webmail

    We have a problem on delete email on horde. Its just marked as removed, but still will be on box. Please have a look at attached screenshot.
  4. S

    How to mark a single message as Spam in Horde

    I was searching Google on how to mark an individual item as Spam in Horde using cPanel. The first query leads me to cpanel.net's e-mail discussion forum where someone asked the question and was told it wasn't possible. I figured I'd let you know that this is possible to do with Horde and...
  5. keat63

    Unable to scroll down in Horde

    Since last weeks update to 6.40.14 i'm unable to use cursor keys in Horde. Every morning. I use Horde on an account that's used only for logging. I would normally scroll through the hourly logs, using my keyboard cursor keys, however since the update last week, this no longer works. I know it's...
  6. J

    SOLVED How can I reset Horde database?

    Hi, All users have been getting the following message on Horder for a long time: A fatal error has occurred Horde_Prefs_Scope::serialize() must return a string or NULL Details have been logged for the administrator. How can I reset the user database? I don't care about existing data. I just...
  7. O

    Horde unable to send an email with an attachment over 1MB

    Having trouble after the upgrade to 62.0.2 with Horde unable to send large attachments. It spits out "only RSET accepted now". Apparently a Horde bug that has already been fixed by them - can we get this fix too? Link for reference...
  8. A

    Horde editor shows limited options

    Hi, I am trying to compose email in HTML format and for this I have enabled html composition in Horde. My issue is I can't get all HTML editor tools (default 3 rows html options). I can see only limited options to compose HTML just in one row. Please check attachments current.png (left...
  9. C

    Horde Bookmarks - non-functioning links

    CENTOS 7.2 x86_64 WHM 60.0 (build 15) Horde Groupware 5.2.14 When using Horde Webmail interface, and Horde Bookmarks, there are a couple of software/link issues: 1) On the far right, where the pencil and trash can icons are... The Pencil (edit) icon is correctly linked to...
  10. D

    Enabling fetchmail on Horde or Roundcube

    Hi, It seems that the fetchmail function has gone from Horde or Roundcube. Aside from yum install fetchmail does anyone knows how to reactivate this function in either of the webmail platforms?
  11. E

    Invalid Address in Horde after Email Restoration

    I have a peculiar problem. This relates to a server, say server.example.com A client [email protected] had deleted a few emails through Horde and therefore wanted a backup restore without losing the new emails. I rsynced the files from the cur folder in the backup to the cur folder in his...
  12. keat63

    Can't See Sub Directories in Webmail

    As a backup for important family emails, I created a new mailbox, and then configured this as IMAP on my email client and again on the wifes email client. Then each of us have our own sub folder inside the Imap inbox. Copy any emails you wish to retain, from each pop 3 account to the relevant...
  13. Islandhosting

    Since cPanel 58, messages sent from Horde have higher spam score

    We've been upgrading several servers one at a time to 58.x After upgrading each server, we start getting reports from users who use Horde webmail that they can't send (some) messages. According to the logs, it's because they are scoring too high in spam assassin and exceeding the score for...
  14. L

    Horde: couldn't open secure tls connection the server

    Hello, I am getting the following error while sending an email from Horde webmail client. ====== There was an error sending your message: could not open secure tls connection to the server Server details: Centos 6.7 WHM 58.0 (build 20)
  15. L

    Horde not authorized for Mail error

    I am getting following error while accessing the Horde webmail User [email protected] is not authorized for Mail I have tried updating cpanel /scripts/upcp and tried /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update_horde_config. But both options are not helped. Server : Centos 6 WHM : 58.0
  16. W

    Help - horde email handling advanced

    Is there a way to have a mailbox receive emails, record the sender, delete the email, at a certain time - send the data via email? I may need a paid upgrade - please provide a link I may need a custom script - if you can, or if you know a way, please provide a link I am interested in talking...
  17. J

    Security Alerts after editing Horde config

    I need to edit horde config to be able to view a preview of some files online -- instead of having to download it. However after this I get an email daily: The system detected problems with the following cPanel-provided files that the RPM controls: RPM Status Additional Information...
  18. J

    Horde Issue with Hostname

    I have an issue with horde not functioning properly on one of our shared servers its reporting an error with the hostname, see below: HTTP error 503 The service is unavailable. Horde is unavailable while the system is setting the hostname. I have already restarted Cpanel entirely and tried to...
  19. D

    Database Malformed Error From Horde On New Install

    I get a database malformed error when trying to create email accounts. Attached is the screenshot. The email account appears to create just fine, but it looks like the Horde sqlite database is corrupted and I can't figure out how to delete it / recreate it. Removing the horde RPMs and using...
  20. 4

    Horde DB conversion to SQLite failed - 11.50 update...

    I've noticed on a few of our servers we are seeing this conversion process fail. Checking the log reveals that in most cases all users were converted except one problem account as follows... [2015-06-23 10:40:44 +0100] warn [horde_mysqltosqlite] [uid=538] 1[2015-06-23 10:40:44 +0100] warn...