1. M

    Any rule for SPAM Assassin to filter emails that look as sent by myself

    Some of my users have started to receive emails that look like emails sent by themselves so I was wondering if someone here has some rule that can share for this use case.
  2. W

    spamassassin move 'Spam Box' spam back to email account inbox

    Hi there I have set up spam box as a seperate collecting place for all spam on my account. I have 10 email addresses and spamassisin is good at getting all the cr*p, but occassionally, legitimate emails get caught in there and the ***spam** label is added to the subject. 1) How can I move...
  3. S

    Spam box to INBOX

    Is there any process that moves mail from an email account's spam box into the email account's INBOX? I'm trying to diagnose an "issue" where spam messages get delivered into the email account's spam box but after a period of time they get moved into the email account's INBOX. I suspect it's...
  4. Nathan Lyle

    How to remove Juipter spam popup?

    So the links to the cpanel sites were removed from the prominent menu location, which was good, but now there's a huge pop-up linking away from the cpanel screen? Who asked for this? A large number (if not a majority) of people using cPanel are hosting providers and resellers, not direct...
  5. N

    Email forwarding SFP fail. Definite solution?

    Hi Everyone. We used to use email forwarding so that we could receive emails to to be forwarded to, for example The issue is that gmail always filters this emails as spam due to SFP fail. Google says that our server IP is not allowed to send emails on behalf of the...
  6. F

    emails from my server go to spam

    Hello, I have a dedicated server, when I send emails from any site on a server, all emails go to spam. What can I do when sending an email go to inbox, not spam. Thank you
  7. G

    Microsoft IP spider spam

    I am getting massive traffic from multiple IP ranges tracing back to Microsoft. Is there any way to ban this? It is not easy to ban on IP range as they have 100s of IPs and they keep switching. I.e.
  8. C

    Spam emails being sent from my dedicated server

    Hello All, I've a dedicated server with many accounts on it. I'm receiving spam emails from this server. Emails are sent from the dedicated server's main IP address using an account hosted on this server. Email is sent to my personal email which is a separate domain hosted elsewhere. There are...
  9. davetanguay

    Spam & Phishing Emails Spoofing My Email Address

    This one got me stumped. I was hoping someone had some advice for me on this one... I noticed my email address is being spoofed with phishing emails and spam. I thought I would be able to prevent this using SPF and DMARC records as follows: <REDACTED> Seems this email originated from...
  10. E

    In Progress CPANEL-41951 - LiteSpeed segmented chroot()ed spam on server that don't have LiteSpeed

    As of late I'm getting email warnings from WHM which appears to be spam as I'm not interesting in CloudLinux nor Litespeed. These servers don't even have LiteSpeed on Sample below: Medium Apache LiteSpeed vhosts are not segmented or chroot()ed. Consider a more robust solution by using...
  11. D

    Tweak settings - email account suspension - where information is stored?

    Hi, I have enabled this feature in Tweak Settings (attachment). Where is this information stored on server? Is there any path or file with information i.e. user=someone [email protected]
  12. A

    Restored Exim defaults, now all in spam

    Hi, one of my servers was set to send all email via Amazon SES but I was forgetting to verify new accounts and it was becoming a pain so I restored Exim back to all defaults to scrap the whole SES thing. Since doing that, all outgoing mail is now being delivered to spam. I have just had a...
  13. carock

    Spam from local user delivered without authentication

    One of my users forwarded me a spam message they received. It was sent to them with the From address of their mailbox. Checking Exim logs shows the message was submitted from a foreign IP address and accepted without error. I also did some testing with several user accounts and a two cPanel...
  14. S

    How to use "Filter by Domain" with emails that uses

    How to use "Filter by Domain" with emails that uses Here is the issue, "Filter by Domain" is a great utility in WHM and I use it in a daily basis. But some domains that uses servers send spam and can't be added to the filter because a lot of valid...
  15. M

    Mark and Delete with Spam Assassin

    I want to setup Spam Assassin to be able so I can tag the emails by means of IMAP that I want to consider SPAM. Therefore I mark it, then delete the email and anymore email with the subject line which I marked automatically gets deleted ? I've found a tutorial online but it doesn't go into the...
  16. W

    Best addon Spam service

    Hello The antispam systems (tags, filters, rbl included, ..) of cpanel are no longer sufficient for enterprise solutions. Often an antivirus of a few tens of dollars offers much more powerful antispam protection. What external (non-cpanel) antispam services to use on your whm / cPanel? Thanks
  17. SimpleTechGuy

    Easy Remote option for Adding to Spam Filter Blacklist

    Hi, wondering if there are any alternative ways to adding an email address to the "Spam Filters / Blacklist" in Cpanel. Currently the only option I see is to log into Cpanel and go to Email / Spam Filters / Show Additional Configurations / Blacklist". Ideally a person could maybe add to...
  18. G

    Exim Receiving High Volume of Failed Sender Verification

    I found thousands of this error in the Exim_Mainlog. It's a single server, single domain, 200 plus email accounts and we can receive more than 6000 events each day, based on Mail Delivery Report. Only 5% of them translate into emails (including spam emails), the rests are dropped during SMTP...
  19. P

    Primary Hostname Sending spam

    Hi, Recently deployed a Cpanel server. We noticed a great deal of spam coming from the server hostname Server hostname : A snippet of exim_mainlog 2022-04-25 08:22:24 1nimUi-0000ST-0I <= [email protected] H=( []:57276 P=esmtp S=24112...
  20. D

    Gmail SPF Softfail when sending between accounts on the same server.

    Hello all. I'm facing a problem what is news to me, when users send messages to other users on the same server. Messages sent to other servers are working fine. After received some custommers complains, I did testes and I noticed the problem. The 3 scenarios bellow I tested using the same...