1. E

    The need for open ports for licensings

    Hello, I wish to ask following this CP article - The License Callback Mechanism | cPanel & WHM Documentation : Which events trigger this licensing communication from CP to the CP server? I ask in order to understand if I need to keep a matching firewall rule open all the time or only for...
  2. J

    Thoughts on on bots examining common ports?

    Hello. I am frequently seeing the likes of the following in my csf alert files which also blocks the probe: The IP address 34.73.xxx.xx (US/United States/South Carolina/North Charleston/xx.xxx.73.34.bc.googleusercontent.com/[AS396982 GOOGLE-CLOUD-PLATFORM]) was found attacking mod_security on...
  3. EagleDotNet

    I need to open Minecraft port on cpanel

    I installed minecraft bedrock server on my cPanel on vps server, after many attempts to install and run the server I finally succeeded in running it, but I could not access it because the port 19132 was not opened. I used CSF firewall and I tried very hard to open the port through it and it did...
  4. 000

    the folder "/etc/xinetd.d" is empty, we restart multiple times [cpanel] however ports :2087, :2083, :2096 not load

    hi, last update of cPanel close ports/broke connections ? the folder "/etc/xinetd.d" is empty, we restart multiple times [cpanel] however ports :2087, :2083, :2096 not load how we can repair?
  5. Spirogg

    SOLVED Prevent cpsrvd from serving standard HTTP ports ? I have this setting ON, could be the reason why AutoSSL is not working?

    I was just reading this here and it seems it's saying that AutoSSL is rendered unusable if we have this setting ON? Important: This action renders any cPanel & WHM features that depend on the standard HTTP ports partially or entirely unusable. These features include service subdomains...
  6. V

    Cpanel ports not responding after ubuntu cpanel installation

    Hi I am running tests on Ubuntu, but after the cpanel installation on Ubuntu is completed, the cpanel ports are blocked by the firewall and cannot be accessed. I flush and save the iptables - firewalld rules and restore access, but after restarting the server, the firewall rules come back and...
  7. A

    Allowing Ports in CSF via Command Line

    Is there any way to allow an Port in CSF without navigating to WHM >> CSF >> Firewall Configuration
  8. V

    Changing FTP Passive ports

    How to change the FTP Passive ports from 49152:65534 to some other values ? I'm getting some sort of attacks on those Ports so let me know the recommend way
  9. B

    How can I block all incoming UDP ports

    Hello, My server has a 7 domain...But I need only block all incoming udp ports to 1 domain IP. I'm using CSF firewall, how can I do that ? Regards, Bulent
  10. T

    SMTP_BLOCK option with CSF

    I try to add SMTP_BLOCK option with CSF which will disable SMTP restriction per account. Can you provide steps to perform this SMTP_BLOCK and port values like 465 or 587 and mailing server like GMAIL?
  11. A

    How to change default cpanel,whm,webmail,apache ports ?

    Hello, we are running a educational website and from last 2 days we are facing a lot of attacks. we want to change default Apache Port ( 80 ) and does it affect anything on website? means does website goes down if we change apache port ? and also i want to change cpanel,whm,webmail ports so that...
  12. I

    SOLVED FTP Stuck at passive connection port while ports are open

    Hi, Tonight I faced an strange issue, this is my FileZilla connection log: Status: Resolving address of fdqn.domain.com Status: Connecting to Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status: Initializing TLS... Status: Verifying certificate...
  13. W

    How to configure to only accept x ips on 80/443 ports

    Hi. The truth is that this question, I do not know if it goes in this section of the forum ... The point is, perhaps, you should divide it in two; I tell you my problem and with what you advise me, I do: For almost a month, a ddos attack started on my server, initially, I could mitigate it, but...
  14. P

    Issue With CSF , UDP Ports not Filtering.

    Hello buddies , previously when I was install CSF on my server then in check-host.net my ip's UDP Ports are showing Opened or Filtered. But in my new server I installed CSF but in check-host.net UDP Ports showing connection refused. These UDP_IN and UDP_OUT ports in firewall configuration ...
  15. P

    Facing issues with Ports and HTTP.

    Hello buddies , from somedays I am facing connection was reset by peer issue in my dedicated server. The Following are installed in my server : CPanel CloudLinux LiteSpeed ConfigServer Firewall Imunify360 I asked my friend he said that someone doing Ddos on your server. sir I checked my IP on...
  16. F

    Ports 995 & 993 work for some users and others no

    Hello, we are facing to a problem for which we didn't find a solution we have some users who are able to connect over 995 and 993 but others are not able to connect they are in the same company and if we change the ports to by default 110 & 143 it will work without any problem FYI it's new...
  17. cPanelResources

    Tutorial How to check if a workstation can connect to a server port

    Testing ports using Telnet Email connections not working? Website seems offline from a certain location? Forgot your customized SSH port? There's many reasons you may want to test a connection to a specific port on a server to see if it is open, and (the best way) to do that is with Telnet...
  18. R

    Open Ports for cPanel on Google Cloud VPS?

    hello anyone know why i can not open port 2086 and 2087 in my whm? I install cPanel using google cloud vps how to fix it? :(
  19. W

    Setting up cPanel ports issue

    Hello! I am trying to get my cPanel up for a website project me and a few friends are doing. I have the latest version of CentOS 7 installed on a Virtual Machine. I am stuck on accessing the panel itself. I have opened several ports that have been found on the internet, and none have let me log...
  20. Henry Aspden

    SOLVED PureFTP Resets Passive Ports & IP Address

    So I keep going in to change /etc/pure-ftpd.conf and replacing the passive ports and FTP address on lines PassivePortRange 30000 50000 # Force an IP address in PASV/EPSV/SPSV replies. - for NAT. # Symbolic host names are also accepted for gateways with dynamic IP # addresses. ForcePassiveIP...