1. V

    How to Host Email Only on Server? is registered and parked at the domain registrar (R). I have a VPS server (S) with a cPanel account. What are the steps to host email on S but leave the domain parked on R? I know I need to add S's MX, SPF, and DKIM records to R. This article mentions adding an A record on R that...
  2. S

    Migrate database from shared hosting to AWS Lightsail with WHM

    Hi, I face a prblem for migrating a database around 200mb from shared hosting to my own AWS Lightsail with WHM My current shared hosting disable backup function in cPanel. I can only export it from phpmyadmin or request provider to do it. after i download the backup file, how do I import it...
  3. verdon

    Best practice for DMARC, DKIM, and SPF when hosting DNS and web, but email is at gsuite

    I'm getting more and more clients where the mail is being hosted on Google Apps or Outlook or Fastmail, etc, while I am hosting DNS and web. In these cases, what's the best practice for mail related records in DNS? 1) I've changed the SPF record to look something like this v=spf1...
  4. A

    Should it be safe to migrate all accounts from MariaDB 10.3 to MySQL 8 in a shared hosting environment?

    Hello, I need to migrate a CentOS 7 server to Almalinux 8 using the transfer tool. Unfortunately I have forgotten to set the desired rdbms (it would have been MariaDB 10.4) and now it's too late (MySQL 8 came by default and can't change to MariaDB any longer). 1. Should it be safe (I don't...
  5. C

    Hosting Custom Nameservers on Dedicated Server's WHM

    Hello, I'm trying to setup on own custom nameservers on my dedicated WHM server. 1) My domain is registered with namecheap. I've set up custom nameservers there 54.xx.yy.16 54.xx.yy.16 2) On WHM Home / Server Configuration / Basic WebHost Manager® Setup I've...
  6. M

    Wordpress specific hosting?

    Heyo, Looking through the Internets you see hosts advertise specific wordpress only hosting packages saying that those servers are geared and tweaked toward wordpress. Do they still use cPanel or some other hosting platform in the back end? If so, how can we make cPanel do that? We are...
  7. HostNoc

    HOSTNOC | Dedicated Server, Web Hosting, Managed Cloud and Server Management Solutions

    Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for IT services and getting below par service and products in exchange? Are you fed up with downtimes, delays and long waiting times to get your IT issues fixed? If yes, then HOSTNOC is a solution to all your problems. HOSTNOC is one of the leading IT...
  8. C

    Hosting Custom Nameservers on Dedicated Server's WHM

    Hello, 1) My nameserver's domain is registered on GoDaddy. Let's say 2) On GoDaddy I've created ns1 and ns2 and pointed to IP addresses on my dedicated server -> 123.456.789.111 -> 123.456.789.112 123.456.789.111 & 123.456.789.111 ar dedicated IPs...
  9. DigitalEssence

    Hosting Account Welcome Email's not sent on succesful create module run

    Hi, My Product Welcome Email is no longer being sent when I run the create module process even though the module runs successfully. I've checked in the product and my "Hosting Account Welcome Email" is set as the Welcome Email and the most recent module create in the Activity Log ran ok...
  10. Ashstyles

    How to restore backup after hosting expire?

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well! My web hosting is expired on July 1st, 2021. I want to restore the backup of my website. But, it gives an error that you didn't restore the backup. Is it possible to restore the backup and then update the web hosting? I need the cpanel professionals...
  11. S

    Canadian Dedicated Server Hosting?

    Hello, We are considering decommissioning our own servers and looking at other companies, but am wondering who would be a good Canadian based host as some of our clients require their data to be in Canada. Thanks,
  12. Ashstyles

    Hosting problem

    Hi everyone, i am using a website made on WordPress, But it's working slow. My user are complaining to me about this. Sometimes my Introduction and Contact page shows an error of "the page can't be reached". Kindly guide me with the solution. Should I change the hosting or not?
  13. Ashstyles

    How to change Hosting

    I want to change the hosting of my website REDACTED. Currently, I am using Bluehost but the speed of Bluehost is too slow that's why I want to move to another hosting server. I need Cpanel community help to recommend me some best hosting provider companies and how can I shift from one hosting to...
  14. Ashstyles

    What is the procedure of renewing web hosting?

    Hi I hope you’re all doing well Actually, I made a Vape review website last year and purchased web hosting for one year. Now my web hosting has expired and I want to renew it but I don’t know the procedure. Let me know the right procedure and help me out. Thanks!
  15. Ashstyles

    What is the Procedure of the web hosting?

    Hi I hope you’re all doing well Actually, I made a website last year and purchased web hosting for one year. Now my web hosting has expired and I want to renew it but I don’t know the procedure. Let me know the right procedure and help me out. Thanks!
  16. B

    hosting GO fastcgi webapp

    Dear All I have a user request to host a Go webapp. Most documentation about serving Go as cgi-bin. I tried it and it run as expected Is there any doc about hosting Go by way of FastCGI and/or Passenger? Sincerely -bino-
  17. risecompany

    PHP-FPM Pool options " Best Values " for Managing CPU Usage in Shared Hosting Environment

    Hi, We have a dedicated server 8 Core / 16 Thread with 16 GB RAM that manage 100 client . We need to decrease the load on processor use, Ram is not an issue to us! Our question here Which of the values below if we customized shall decrease the load on CPU ? need answer is it Max Requests ? is...
  18. mlopez

    Recommended hardware for 300 hosting accounts

    Hello, I'll need to host between 200 to 300 hosting accounts, most of them WordPress installations and and average of 20 email accounts each. Server should run DNS, mariadb, php7, exim, dovecot, spamd, etc. What would be the recommended hardware for that kind of load? Thank you in advance for...
  19. C

    Point subdomain to firebase hosting

    I have Godaddy hosting. My requirement is simple, I need to point to For that I have done these steps I verified the main domain with the txt entry. I also did a txt entry for that sub domain I created A records with the IP's provided by firebase where host is...
  20. 360webfirm

    Issue with OVH hosting and qemu agent

    Hello, CentOS 7 using C Panel and all updated version. I run a few servers from OVH hosting and use C Panel on all of them. Lately when I install a new server and set up, I have issues with the auto backup solution I also buy with their services. It halts the server and I cannot do anything...