1. V

    In Progress CPANEL-43447 - Package's "Max Passenger Applications" Quota - Bug?

    When creating a package when I set the Max Passenger Applications value to "Unlimited", whatever was left in the box left to it, gets written in the package's file on the server. 1) Look at the screenshot from a package interface. 2) Here's what's written in the package file on the server...
  2. T

    I got error "disk usage quota" when upload file

    Hello, When i upload file through File Manager, i get this error ( attached image ): The file’s size exceeds your account’s remaining disk usage quota. Because of this, you cannot upload this file. Delete some files, or contact your hosting provider to request an increase to your account’s...
  3. A

    No filesystems with quota detected

    Hi Quota is enabled but I have this problem: journaled quota support: kernel supports, user space tools supports (available) UUID=503eb818-43c7-4160-8b1a-e80a99474531 (already configured quotas = 1). UUID=71297e82-2192-4b3c-94ba-697e861015c3 (already configured quotas = 0). Updating Quota...
  4. M

    Second FTP user to home directory - quota?

    TL;DR If I add a second FTP user and add the home directory of the main cPanel account (instead of a subdirectory). What quota do I have to set? If the cPanel account quota is set to 10GB, does the second FTP user also require those 10GB? I am handing over a project where I run the site on my...
  5. R

    Disable Account disk quota “warn” percentage

    Hello, what is the right way to disable Account disk quota “warn” percentage tweak settings via API? I tried whmapi1 set_tweaksetting key=emailusers_diskusage_warn_percent value=0 but output is metadata: command: set_tweaksetting reason: Value must be a positive percentage float result: 0...
  6. D

    Webmail: the system user has exceeded its allotted quota of disk blocks.

    Have a user where they have exceeded their disk quota. we've asked them to log into webmail and clear trash, junk etc but they can't even log into webmai las a message says Internal Server Error 500 The system user “xxxxx” has exceeded its allotted quota of disk blocks.
  7. S

    PHP-FPM wont start if server have 1 acount with over quota

    HI I suppose this is bug, today I have this situation: PHP-FPM 7.4 wont start whit the following error: 15-Nov-2022 08:03:57] ERROR: [pool SOME_USER_ACCOUNT] failed to chown() the socket '/opt/cpanel/ea-php74/root/usr/var/run/php-fpm/133ee989293f92736301280c6f14c89d521200c17d.sock': Disk...
  8. webhostuk

    Disk quota not calculated correctly by Cpanel ( Huge bug they should fix)

    We are using latest version of WHM cPanel (cPanel & WHM v104.0.4) on one of our servers. We noticed a strange problem where a user is showing used disk space as 219MB and is allocated a disk 1GB. We noticed that one of the databases under that particular user is showing disk usage of 11GB. There...
  9. 8

    Send 80% mail quota warning directly to the filling mail account.

    A single Cpanel accounts has many email accounts. When an email account quota is reaching 80% or is full, the main contact of the account gets a warning. Is there any way for the email user to receive such warning? This way they manage their account without account admin intervention.
  10. O

    Disk quota in package

    Hello, I created a package with 15 GB disk quota, the problem is that customer emails exceeded 15 GB and reached 40 GB without the system blocking it! Why ?
  11. D

    cPanel packages and additional disk quota

    Hi What is the best practice in this situation: We are selling a hosting package, let's call it "Package A". Package A has 20 GB of disk space. We are also selling additional disk space in blocks of 1 GB. So we might have a customers: - Customer 1: 20 GB (from the Package A) + additional 10...
  12. O

    Account Quota v Email Quota Issues

    We've noticed something which is causing incredible confusion with customers and hoping i can get some ideas how it clicks together and how to work around or explain it to customers We have incoming email compression enabled and use mdbox for storage. As an example here we have a customer on a...
  13. 000

    command to see FROM SHELL quota assigned of users ?

    hello, some command to check QUOTA of users ? is possible from SHELL see disk assigned AND disk used?
  14. K

    Quota is wrong for some Accounts !

    Hi, I faced a problem with Quota on cPanel, There is only 500Gb SSD harddrive on a server but for some accounts Quota is more than 2Tb ! I remove /quotas.users and also disable " Cache disk quota information in Tweaksetting and run Initial Quota Setup many times but it's not fixed! Removed...
  15. M

    Add more disk quota to an package: how WHM organize the data in the SSD?

    Hi friends, I have for example a package in WHM/cPanel with 3GB of disk quota. When a client buy this package the system assign 3GB in the SSD, check this image: img1 But what happens if I update this package in WHM/cPanel and now he have 5GB of disk quota?, the system will assign 2 additional...
  16. williama5

    I'm not receiving email alert about disc quota from WHM

    I'm not receiving email alert about disc quota from WHM. In WHM the configurations are ok.
  17. C

    incorrect quota between cli and gui

    Hello, There is a very large discrepancy between on an account between the GUI and command line. I have only compared one account and more. If I log into the GUI, under list accounts, it shows the account using 60MB and on the cli, disk usage shows it at almost 50GB! that is a huge difference...
  18. M

    Urgent: removed database but not get disk quota

    Hi, I have a server with disk quota problem, I removed old databases but when use command "df -h" not appear the new free disk quota. -Before remove database: df -h / -> 94% -After remove database (I calculated should get 2.5%): df -h / -> 94% too Why happened?. Too I used the command "lsof...
  19. F

    Any way to view emails over quota in whm?

    Hi guys, New here, and fairly new to WHM/Cpanel, but have been a sysadmin for windows systems for 20+ years. I have a new (to me) web hosting business that consists of 2 cpanel servers each with 100+ accounts with most accounts containing multiple domains. On several instances in the last...
  20. albatroz

    Consider switching to journaled quota to avoid running quotacheck after an unclean shutdown.

    Hello, I recently did run the command "/scripts/fixquotas" to fix the disk space reported by CPanel accounts and got the following responses. Can you help me to understand them? [root@s2 ~]# /scripts/fixquotas journaled quota support: kernel supports, user space tools supports (available)...