1. Tarak Nath

    PHP 7.x on AlmaLinux9 cPanel 114

    Hello, How we can we install PHP 7.x on the AlmaLinux cPanel 114 as its not showing EasyApache4. Please help us. Our server info as following: [root@server1 ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release AlmaLinux release 9.3 (Shamrock Pampas Cat) [root@server1 ~]# /usr/local/cpanel/cpanel -V 114.0 (build 12)...
  2. O

    Desactivate sending email from php script of specific account

    Good morning, How to deactivate the all sending of emails via php scripts for a specific cpanel account from whm ? Thank you
  3. E

    Strange networking behavior when sending from PHP via Exim to the world

    Hello, I use the latest WordPress with the latest version of a WP email SMTP delivery plugin. It works fine, sending emails using STARTTLS to port 25 of a remote server on the Internet. I wanted to understand how it works so I did a test delivery using this plugin and in parallel did a network...
  4. L

    error in time: Server time vs PHP time

    Time zone in cPanel/WHM was and set again to Europe/Athens As in attachment 05:42 GMT+2 After, GRACEFUL REBOOT NOTHING After, SERVER RESTART NOTHING result But time shows AGAIN: PHP gives time is 03 : 42 is Europe Server I think GMT --- is in UK or Holland, well... can you help...?
  5. O

    installing nginx with php on whm

    hi I want to install nginx and have it linked to php-fpm, i searched for the .sock files of the php-fpm processes and I was able to locate them but nginx was not able to read them, I think that is due to permission issues. I know my question has too moving parts, but I am wondering if I am...
  6. R

    WordPress and PHP 8.1 UTF8MB4

    Hello, I recently updated my WordPress from php ea-php7.4 to ea-php81, which is the latest version available and the following appears in the site health: utf8mb4 requires a newer client library UTF8MB4 is the character set WordPress prefers for database storage because it safely supports the...
  7. O

    WP-CLI only works correctly from the command line, using the 'cli' PHP SAPI.

    I am with almalinux. Whenever I run any wp cli command, I get following error WP-CLI only works correctly from the command line, using the 'cli' PHP SAPI. You're currently executing the WP-CLI binary via the 'cgi-fcgi' PHP SAPI. In case you were trying to run this file with a web browser, know...
  8. S

    problem with php 7.4 script after migrate

    hi, my website from a cpanel hosting which using php 7.4 is working fine. after i migrate to to AWS Lightsail with new installation of WHM, the website cant open. Then i install php 7.4 from EasyApache, the website can open, but I cant login. Any solutions to check this?
  9. V

    PHP Inheritance Logic & Recursive Checking?

    I'm trying to learn the basics about setting up PHP versions and how those are inherited in cPanel. But some things do not add up. Here are the places where you can define the PHP version: System (Global) Main Domain (located in public HTML folder) Addon Domains and Subdomains (can have their...
  10. S

    Use common php handler?

    I have PHP parsing HTML files too. What do I change to make cPanel use the same php-fpm (or I guess CGI) for both? From these screenshots my server is using different handlers?
  11. K

    Emojis not saving in WordPress since PHP 8.1 upgrade

    Hi, It's come to my attention that many emojis are no longer saving in WordPress posts since upgrading to PHP 8.1. I've checked and the server connection collation is utf8mb4_unicode_ci. I've read advice on enabling nd_mysqli in EasyApache, and can't find this option in the extensions. So I...
  12. M

    how to track changes in PHP version

    Some weeks ago, I changed by mistake the PHP version assigned to a site and while I got it working after resetting it to 8.1 it seems that certain functions are not fully working, so I was wondering if if there is a way to know what was the original PHP version the site was using
  13. I

    Website are not working on PHP 8.2

    Hello, I was using PHP 7.4 and I upgraded to PHP 8.2 I installed this profile on EasyApache4 (find the attached screenshot). I found that when I access my website, it downloads a file called (download) for one of my WordPress PHP files instead of opening my website. Any suggestions?
  14. S

    Stop cpanel from adding PHP handler?

    cPanel keeps adding this the bottom of every .htaccess for my sites and the root public_html: # php -- BEGIN cPanel-generated handler, do not edit # Set the “ea-php81” package as the default “PHP” programming language. <IfModule mime_module> AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php81 .php .php8...
  15. P

    SOLVED How EasyApache 4 installing PHP 5?

    You have downloaded the ServerOK All PHP versions file But why can I install old versions of php? Look It does not exist in the basic Look
  16. F

    WHM 114.0.6 and PHP versions

    Hi, I have a fresh installation with WHM 114.0.6 and I only have PHP 7.4, PHP 8.0, PHP 8.1, and PHP 8.2 When I enter to EasyApache4 > Currently Installed Packages > "Customize" it doesnt show older PHP versions. How can I add them? I also see in EasyApache4 > "CloudLinux + All PHP Options +...
  17. J

    PHP Version not Change after change in MultiPHP Manager

    I use PHP version 7.2 as the default, then I create a subdomain and use PHP 8.1 for the subdomain, but when I try php -v in the subdomain directory what appears is version 7.2. I've tried changing htaccess, restarting php-fpm and restarting apache but still php7.2 appears
  18. T

    Users see PHP errors. Swap, /var/tmp, and /tmp all full

    I've had an issue happen a few times where users report that the website isn't working properly (PHP errors, pages not loading). Rebooting the server fixes it for the time being. Before the reboots, I noticed that swap, /var/tmp, and /tmp were full: Things are running fine at the moment, but...
  19. M

    Strange "Check php version" issue

    When I run a "Check server security" on CSF, it gives me this strange message under Check php version. Any version of PHP older than v7.2.* is now obsolete and should be considered a security threat. You should upgrade exclusively to PHP v7.3+: Affected PHP versions: 7.4.33...
  20. A

    PHP functions to disable

    Hello, This is my disable_functions: disable_functions =...