1. L

    Redirect/RewriteRule - Different Browsers

    Hi, No issues with Edge, in Chrome the redirect is not working when redirecting a single subdirectory subDir URI (without its files) to a single HTML page. Using LiteSpeed Cache with subDir excluded, where the following (configured from cPanel) works well in Edge ( Firefox untested.) There is...
  2. C

    301 Redirect Flip Flop for Dash Special Character

    I have operated a site for over 25 years, and as a result of rolling the site into new software over those years there are may 301 redirects in .htaccess. Since the site often uses categories, articles or products with "gluten-free" in the name, a dash (special character n%2d) was used very...
  3. V

    Does SpamAssassin Affect Redirected Messages

    I've created an email filter to redirect all mail from an internal to an external address. SpamAssassin marks suspicious email messages as spam (updates the header of new messages whose calculated spam score meets or exceeds the spam threshold score). But will it do this before the messages get...
  4. StefanPejcic

    Redirect after "Create Webmail session" UAPI

    Hello, Using the UAPI as instructed here: But experiencing a weird problem: after successful post request I am being redirected to...
  5. D

    reject_forwarded_mail_marked_as_spam whitelist sender domain

    Hello! I have a client ( for instance) that always runs into "reject_forwarded_mail_marked_as_spam" when sending to some addresses outside our cPanel server. Instead of telling my client to change the way he sends the mails, I would like to whitelist my client's full domain so that...
  6. W

    disable redirect SSL to default / primary website

    Hello guys Scenario edit file hosts of a pc for make that resolve to the server IP if the are a server account but without SSL user will be redirect to primary/main website There is anyway to change this? for example to give an error? or redirect to not found account...
  7. E

    enable "auto redirect to ssl site"

    Hello Many people forget to enable "redirect to ssl" Is there a function to enable something like "account have valid/active ssl" -> Auto enable "redirect to ssl" so they stop emailing me and asking me to do it manually every time
  8. R

    Force https redirect

    I’ve 100+ cpanels and some cpanel domain force https redirect is not working. This is error that who and enable button is off. You cannot activate https redirect because Autossl is not currently active for this domain or the ssl certificate is not valid SSL on all domains is working fine but...
  9. C

    Redirect Driving Me Crazy

    Hi Folks Seriously hope this isn't a duplicate of many other queries and apologise if it is. I am constantly having to recreate a redirect for a client's website to another provider. He has a Wordpress website on my server called but he no longer wants it to display when folks visit...
  10. M

    302 Temporary Redirect

    I am migrating all accounts from one server to another. Many of them went through flawlessly. However, I have several accounts that failed to transfer. When the transfer process is started, the new server is able to successfully establish a connection, but is then given an error of "302...
  11. J

    Trouble turning off a redirect

    I had a simple .htaccess file to redirect domain #1 to domain #2. It worked fine. I changed that .htaccess file to remove the redirect and restarted apache. Yikes! The redirect is still happening. Where else should I look on my server to turn off that redirect? I have root access.
  12. V

    Can't redirect www to domain

    Really it's two problems The site is auto redirecting to SSL and yet there is no setting to do so. All other redirects except one to redirect www to domain works fine. No matter how I try I can not redirect www Set a redirect in cpanel - picked the main domain - set it to only redirect www...
  13. R

    BUG: Cpanel added domain "redirect" based on incorrect understanding of the .htaccess file.

    The following lines from the .htaccess file in the document root for one of my sites were: RedirectMatch 301 ^/path/to/template/folder/?$ RedirectMatch 301 ^/path/to/template/folder/some-template.php$ These lines were apparently interpreted...
  14. R

    How to redirect mailman bounces to the actual list-owner instead of to mailer-daemon

    When mailman can't deliver a mail it seems the mail is bounced back to mailer-daemon and eventually ends up in the root mail. I realize I can change where that goes, but wouldn't the correct place be back to the list-owner so he can take action and eventually remove the list member? Can that...
  15. S

    SOLVED SOLVED: Cpanel login for domain redirects to cpanel.subdomain.domain

    I have a domain hosted on my server (I'll use "" for purposes of this explanation). The account was originally created as a subdomain "" under my primary domain ("" for the purposes of this explanation), and then the domain "" was...
  16. X

    Force HTTPS Redirect

    If I enable Force HTTPS Redirect for all websites on the server, can I close port 80 by CSF without any issues might happen to the traffic?
  17. mlopez

    In Progress Exim redirect routed

    Hello, I had an Exim config snippet that allowed me to forward a specific local part in all hosted domains to a fixed address (also hosted, of course). What I'm trying to achieve is the following: All [email protected] messages should be redirected to [email protected] This...
  18. N

    SSL Not redirect IP to hostname? (only HTTPS)

    Hey, what's up, guys. I have a wired issue :/ server hostname redirects HTTP://my-ip:2087 works fine and redirects to the hostname: BUT HTTPS://my-ip:2087 does not redirect redirects to the hostname: o_O I found this as well...
  19. D

    URL to redirect to parts of the cPanel

    Like we can access the phpMyAdmin by using the URL: Is there a URL so that we can send users directly to the "MySQL Databases" or "MySQL Database Wizard" or "Remote MySQL" Of course, the user needs to login to the cPanel just like in...
  20. S

    Wordpress Toolkit Redirect to HTTPS turned off

    Wordpress Toolkit always displays 1 issue - Redirect to HTTPS turned off I have enabled Force HTTPS Redirect but I can't seem to get this to go away.