1. R

    Update DKIM to use Server Hostname

    I have just switched providers to AWS and I'm setting up emails to be sent from AWS. I've correctly setup SPF, DKIM, DMARC and rDNS, all confirmed to be fine but my emails continue to hit the recipient's spam. This wasn't the case on the previous host where the emails would deliver to the user's...
  2. B

    Some emails don't get forwarded, some do

    Hi, I set up a forwarder in my cPanel Webmail to forward all emails from Webmail to my Yahoo mail. However, some emails don't get fowarded (and I don't receive a failed delivery or bounce notification) while most of them do. What I've noticed so far is that emails from Gmail and Yahoo accounts...
  3. m.eid

    Recommended Exim managing practices

    Hi, I want to follow best practices to mange the email service offered for my clients, what do you recommend to do that? Is it recommended to change log scanner to "log_selector = +all" so we can trace all issues logged by exim? Is there any other configuration or such that we can enable or...
  4. N

    Email goes to spam folder on GMail

    Hi, im a System Administrator. i have setup WHM cPanel and tested all the domain and spf, dkim validated. email deliverability (whm) : all valid talosintelligence.com (cisco) : good mail-tester.com : 10/10 mxtoolsbox.com (mx lookup, blacklist, spf, dkim, dmarc): all good without warning...
  5. M

    Abuse notification received

    I have received an abuse notification for email spam. There is no unusual mail traffic on mail delivery report and when I checked exim maillog I notice this: 2019-05-28 18:36:20 1hVe9C-00026a-TV H=28.ip-51-77-xxx.eu (srver.example.net) [51.77.xxx.xx]:34796 Warning: "SpamAssassin as user1...
  6. cPanelResources

    Tutorial SMTP Restrictions (WHM) versus SMTP_BLOCK (CSF)

    Overview When attempting to secure your server against spam,you might consider enabling the SMTP Restrictions option in WHM or if you have the third-party ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) plugin, the SMTP_BLOCK feature. This article is designed to explain how these two services affect the...
  7. psytanium

    My server is sending spam

    Hi, My VPS server send spams what causes emails to stuck in Mail Queued, and recently I exceeded the SMTP Relays set to 5000 by godaddy, and they refused to temporary increase it. Anyway, how can I find the source of spam, it seems from my server (server.my-server.com). From Mail Queue Manager...
  8. S

    Locating Spam Issue

    Can anyone tell me how to find out spamming emails without opening it?
  9. A

    Prevent email forging / incoming email that seems to come from self

    In our server many email users (including me) find sometimes spam emails that seems to come from their own email address. Looking into the email headers it's obvious that these emails come from other servers (sometimes even the real email address can be found). Though that doesn't seem to be a...
  10. D

    Securing port 25 for Telnet

    After quite a lot of Googling, it left me even more confused, as a lot of contradicting info is out there. Problem: Anyone can connect to telnet port 25 and abuse internal mails (Relay access is not authorised) As an example if the server is hosting mails for xyz.tld: Anyone could send email...
  11. T

    System is sending Spam emails

    Hello, i noticed that [System] sending spam emails at .ru and .qq emails. I have lots of them at mail queue... So, i deleted them, but i want to find the reason... What caused these message... Thank you.
  12. V

    Prevent FROM address spoofing

    I noticed a huge number of spams being sent from my server which I figured must be coming from a compromised mail account. I changed the password and cleaned the queue after discovering it. This passed the spam filters. How can I prevent this in future? I think if I can force the "sender" and...
  13. petersphilo

    Spam email FROM address

    Hello all.. i have DKIM, SPF, and SpamAssassin enabled on all accounts, but i don't understand how emails like this one below are getting through... i'm afraid that, somehow, my server is acting as an open relay.. Here is an actual example of the headers of a spam/ransom message that got...
  14. J

    Prevent PHP Mail() from sending mails from identified emails

    Hello We have been facing alot of email spam issues and have been following logs to suspend/notify customers about email spamming from their account. We are looking for the following optimizations on our server to prevent compromised code to even generate email - here are the questions: 1)...
  15. jonh

    Bulk/transactional email suggestions

    A client is hosting a forum with many members that get notifications when topics are posted or updated. This ends up sending a lot of email. Our IP has been blocked by major providers like aol, msn, hotmail and a few smaller ones. So we now have SendGrid processing the STMP outgoing email. We...
  16. S

    Many unknown spams in email queue

    Hello I have many unknown spams in the server mail queue. I couldn't find the source of these emails by looking at the header and body. The header and body of an email are as below. Please help me in finding the source. I replaced my server name with myserver.domain.com 1gvbcG-0006sd-HP-H...
  17. L

    E-mail from cPanel ends up in Spam / SPF/DKIM/DMARC set

    Hello, I'm experiencing issues with sending mail to the major mail providers - Gmail, Office365, Yahoo, etc.. What have I done: I have set SPF/DKIM/DMARC I have red through the forums and stuff to see if I do have issues but ... I seem fine on the server side. My IP is not blacklisted...
  18. M

    Best Spam settings

    What is the best spam settings for Cpanel? (without any addon)
  19. P

    Emails going into spam folder

    Hello, i have a problem with sending emails which going into spam folder What i configured - DNS Servers - rDNS - PTR Record - DKIM,SPF, DMARC - All Blacklists Verified im not blacklisted Please tell me what other i have to verify for fixing this problem :) If you wanna do some verification...
  20. S

    550 Error: Email deliverability

    I need help with a 550 issue. All of my emails seem to hit Spam. I believe all of my records seem to be in place an verified.