1. spaceman

    Seeking recommendations for a good log file analyser for WHM servers

    So many log files, so little time! o_O https://docs.cpanel.net/knowledge-base/cpanel-product/the-cpanel-log-files/ There's so much great information stored in log files, brilliant for troubleshooting server and website errors, problems, etc. But if (like me) you're not working with log files...
  2. baronn

    Update Logwatch

    Hey Guys, So followed this: https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/360058470773-How-To-Set-Up-Logwatch-On-A-cPanel-Server- to add logwatch to some servers last dec 2021. only just realised that for what ever reason it isntalled v 7.4.0 when v 7.5.2 was avliable at the time. How do I...
  3. I

    In Progress CPANEL-40281 - Logwatch issue with cPanel on Ubuntu

    Hi, I just got Ubuntu 20 and set it up with cPanel. I found one issue with package dependencies when trying to install logwatch: root@server:~# apt install logwatch Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following package was automatically...
  4. D

    Undeliverable Logwatch emails: message has lines too long for transport

    Hi We are now no longer receiving log watch emails correctly. I use outlook as mail client and see the below email being received suddenly for x 2 servers from logwatch. It no longer shows logs correctly. Both servers are WHM running latest version of WHM and running on centos 7 . Can any one...
  5. C

    logwatch report on Sudo (secure-log)

    Hi, I notice my logwatch reported the following: --------------------- Sudo (secure-log) Begin ------------------------ wp-toolkit => root ------------------ /bin/cat - 52 Time(s). /bin/sh - 5 Time(s). /bin/test - 28...
  6. Masimo

    Very strange error on logwatch about network

    I have an strange error on my server logwatch, also when i start csf service, server going down immediately. This server worked fine for more than 5 years, with same configuration! dmesg -c [ 140.330455] __ratelimit: 640 callbacks suppressed [ 140.330541] Redirect from on eth0 about...
  7. D

    Logwatch failed to complete successfully

    I've found this thread that explains my issue, and shows how to 'fix' it: Logwatch Issue? However, one of the cPanel members suggested that if the logwatch directories are consecutive and recent, then the issue should be looked into further. This is the case for my directories - it is...
  8. T

    Named Erros in Logwatch

    Hi Guys, New WHM / Cpanel install on CENTOS 6.4 i686. I never saw any of these on my old server Logwatch reports hundreds of erros ....see below for sample....I have attached the full report too in case that was needed..... Can someone please explain what all these errors mean and what...
  9. J

    Logwatch output disappeared

    The logwatch daily email used to be around 12-15kb and, since the 6th August, the size has dropped to 2kb and the only section that is shown is the disk space output. I can't find any relevant updates on the 6th (just some nss and initscripts updates) so I'm puzzled what has changed. As I...
  10. A

    Need to know if Logwatch is installed on my server

    It says that Logwatch is already installed on most cPanel servers, but it seems not to be the case for my server. /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf is empty or is a new file, and using locate logwatch.conf shows no result. How can I verify if Logwatch is installed? :o I have...
  11. J

    ATD Entry in Logwatch

    Hello, I've started seeing the following entry in the Logwatch email I get every day, and it's only appeared in the past week or so. --------------------- pam_unix Begin ------------------------ atd: ************Unknown Entries: ************************session closed for user root: 1...
  12. C

    Logwatch Issue?

    I keep getting these emails: /etc/cron.daily/0logwatch: You have old files in your logwatch tmpdir (/var/cache/logwatch): logwatch.8tI2nN logwatch.iNqy2 logwatch.7dr logwatch.RcY2l logwatch.DgvxB5 logwatch.JK3Row logwatch.eJ_ZEF...
  13. J

    Problem installing Logwatch

    When trying to install Logwatch I get the following: Source: fastest CPAN mirror ... Date::Manip is up to date. (6.30) ###@### [/######]# yum install logwatch Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, security Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile Setting up Install Process Resolving...
  14. Y

    Logwatch configuration

    Are there any changes to the Logwatch shipped by cPanel (compared to the standard version)? According to the man pages for Logwatch (and it works on my non-cPanel servers), you can create local configs in /etc instead of /usr so they will not be overwritten by yum. However, it does not appear to...
  15. D

    Cleaning up the LogWatch reports

    One of the errors I see most in my logwatch reports is "Id "S0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes". Could you help me try to fix that? Here's my inittab: # # inittab This file describes how the INIT process should set up # the system in a certain run-level...
  16. P

    logwatch and scripts/upcp reports not being delivered

    Hello: I have a new install and I am not receiving the daily logwatch and /scripts/upcp emails that I get from my other servers. Is there something I need to do to enable these?
  17. X

    logwatch errors message

    am getting lot of errors lines like this: network unreachable resolving '': 2001:dc0:1:0:4777::140#53: 1 Time(s) any idea how to fix this?
  18. A

    errors in logwatch

    Hi the logwatch sent this morning at 1 a.m has lots of errors I have never seen these before please see errors below Thanks in advance for your help Audrey MAIL sending errors 67 Time(s) **Unmatched Entries** error: Job execution of per-minute job scheduled for 09:44 delayed into...
  19. DigiCrime

    Backup, Cpupdates and logwatch

    Used to get these reports but I haven't seen them lately in my inbox and I don't see any errors in messages or exim_mainlog just as if it stopped. Where do I check
  20. BlackRain

    Logwatch Not Updating to Version 7.3.6

    Current Setup: Current Version of Logwatch Installed: When I tried yum update Logwatch to the latest version 7.3.6 it doesn't work. Here is my current yum.conf What am I doing wrong?