1. M

    Move New Spam to a Separate Folder - Disable for the whole server

    Is there any option to disable Spamassasin's option "Move New Spam to a Separate Folder (Spam Box): " for the whole server?
  2. N

    Prevent Exim From Forwarding Spam

    Hello All We've been using Mailscanner on our servers and so far it's been very helpful. However, we would like to find a way to NOT forward emails that are flagged as High Spam Score to any email forwarders our clients might have. We want to do this in order to prevent any further rate...
  3. M

    Making a spam assassin rule for "I RECORDED YOU!"

    Hello, I was wondering if someone here can recommend me a tutorial for creating a rule for marking as spam incoming emails with the subject "I RECORDED YOU!"
  4. M

    Spam Assassin Setup

    Anyhow know how to setup Spam Assassin ? There is a mailing list but it doesn't appear to work so I can get it setup; especially version 4.0. I'm receiving extreme amounts of spam and want to stop it. Basic setup for beginner and with some of the filters.
  5. A

    WHM/cPanel/Spam Filters/Move New Spam to a Separate Folder (Spam Box): Turn off delivers to Inbox?

    WHM/cPanel/Spam Filters/Move New Spam to a Separate Folder (Spam Box): If this feature is disabled, does cPanel deliver tagged spam to the user's Inbox rather than their Junk folder in Roundcube? I'm asking because customers who connect their mail client using Outlook with POP3 for example...
  6. B

    SOLVED How can I increase the non matching SPF spam score?

    In WHM 110, is there a way to increase the non matching SPF rule score? For some reason, somebody sending me an email with an envelope from MY OWN EMAIL can get through my Thunderbird's inbox with a tiny score. Normally, a non matching SPF record should score WAY HIGHER than "1.5", see below...
  7. S

    spamd constantly failing

    Upgraded a server to cPanel 110 - not sure if that's related, but issue didn't present itself while the server was on cPanel 102. Seems spamd just constantly fail. Even running spamd in an interactive shell: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/536/bin/spamd --allowed-ips=,::1...
  8. R

    Spam email matching multiple criterea and actions

    As an end user I have many rules to trap spam and it traps pretty well all of it. I get on average 80 spam messages a day in the Global Email Filters that covers four email accounts on a personal domain name. The issue I'm having is that there is more than one actions as an email may match...
  9. A

    Spam Box vs Junk Folder

    Hi. I'm looking for a little clarification on Spam Box vs Junk Folder (Roundcube Webmail). So, if Spam Box is enabled at the Domain Level, any emails that SpamAssasin tags as SPAM is delivered to the users Spam Box folder (not Junk folder) which is created when they receive their first tagged...
  10. D

    Spam sent from standard node via distributed mail account

    Hello. We've a standard node for web hosting with a linked mail node. From one of the distributed mail accounts some spammer is using standard node SMTP in order to send spam. We've changed passwords and restarted Exim and Dovecot but immediately continues sending. As their are using standard...
  11. A

    Domain configured with Email Forward Only - Spam Filter/BoxTrapper feature

    Hi, if we have a domain that is configured with no mailboxes just an email forward from one address to another, does the domain level Spam Filter and BoxTrapper feature filter emails that are being forwarded? Also, it looks like when you create a domain there's a default mailbox created. If you...
  12. J

    Dictionary email attacks not dropping after X attempts

    What is the best method to deal with tons of unsolicited email messages from various spam senders all destined to the same email address? I have the server email settings as follows: Yet with the above settings, nothing is dropped just sending back to sender: and then finally after 30+...
  13. C

    Spam Assasin

    Can someone advise me on some filtering logistics, please? When using both Spam Assassin and Global Filters, which one takes priority? I have entered a global filter that rejects certain TLD's (delete), and I have also enabled Spam Assassin and its relative Spam Box with the default level...
  14. M

    Any rule for SPAM Assassin to filter emails that look as sent by myself

    Some of my users have started to receive emails that look like emails sent by themselves so I was wondering if someone here has some rule that can share for this use case.
  15. W

    spamassassin move 'Spam Box' spam back to email account inbox

    Hi there I have set up spam box as a seperate collecting place for all spam on my account. I have 10 email addresses and spamassisin is good at getting all the cr*p, but occassionally, legitimate emails get caught in there and the ***spam** label is added to the subject. 1) How can I move...
  16. S

    Spam box to INBOX

    Is there any process that moves mail from an email account's spam box into the email account's INBOX? I'm trying to diagnose an "issue" where spam messages get delivered into the email account's spam box but after a period of time they get moved into the email account's INBOX. I suspect it's...
  17. Nathan Lyle

    How to remove Juipter spam popup?

    So the links to the cpanel sites were removed from the prominent menu location, which was good, but now there's a huge pop-up linking away from the cpanel screen? Who asked for this? A large number (if not a majority) of people using cPanel are hosting providers and resellers, not direct...
  18. N

    Email forwarding SFP fail. Definite solution?

    Hi Everyone. We used to use email forwarding so that we could receive emails to to be forwarded to, for example The issue is that gmail always filters this emails as spam due to SFP fail. Google says that our server IP is not allowed to send emails on behalf of the...
  19. F

    emails from my server go to spam

    Hello, I have a dedicated server, when I send emails from any site on a server, all emails go to spam. What can I do when sending an email go to inbox, not spam. Thank you
  20. G

    Microsoft IP spider spam

    I am getting massive traffic from multiple IP ranges tracing back to Microsoft. Is there any way to ban this? It is not easy to ban on IP range as they have 100s of IPs and they keep switching. I.e.