1. S

    WordPress protected pages and NGINX Caching

    Hi all I'm running a Apache server along with NGINX with Reverse Proxy for caching purposes. The server mainly hosts WordPress sites. A site owner has noticed users can access pages which are password protected via the basic page visibility feature (ref: How to Password Protect a WordPress...
  2. T

    How to show real client's IP in cPanel log when using Nginx proxy in front

    Hello, I have a domain, my Nginx proxy server's IP is A.A.A.A. I point to A.A.A.A and my Nginx proxy pass to my cPanel server. I already set "proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;" in vhost config on my proxy server. The apache logs showing client's real IP, but...
  3. O

    installing nginx with php on whm

    hi I want to install nginx and have it linked to php-fpm, i searched for the .sock files of the php-fpm processes and I was able to locate them but nginx was not able to read them, I think that is due to permission issues. I know my question has too moving parts, but I am wondering if I am...
  4. T

    How to overcome Add Expires Headers on a NGINX Server?

    As I understand cPanel supports some features on a NGINX Server. How to manage and solve Add Expires Headers in this case? Where to put ? location ~* \.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png)$ { expires 365d; } location ~* \.(pdf|css|html|js|swf)$ { expires 2d; } Verification shows very bad result Add...
  5. T

    [Centos 7.9] Elevate to AlmaLinux 8 / Nginx & NodeSource repo issues

    [ERROR] 1 package(s) installed from unsupported YUM repo 'nginx' from /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo [ERROR] 1 package(s) installed from unsupported YUM repo 'nodesource' from /etc/yum.repos.d/nodesource-el.repo [INFO] Unsupported YUM repo enabled 'EA4-experimental-c$releasever' without packages...
  6. D

    In Progress UPS-606 - nginx: [emerg] invalid value "0" in "http2" directive, it must be "on" or "off" in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:9

    Hello, Aug 9 2023 # server1 nginx failed to start nginx -t nginx: [emerg] invalid value "0" in "http2" directive, it must be "on" or "off" in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:9 nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed cpanel 112.0.5 on CloudLinux v8.8.0 STANDARD...
  7. S

    NGINX with Reverse Proxy and CSF settings

    Hi all I've recently installed NGINX with Reverse Proxy successfully. The server had ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) installed previous to this and I'm wondering are there any CSF setting that should be changed? For example the lfd average high load emails include an Apache status...
  8. N

    X-Cache-Status header to NGINX

    I have enabled X-Cache-Status header to NGINX with this cPanel support but I am getting header response in x-cache: MISS, Please let me know that how to enable HIT response?
  9. H

    Force NGINX WordPress site to use SSL

    I'm trying to figure out how to force a WordPress site running on NGINX in cPanel to only use SSL. I updated the sites nginx conf file with the following line shown in bold below: server { server_name; listen 80; listen [::]:80...
  10. A

    Nginx status cpanel/whm lastversion LTS

    hello, I have the following problem, I have a server with cpanel with a web server only under apache, sometimes when I renew a ssl the system issues it but before the domain does not recognize it I have managed to solve the error reinitiating the apache and reloading the dns zone...
  11. D

    using ModSec 3 with nginx rev proxy

    I will preface this with saying that to my knowledge, this problem started after upgrading to AlmaLinux 8 and/or enabling the nginx reverse proxy. Feeling that modsec 2 was not working, I followed the modsec 3 guide, found here...
  12. G

    Nginx cache configuration for logged-in WordPress users?

    I have a site where, with caching enabled, Nginx is causing problems with user sessions. If logged in and attempting to navigate to another page that was previously cached, it logs them out and takes them to a login screen or directs them to a cached, non-logged-in version of the page. With...
  13. A

    Make an exception for NGINX on specific files

    I have a wordpress site that is supported by cpanel and using nginx. It generally works fine, but I need to exclude a few xml files from nginx cache. I've excluded them perfectly from cloudflare and everything but NGINX insists on caching them for weeks on end. They are getting refreshed every...
  14. C

    Nginx cPanel dynamic caching

    Hi, On this relative small server with low activity and low visitors, I've using Engintron for years, and we want to try Nginx Manager insted because the clear caché function to users. We have removed Engintron and installed Nginx with the official manager. I've attached screenshots with the...
  15. S

    NGINX Manager uninstall Causes Apache Logging Problems?

    Hi, I installed NGINX back in October but it was causing a couple of sites problems and uninstalled it. I recently noticed that the Visitors log stopped working in October and hasn't displayed stats since, according to file dates. I didn't realize that NGINX possibly caused the problems until I...
  16. leonep

    SOLVED Nginx listening on IPv6 addresses

    Hi, I use nginx as reverse proxy and i want disable nginx listen on ipv6 for all users. in fact I disabled ipv6 on my server but i still have ipv6 visitors on websites. on default.conf i removed lines: listen [::]:80; listen [::]:443 ssl http2; running /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/ea-nginx config...
  17. H

    Nginx or Apache not working

    When enable nginx or apache website is throwing 404. but when we enable litespeed all are working. How to solve it on apache or nginx.
  18. Netcrusher

    Apache logging issues after NGINX Manager uninstall

    I noticed a few minutes ago, that on all my cPanel servers where I once had NGINX Manager installed, the folder /etc/apache2/logs/domlogs is filled with a lot of files having the filename as the visitors IP addresses. I reinstalled NGINX Manager, removed all files and they don't reappear. But...
  19. H

    Install NGINX on existing Apache

    Hi all, I have a VPS running Apache and WHM/cPanel with few dozen websites with databases (some static, some Worpdress and few custom CMS). Can I install NGINX on existing VPS without making a total disaster out of it? What to look out for? I was reading this, looks simple enough...
  20. M

    nginx 1.21.3 taking down all sites

    2022/09/30 00:40:18 [emerg] 20297#20297: unknown "cpanel_service_subdomain" variable 2022/09/30 00:40:19 [emerg] 20491#20491: unknown "cpanel_service_subdomain" variable 2022/09/30 00:40:38 [emerg] 21968#21968: unknown "cpanel_service_subdomain" variable 2022/09/30 00:41:09 [emerg] 1507#1507...