1. V

    Python High CPU

    Hi, I'm running Cloud Linux with installed cPanel. I got notification from my Monitoring System that my cPanel Server is using too much CPU (High CPU Detected). I tried check it on the server via terminal and it shows there are python which is use High CPU. IDK who's doing this because the user...
  2. charliecres

    No Python version is available issue

    Showing an error when I am using cpanel and trying to create python application "Cannot create an application. no python version is available" I am using cloudlinux. cloudlinux version v7.9.0-1 . my cpanel version is 110.0.7. my cloudlinux manager shows that python is installed. but my user is...
  3. I

    How to add newly created users to compiler group for specific packages?

    Hello, Some users which use Python in CloudLinux need terminal and I add them to compiler group in order to prevent getting gcc permissions error. For example there are Python1 and Python2 packages and I just want these users be added to compiler group. Are there any ways to automatically add...
  4. V

    How setup python app without 'setup python app' option

    Recently, In my cpanel, we've installed python 3.7. The default python is 2.7 yet, but I can use python 3.7, simply typing in terminal 'python 3.7<python command>' the problem is, I dont have the 'setup python app' option, neither 'application manager'. So, I tried to setup by terminal, but I...
  5. V

    Python proccess

    I would like to know the duration of a python proccess. I had setup a process last week, and it was finished automatically. So my questions are: 1- How much time a process live? 2- Is it possible execute this process forever? Like an application Aprecciate any help :)
  6. 5

    Instalar Python para cPANEL

    Buenos días, Necesitaría saber si es posible habilitar el soporte de python en mi cpanel como aquí: Enabling Python in cPanel - Kualo Limited Actualmente dispongo de python 2.7.5 en el servidor
  7. D

    Python and Python3 in user area

    Hello, I'm trying to enable python for users but there is some cPanel issue i think. Now from user level if someone want to use python app, they must use python3 to run the code but the goal is to use just python appname to work with this. I have created symlinks in /usr/bin/ and...
  8. H

    python app en whm / cpanel

    I need help, I have days struggling and I don't know who else to turn to, I can't run this app that uses python, django node and react, this is apparently the last step root@server [/home/user/APP/app]# pip install -r requirements.txt Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade)...
  9. bloatedstoat

    Yum hangs following upcp Python update

    Hello, Yesterday yum installed some Python packages during the nightly upcp run. It could be a red herring and the issue lies with the CLN but clearly conjecture. I am unable to successfully complete any yum transactions on the cli, any attempt hangs. Here's what I know. UPCP log reports...
  10. B

    Passenger Failed to spawan

    Dear All I just learn to deploy simple python app on CPanel. My system is alamalinux with CPanel. The app is under virtual environment, just a single passenger to show 'helo world'. here it is ( import sys, os INTERP = "/home/binojcamp3/virtualenv/teluwolu/3.8/bin/python"...
  11. G

    cPanel Internal python

    I am facing an issue porting an existing python plugin for cPanel to python3 . It looks like the cPanel part of the plugin always run on python2.7 ( default python on Centos7) , irrespective of the fact that we add #!/usr/bin/python3 as the shebang line. Now the WHM plugin part works pretty...
  12. H

    Warning: group alt-python does not exist.

    Hello. I'm trying to follow this guide Python Web Applications In cPanel On CloudLinux | Liquid Web to get the python button to cPanel users. While running the command yum grouplist | grep alt-python i will get an empty response. yum groupinstall alt-python will give me Warning: group...
  13. L

    Deploy Python Project to Cpanel 88.0.12

    Hi everyone, I want to deploy my Python Django project on Cpanel 88.0.12, how can I do? I try to find Python App in Cpanel Software but doest exist.
  14. D

    how do you host a python discord bot?

    I have done everything correctly but it still sends the following error: async def on_ready(self): ^ Syntax error I uploaded the file via FTP and there were no errors when it was on my laptop what is going wrong
  15. M

    Python Flask App fails on POST requests with passenger on cpanel

    Hello everyone, I have been trying for the last 3 days to import my flask app for production on cpanel hosted by Planet Hoster. For my understanding, it runs with passenger and apache. I have succeed at configuring a file and my app can be seen in the browser. However, as...
  16. S

    Install Python 3?

    I'm running cPanel/WHM v84.0.21 on CentOS 7.7. I guess its using python 2.7.. I think cPanel uses python for a lot of stuff. Is it safe and easy to just update (replace) Python 2.7 to 3.6 or whatever? is that ok? or do I have to run Python 3 along side 2.7?
  17. K

    Python Flask with cPanel

    Hello, Can someone help providing tips how I can get cPanel to work with Python Flask framework? I think NameCheap web hosting has a solution, but we're hosting our own server with cPanel as is. I'm not looking for support from cPanel, just a way to get Python script to work in place of PHP...
  18. C

    Python not working. it's return 503 error.

    Hi, i created python script using setup python option Cpanel but status is started. but url response is 503 service unavailable . but python hello script was generated by cpanel
  19. Sujoy Dhar

    Upgrade Python Version 3.7

    How to upgrade python version to 3.7 ? Currently showing 2.7.5
  20. Sujoy Dhar

    How to enable python 3.7 and run command for the cpanel users

    I can run the command python3.7 but whenever cpanel user is running the command starting with python3.7 ..... command the user is getting the following error : jailshell: python3.7: command not found Running : #python --version Showing Python 2.7.5 I have installed python 3.7 already but...