1. pkiff

    Custom CSS in Jupiter for main cPanel interface - How to add your own stylesheet

    2 minutes ago I am sharing a (provisional, unapproved) method to add a custom stylesheet to the Jupiter theme used in the main cPanel interface. As of May 2023, cPanel (version 110.0.5 - RELEASE tier) does not provide an official, supported method to do this. Note: The Jupiter theme used in...
  2. pkiff

    Custom CSS in Jupiter for Webmail interface - How to add your own stylesheet

    I am sharing a (provisional, unapproved) method to add a custom stylesheet to the Jupiter theme used in the Webmail interface. As of May 2023, cPanel (version 110.0.5 - RELEASE tier) does not provide an official, supported method to do this. Note: The Jupiter theme used in the Webmail...
  3. StefanPejcic

    Link Inodes Usage in Jupiter Statistics section

    Hi, Im looking for a way to link the Inode Usage in the statistics sections to a custom plugin inodes/inodes.live.php Looking over the file /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/jupiter/tools/index.tt I cant trace where this text Is comming from to link it as other sections (app links) addon...
  4. shenzy

    cPanel Jupiter with Old Icons - Easy

    I still don't understand why it takes so long to generate a "Jupiter" with the Papaer latern style icons. :rolleyes: Lots of customers were complaining about the ugly Jupiter, so I had to start looking for solutions, and a few minutes ago I found this: Checking my server I found that the old...
  5. S

    In Progress CPANEL-41664 - Username missing on Jupiter top bar

    As I work more with Jupiter, I keep finding missing stuff. Here's a very obvious one: when you are logged into cPanel, you don't know which username you are logged in as, except on the home "Tools" page. With Paper Lantern, you could see the username at the top right on every window. This is...
  6. S

    cPanel Jupiter custom theme - any available?

    I'd like to know if there are any commercially available custom themes for cPanel Jupiter. Related questions: does cPanel still allow the creation of commercial themes? Are there any new restrictions in place that would prevent from developing such a product? With the number of customers that...
  7. S

    In Progress CPANEL-42629 - Jupiter left hand column - add and remove

    What makes stuff appear in the left column of Jupiter? Initially there is the Tools menu, which is a "home" link of sorts. But I can see that some plugins, like Softaculous, can insert themselves there. How is this configured? Can we add what we want there, and how?
  8. Nathan Lyle

    How to remove Juipter spam popup?

    So the links to the cpanel sites were removed from the prominent menu location, which was good, but now there's a huge pop-up linking away from the cpanel screen? Who asked for this? A large number (if not a majority) of people using cPanel are hosting providers and resellers, not direct...
  9. S

    Jupiter - order of cPanel sections

    How do we reorder sections in cPanel with Jupiter? I have a plugin (Kopage site builder) that used to be at the bottom of cPanel and is now at the top, in its own section. I’d like to leave it last and possibly move it to “Software”.
  10. Nathan Lyle

    Finally forced into Jupiter, not a happy camper

    With my latest server upgrades I'm finally stuck being forced to use the Jupiter theme. I am extremely unhappy with it. The icons are HORRIBLE. The options are extremely limited compared to what was available before. I'd customized my cPanel and was happy with the matching branding, but now am...
  11. L

    Disable Jupiter welcome screen

    As the title suggests how can we disable the Jupiter welcome/popup Onboarding Assistant screen for all existing users and for new users. I found this below but it does not appear to work with Jupiter? https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/1500003214441
  12. Islandhosting

    "Domains" icon missing from Jupiter

    Hello, I know that under Jupiter some of the domain related tools have merged under the single "Domains" icon, but that icon is missing entirely for me. So I thought maybe I needed to explicitly enable it in the features list, but there is no such option in there (there are, however, still...
  13. anton_latvia

    Working with multiple domains in new Jupiter theme

    Hello Developers. I would like to share my suggestions on UI for managing addon, alias and subdomains (now called just "Domains") page. If you could improve these things - it would greatly make our life easier. I hope my screenshots are clear and useful.
  14. C

    SOLVED WEEBLY icon link and Jupiter theme

    Would anyone have any info to share with me on why the Weebly link does not work (at least for my servers) in the Jupiter theme? It works fine in Paper_Lantern, but with that theme on the list to be removed... we are facing a bit of a dilemma. I've compared the links...
  15. J

    Jupiter custom css/stylesheet

    Hi everyone. How do we add custom css to the Jupiter theme? We need to remove a few sections in the webmail interface which we currently do with paper lantern styles.css. What's the equivalent way in Jupiter? Thanks
  16. S

    SOLVED How to customize Jupiter Tools?

    I have created a mail server with cPanel. Whenever I log in to a user's cpanel from whm I want to only see the email section under tools. Everything else is clutter. Is there a way to hide everything but email tools?
  17. S

    What happens to accounts that use Paper Lantern after it's removed

    We host hundreds of accounts. If we don't go in and change the cPanel theme on each account, what happens when Paper Lantern is removed in favor of the new Jupiter theme? Is there a single "mass update" process that can update every hosted account to use a specified theme?
  18. U

    Jupiter gets worst not better

    What are you doing to the Jupiter WHM? We've now got a dodgy scroll bar with borders on the side menu, it looks like something from the 90s, I guess that's to fit in with the 80s icons. What's it for? Scroll bars only appear when scrolling, why is the menu in a frame? I appreciate the nav...
  19. M

    SVG logo not displaying in Chrome or MS Edge

    I really hope someone can help and provide some guidance please. After just recently updating to WHM/cPanel 106.0.4 and seeing more consistent warnings about Paper Lantern being removed soon, I decided to finally bite the bullet and switch all accounts to the newer Jupiter theme. One thing I...
  20. K

    In Progress CPANEL-41370 - remove Remote Mysql link and icon from cpanel in jupiter

    How can we get rid of the the Remote MySQL icon and link in cpanel when we use jupiter? We do not allow remote mysql. Was no problem getting rid of all icons and links in cpanel interface we did not need, in paper lantern, but how can we do it in jupiter?