1. SimpleTechGuy

    In Progress CPANEL-42825 - Ratelimit incoming mail to non-existent accounts

    Hi, so I recently migrated to a new server and since the migration been getting thousands of emails to non existent accounts every day (coincidence? maybe. I don't know) I did keep the same ip, just a different box with the same host. I think it is a dictionary attack, but not sure. Each...
  2. P

    How to find cause of 404

    I have a client on my dedicated server that uses a program on his PC to connect to his account on the server and make database changes. Prior to a few weeks ago that program never failed. But at that time the server was hit with a SYN-FLOOD attack and since then the program is failing with a...
  3. M

    Problems Exist (DKIM)

    Hello there, 1. i'm having this problem" Problems exist (dkim)" when i go to "Email Deliverability" is it possible to know what should i do to solve this ? 2. sometimes i get this error when someone send to gmail account: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451-4.7.24...
  4. D

    Reset specific domain ratelimit

    How Can I reset one user account domain from EXIM RATELIMT ?? I mean, I have one domain that achieves the ratelimit, but as I server administrator I want to decide if this user can send more emails or not ... If I decide that this domain can send more emails I want to reset exim db ratelimit...
  5. L

    individual email address per hour mail sending limited

    Hello I have a dedicated server. Here I found per domain per hour mail sending limit But I want to set per email account can send only 100 email per hour. Please assist how could I do it Best regards Mahfuz
  6. GOT

    Exim Ratelimit Whitelist

    Anyone know how to whitelist a host from being checked for ratelimit? This is a great feature, but I have one client using a non-rfc compliant mail server and its causing some woes. Thanks!
  7. B

    New ACL RateLimit feature

    I want to ask something about the ratelimit feature, cause I didnt find anything at the web of how it works. at the top are these lines acl_smtp_notquit = acl_notquit acl_smtp_connect = acl_connect and at ACL section is: acl_connect: # ignore pop before smtp accept condition...
  8. fmalekpour

    Exim 4.60 and ratelimit

    Hello, Is any one know how to upgrade the exim to latest version 4.60? It comes with new "ratelimit" feature, useful to control mail bombers and massive mail senders. Thanks F.Malekpour