1. T

    Issues ever since I updated to MariaDB 10.6

    Ever since I updated MariaDB, I have been having issues every now and then with queries getting stuck and breaking the website for everyone. What happens is that there is some intensive or problematic query that's started, the /tmp drive gets full (immediately), the query gets stuck, and then...
  2. K

    Server Migration from MySQL 8 to MariaDB 10.x

    I am planning to migrate a server running CloudLinux v7.9 and MySQL 8.0 to another server running MariaDB 10.x (preferably 10.6) using WHM Transfer Tool. Is it possible without problems due to compatibility issues with mysql 8 and mariadb 10.6? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. P

    almalinux 9 install not installing mariadb 10.6

    doing a fresh install on a almalinux 9 server I created the file cpanel_profile/cpanel.config mysql-version=10.6 but the install load mysql 8, not mariadb 10.6 created that same file on a almalinux 8 server and the install worked just fine and it loaded mariadb 10.6
  4. R

    Random Database Errors Following MySQL Governor Uninstallation and MariaDB Upgrade

    Hello everyone, I am encountering an issue with my database and need your assistance. Initially, I had MySQL Governor installed alongside MariaDB 10.5. I decided to uninstall MySQL Governor, which seemed to proceed without any issues. Subsequently, I navigated to the WHM menu option to upgrade...
  5. A

    Should it be safe to migrate all accounts from MariaDB 10.3 to MySQL 8 in a shared hosting environment?

    Hello, I need to migrate a CentOS 7 server to Almalinux 8 using the transfer tool. Unfortunately I have forgotten to set the desired rdbms (it would have been MariaDB 10.4) and now it's too late (MySQL 8 came by default and can't change to MariaDB any longer). 1. Should it be safe (I don't...
  6. E

    How to load MariaDB 10.3 on a WHM system with MySQL 8.0?

    My server company has installed WHM with MySQL 8.0 and is not responding to my request to change this to MariaDB 10.3. Is it possible for me to do this? Is there a way to achieve this without a WHM reinstall? Can I just reinstall WHM from the current setup so that the DB server gets changed to...
  7. spaceman

    How to make MariaDB 10.11 available on supported OS?

    I notice on this page: ...that MariaDB 10.11 is supported by cPanel on both AlmaLinux 8 and CloudLinux 8. I've got one of each of the above servers (and other older ones too), but...
  8. spaceman

    MariaDB upgrade from 10.3 to 10.5 or 10.6?

    I'm getting closer to upgrading from MariaDB 10.3 to either 10.5 or 10.6 on a couple of busy shared servers, one running CL 7.9 and the other CL 8.8. Assuming that: 1. We've taken all the normal precautions, like backing up the database first, in case we need to restore it. 2. We have enough...
  9. WebHostPro

    SOLVED Can you restore a backup with Maria DB MariaDB 10.6 to a server with MySQL 8.0?

    I have new servers that are forced to use MySQL 8.0. How can I migrate and restore accounts that currently use Maria DB MariaDB 10.6? There's no option that I can find to change Maria 10.6 to MySQL 8 Thank you!
  10. spaceman

    SOLVED Will WHM Transfer Tool work if source server is MariaDB 10.5 and target is MariaDB 10.3?

    Hi All, Question: Will WHM Transfer Tool work if source server is running MariaDB 10.5 and target is 10.3? Scenario: I've got two busy multi-tenant servers both running MariaDB 10.3. I've like to upgrade one of them to 10.5 (or 10.6), knowing there's a small possibility that older sites MIGHT...
  11. spaceman

    Selling API access to MariaDB data. Any experiences/recommendations to share?

    Hi All, I have a prospective opportunity to sell data to others from one of our MariaDB databases. What I *don't* want to do is to custom develop an API solution, including all the management of the monitoring, and recurring billing, etc. What I *do* want to do/find is a good SaaS solution to...
  12. U

    MariaDB database files

    My server went down and hosting company issued me a new VPS, I had MariaDB version 10.7 on my server. I have a full Cpanel account backup, but where can I find MariaDB SQL database file of my wordpress website? I searched for /home/username/mysql but nothing found, after finding it how can I...
  13. D

    /var/run/mysqld/ does not get created after reboot

    Hey. We've run into a strange problem lately and we can't figure out what the problem is. On all of our servers that run cPanel and CloudLinux, the /var/run/mysqld/ directory does not get created during a reboot. MariaDB is configured to use /var/run/mysqld/ as the pid file (which is...
  14. B

    MariaDB and System Resolved process tracking

    I keep getting alerts from CSF saying that MariaDB and System Resolved are using excessive resources (running for longer than the threshold). I have added them to the Process Ignore list: exe:/usr/sbin/mariadbd exe:/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-resolved But no luck. Interestingly, I never had to...
  15. W

    Migration from Centos 7 with Mariadb 10.5 to Ubuntu 20.04 with Mysql 8

    I have read that Ubuntu 20.04 comes installed with MYSQL 8 and Cpanel only supports that. My origin server is currently running Mariadb 10.5 (10.6 is the latest) and i plan to use the transfer tool to move each account to the new Ubuntu server with MYSQL 8. Will I have any issues with this...
  16. bloatedstoat

    CL6 with MariaDB 10.3 migrating to CL8 with mySQL 8.

    Hello, I'm prepping for a migration from our trusty CL6 server to a shiny new Almalinux/CL8 server. The cPanel versions are identical, however the database on the source server is MariaDB 10.3 and the out of the box install provisioned to us has mySQL8. I've read on here about removing mySQL8...
  17. W

    Upgrade MySQL 5.7 to MariaDB 10.6

    I want to upgrade my server from MySQL 5.7 to MariaDB 10.6 i want to confirm that if i upgrade it how much time it takes and can i faced any problem after upgradtion. i have 150+ website hosted on my server.
  18. A

    Upgrade MariaDB 10.3 to 10.6

    Hi, I read that MariaDB 10.3 will reach end of life on 25 May 2023. What does that imply? No more updates for this version? We are planning to perform upgrade to 10.6 next month. Is there anything important to take note? Do we need to rewrite some queries? How long does the upgrade takes? If...
  19. T

    MariaDB repo - [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 404 - Not Found

    Any idea on how to resolve this?
  20. A

    What version of MariaDB on AlmaLinux 8 is recommended to migrate from MySQL 5.7?

    Hello, I need to migrate a shared hosting server (with many accounts on it) with MySQL 5.7 / CentOS 7. From what I read, migrating them to MySQL 8 is not recommended due to significant differences between 5.7 and 8.0 so I believe I will install cPanel with MariaDB. Any recommendation for the...