1. rivermobster

    Memcached (again?!?)

    I have only WordPress sites on my server. The server Currently is configured with CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD kvm and WHM/cPanel. Everything is on PHP 8.1. I had my host install Memcached, as a solution the error message WordPress throws, "a persistent object cache should be used". After...
  2. SimpleTechGuy

    Recommended memcached installation method for multi-user support

    Hi, I've got a server with about 9 or 10 wordpress installations; looking at memcached as an object caching solution but still a little unclear on the proper method of installation. The goal is to have memcached working for all of the wordpress based user accounts. From what I can tell it...
  3. J

    memcached Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 2753146

    Hello, cpanel+cloudlinux -Getting an email from CSF about high Memcached usage - Time: Sat Mar 13 20:02:15 2021 +0200 Account: memcached Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 2648865 > 1900 (seconds) Executable: /usr/bin/memcached Command Line: /usr/bin/memcached -u memcached...
  4. S

    memcached or ea-memcached

    I've searched and read through all the forums, etc and also gone back and forth with CloudLinux, but can anyone confirm: Should we be installing and running ea-memcached from the EA4 Experimental repo (last updated 2019-6-25) or relying on the CentOS 7 memcached (based on 1.4)...
  5. Spirogg

    memcached or Redis in cpanel with LiteSpeed web server what's best with LiteSpeed ?

    hello, how can I install memcached on cPanel with LiteSpeed and cloudlinuxOS cantos 7 I use 2 sites: on this server 1. Xenforo v2.2 latest and I just setup LiteSpeed and they have a plugin for Xenforo forum that I got working. so not sure if memcached will help with this site as well? 2. I...
  6. A

    PHP Warning: Module 'memcached' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

    Started getting this error recently: PHP Warning: Module 'memcached' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 Here is where memcache is being referenced. What could be the issue? [root@server1 ~]# grep memcache -R /opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/etc...
  7. D

    Memcached and redis on a per user socket

    Hi, I need some help with memcached and redis on a cPanel + CloudLinux + LiteSpeed VPS. How do I configure them to run as a socket and each user has their separate socket? For example, user1 will run Memcached on this socket: /home/username1/.memcached/memcached.sock User2 on this...
  8. C

    In Progress CPANEL-34948 - Upon install of PHP-memcache in Module Installers, the version of PHP-memcached in "Search Modules" shows memcache's version

    Also it shows up with a wrong version number! WARNING: channel "" has updated its protocols, use "pecl channel-update" to update pecl/memcached can optionally use PHP extension "igbinary" (version >= 2.0) pecl/memcached can optionally use PHP extension "msgpack"...
  9. L

    Memcached server per user

    Hi, I'm looking forward to develop an cPanel extension (app) that would allow to allocate some unique memcached space to the end user. For example, you could set how much memory you would allocate per hosting plan and each user will have an instance of its own (so it won't be shared through the...
  10. J

    Memcache for 7.2 +

    Hello, Is the memcache is available for 7.2 + php ? I see all the threads available is older and no new updates are available so far. Let me know if it is available.
  11. E

    SOLVED module installer cannot install memcached due to failure to locate libmemcached despite it being installed

    1. Installed memcached via PHP Pecl Module Installer for PHP 7.3, no problem 2. Did yum install libmemcached as root, installed OK (black terminal screen below) 3. Install memcached via PHP Pecl fails due to it not being able to find libmemcached. If I knew precisely what command was being...
  12. inteldigital

    Running LiteSpeed on CentOS 7 how do I install memcached? Through EA4?

    I've just moved over to Litespeed within WHM as I primarily run Wordpress websites, I want to install memcached or redis, but I'm unsure how. Do I do this through EA4 or do I have to run this through yum etc. ? If so, how do I access this from WHM after installation, or do I not?
  13. JIKOmetrix

    Help to install PECL memcached module

    Hello, I have installed memcached on a server and am now trying to install PECL memcached module. Pear is installed and works however when I try to install pecl modules I get command not found. [root@host86 ~]# pear install memcached No releases available for package...
  14. M

    SOLVED [EA-8224] EA4 Experimental PHP Memcached Extensions Stop Working After Latest Update

    ea-php71-php-memcached-3.0.2-1.1.229.cpanel.x86_64 ea-php56-php-memcached-2.2.0-1.4.225.cpanel.x86_64 ea-php70-php-memcached-3.0.2-1.5.220.cpanel.x86_64 On the most recent update, memcached is no longer working via the EA4 experimental packages. Memcache works, but not the above provided...
  15. C

    Excessive resource usage: memcached

    Hello, Need help in resolving this issue. Just setup a new VPS with 5 cpus and 5GB of RAM running PHP 7.1 and php-fpm and MySQL 5.6.39. We have been receiving an hourly email notification from the server about excessive resource usage of memcached. Following is the email we receive: Subject...
  16. M

    memcached suspicious process running under user

    I've manually added memcached to my cpanel and now I get a ton of email about... lfd on server: Suspicious process running under user xxxxxx I would like to stop these constant every minute emails. Between PHP and memcached sending email it can fill a 250 MB email account in a mere few days.
  17. M

    SOLVED [EA-8302] memcache/memcached extensions for PHP 7.2 and 7.3

    I'm looking for updated instructions for installing memcached on EA4 and PHP7.2. So far I keep running into really old posts here dating back to 2011 in some cases. I'm looking for 2018 information. Being I've found the Memcached PECL file supports PHP 7.2 but it just creates a long string of...
  18. I

    What are the current instructions for installing memcached?

    I've been attempting to get Memcached working. The server has Centos6.9, with WHM/CPanel. Using PHP 7.0. I did the EasyApache side of things, but I gather that leaves out the PHP side. All the threads I've found on this subject, with instructions, are from 2010, a few from 2013. I suspect...
  19. vikelidiskostas

    SOLVED Memcached systemd file

    Hello, I have installed memcached: [root@server ~]# rpm -qa |grep memcac ea-php56-php-memcached-2.2.0-1.4.119.cpanel.x86_64 libmemcached-1.0.18-1.3.4.cpanel.x86_64 ea-php56-php-memcache-2.2.7-1.3.118.cpanel.x86_64 ea-memcached-1.5.3-2.2.1.cpanel.x86_64 but occasionally after a cpanel update...
  20. C

    Different ways of installing memcached?

    I'd like somebody to explain me the difference between installing memcached for CentOS 7 and installing it from EasyApache4 experimental repo How to Install Memcached on CentOS 7 – Liquid Web Knowledge Base yum -y install memcached memcached -h systemctl start memcached MemcacheD in...