1. P

    How Does Backup Works on the Mail Node?

    Hi, We are planning on implementing Mail Node. If we use WHM's Backup/Restore function, will this also back up the Mail Node accounts? If yes, where will it store the backup file of the Mail Node - parent or mail node server? So we can plan on which server (parent or mail node) should we add...
  2. S

    Return address on Mail list

    I have used mail list the past and they were all set up so that when anyone replied to the list the reply goes to everyone on the list. For those instances this works well but now want to set up a mail list that if someone replies the reply only goes to one or two selected addresses (the...
  3. T

    About iOS/iPadOS Push Notifications for native Mail App/Client

    More than 6 years ago (23-02-2017), cPanel implemented this feature for all cPanel Servers, the way cPanel implemented forced to every server owner to have a Apple Computer with a compatible OS to run macOS Server, buy the macOS Server App to get the APN Certs, export them and install it on you...
  4. T

    Subject in Mail Delivery Reports

    Hi, Within mail delivery reports is there anyway to show the subject for messages? It would make it easier for our less technical staff to locate email rather than having to look through the exim system logs. We've looked for various third-party adding's but cannot locate any. Obviously, if...
  5. I

    How to modify exim mail queue and increase concurrent emails

    Hello, By default I think exim sends 1 email and then checks another email. I'm seeking for a modification to change this behavior to like this: change 1 email to 10 or 100. Is that possible to do so?
  6. R

    Forwards not working and exim mainlog not logging incoming mail.

    So a customer has a domain, lets call it Now he has created forwarders and every mail send to [email protected] is automatically forwarded to [email protected] and [email protected]. This has been working for a long time, but suddenly it's not working anymore. Mails send directly to...
  7. E

    Receiving mail on DNSOnly "The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for “cpanel” on “” will expire in less than 30 days.

    Hello, I have received two mails 1. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for “cpanel” on “” will expire in less than 30 days. Should I install manually this certificate now? 2. I have recived also this email Should I install manually this certificate? Best regards, Elizabeta
  8. A

    Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scrip - Can't Delete Mailbox

    Hi. I did a test and used the Automatic Configuration Scrip to configure a test mailbox on a iPhone 6s. The script worked. But.... It leaves the script info under Settings. When I deleted the script information it deleted the mailbox. So, I ran the script again and re-installed the mailbox...
  9. A

    Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts

    Hi, in Webmail under "Other Webmail Features/Configure Mail Client/Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts"..... why is there a script option for Windows Live Mail? Windows Live mail was discontinued in 2014. Does this script work with the newer Windows Mail or other mail clients like Outlook?
  10. ewerton.sanches

    AutoSSL Mail Node

    Good afternoon! I'm having trouble performing autossl on my exclusive Mailnode server! When attempting to generate a certificate, it simply doesn't react at all. I'm seeking help to understand what might be causing this issue and how I can correct it. Here are some screenshots that show the...
  11. H

    Unsuspension user mail accounts.

    whmapi1 --output=jsonpretty unsuspend_outgoing_email user=myusr is throwing the error ""reason" : "API failure: (XID v96tkp) You do not have a user named “myuser”."". The strange i found is whmapi1 --output=jsonpretty suspend_outgoing_email user=myusr is working fine. For suspension...
  12. R

    Failed to Receive Mail from A Client

    Hello Everyone, I have a client from Italy suddenly cannot send email to me and he receives a bound back immediately stating "550 5.1.1 invalid destination domain". However, I can receive mail sent from other clients. So is it the problem of his side? Thank you!
  13. M

    Packages sync with Mail Node

    Hello, I have configured a main server with a mail node, how can I get the packages from the main server to synchronize with the mail node? Best Regards
  14. J

    Mail messages disappeared

    Hi, I'm having problems with my emails. The mailbox in question takes up about 1.2 GB of space on the server, but both from webmail and from the browsers I use (thunderbird on pc and IOS mail on mobile) they don't see all the mails. Furthermore, on a weekly basis, i.e. every Saturday, the emails...
  15. B

    mail queue sending to root@hostname for imunifyav

    Hello, i am seeing hundreds of emails being sent at root@hostname like this in the Queue manager: Date:Fri, 14 Jul 2023 08:45:01 -0400 From:"(Cron Daemon)" <[email protected]> To:[email protected] Subject:Cron <root@server> /opt/imunify360/venv/share/imunify360/scripts/purge-clamav >...
  16. A

    Mail Queue Manager - Forward Message Option

    We have a bunch of messages in the Mail Queue Manager which are frozen. They are being sent to [email protected]. We don't have a forwarding address set up for Root at this time. I would like to see an option to where I can forward one of the messages in the Mail Queue Manager to one...
  17. leonep

    mail routing default

    hello , i like to have automatically detect Configurarion for mail routung setting when i create an account. is it possibile ? thanks
  18. D

    Spam sent from standard node via distributed mail account

    Hello. We've a standard node for web hosting with a linked mail node. From one of the distributed mail accounts some spammer is using standard node SMTP in order to send spam. We've changed passwords and restarted Exim and Dovecot but immediately continues sending. As their are using standard...
  19. A

    SMTP Port 465 works for Outlook but not iPhone. Also Outlook wont connect using TLS.

    When I configure mail on an iPhone it defaults to SMTP Port 587. This works. I go back in and change the SMTP Port to 465 but it will just spin and spin trying to verify the settings but never resolves. I am able to configure a new mailbox in Outlook using SMTP Port 465 just fine. Although...
  20. A

    Domain - Email Forwarding Only - Junk Mail Folder

    Hi, If we have a domain that is configured to forward emails only. No Mailbox. Does SpamAssasin scan and tag emails that are being forwarded? For example, if the domain is, and email forwarding is set to [email protected] forwards to [email protected] will SpamAssasin tag and...