1. Drake

    spam, forged sender, bounce backs

    Hi all, This age old problem is getting on our nerves again. Especially within the last few days (August 20+) As sysadmins, we are receiving non-deliverable e-mail bounce backs. It is obviously spammers (not relaying through our boxes), but just using a bogus sender name. Some of the...
  2. Etheral

    Spam Help

    hrmm, i have a problem, my mail servers (on my server box) is accepting open relays... HOW DO I stop this?? this is quite annoying, knowing spammers are relaying spam off of my server :-(
  3. L

    spam assassin config update

    I modified the spamassassin.options config to change the points required to be flagged and to include spam in the subject. but any emails that go through still dont have spam in the subject and is on the old point system. is there something i need to do to enable this or? Thanks!
  4. C

    Dictionary SPAM Attack !!! Please help. All my tweaks failed

    On one of our server Redhat 9.0 having a weired problem.Thousand of mails are coming on the server for a domain and for different email ids under that domain whereas no such email id exists on the server or under that domain. I did a search and found that these types of attacks are called...
  5. C

    block spam by words?

    Is there a way to block spam incoming to the server by words? For example, EVlTTRA and CIALIS I have EximClam enabled, SMTP tweak enabled, and not sure what else to do.
  6. T

    Spam actions

    Hi, Our servers a cilent are spamming from another place.And also, inbox file be very very big.How to fix this and how to stop of this spam action? Thanks for your help.
  7. B

    How to enable nobody spam for single domain ?

    #cd /var/cpanel/users/ In order to enable nobody spam option for a particular user open the user specific file available in the directory /var/cpanel/users/ and add the following entry. nobodyspam=0 ( To enable set the value to 0 ) or nobodyspam=1 ( To enable set the value to 1 )
  8. J

    offload virus & spam scanning to secondary server?

    Any thoughts on an option to offload email virus and spam scanning to a secondary dedicated email scanning server?
  9. P

    Spam Bomb?

    For over 24 hours we appear to be being bombarded with spam aimed at our main domain. The mails are being sent to non existent addresses. We have the default address blackholed, but there are so many its causing exim to wobble and in turn the entire server to grind to a halt. We tried banning...
  10. V

    problems again with Exim and Spam...

    In the new Exim version, CPANEL CHANGED MY DEFAULT CONFIG!!! Now Exim includes a List of the RBL or something like that (the black list) But I have this line Commented, anyway I can send emails to some users of others ISP, and this is really bad... it says: This message was created...
  11. C

    Spam Problem Deluxe - "retry time not reached for any host"

    Hi, I have the following repeating it self in my exim_mainlog every +-15mins: 2004-07-15 11:57:57 1Bjeu1-0000dQ-6V == [email protected] routing defer (-51): retry time not reached This repeats it self about 500times. I also notice the following spam: 2004-07-15 11:57:58...
  12. H

    I HATE Exim, its spam protection is crap. It doesn't reject messages with .pif, .scr

    1) Of all the crap with exim, so is its spam protection. It doesn't reject message with .pif or .scr attachments, it keeps them in the queue. My customers want better spam protection, because their mailboxes have been filled with spam. 2) I have 79 messages in my queue. If it were qmail...
  13. K

    Spam folder deleted

    Spam inbox deleted One of my clients deleted the spam folder (and spam mailbox) How can I re-create the spam mailbox? Thank you.
  14. jimjoe

    :fail: or :blackhole: - which to aviod spam

    Which do you think will result in less spam coming to a particular email address - forwarding it to :fail: no such address here OR :blackhole: The reason i ask, is we would like to reclaim some email addresses we had given up because of so much spam, and were wondering which of these, 1...
  15. C

    spam blockers

    What is the BEST way to block spam from the entire server in general?
  16. W

    Spam from IP

    Dear mr i have a big problem it is spam from IP [email protected] i add it to filter but the problem that the exim respond the sender with email The user room does not accept mail from your address. this a sapmle ======= 1BcIXy-0003JL-VO-D This is a...
  17. A


    It seems someones been sending spam emails from my server. At the moment theres only one account on the server which is my own account (and I plan on keeping it like that), so I guess the spammers must have found a loop whole in one of my scripts. My questions is, what (If any) is the easiest...
  18. h2oski

    how to /dev/null spam when spambox is full?

    currently when a user has spambox enabled and it fills up. the spam is sent to the queue. does anyone know how to delete the spam when the spambox is full?
  19. F

    Spam Assasim

    Good Morning All. Could you let me know as active la option inside e-mail SPAM ASSASIM. I check it, but I don't understand as active it. Somebody have any instrucctive manual of as can user it? thanks you so much Francisco
  20. D


    Hello people, i am having complaints from my clients that their email accounts are getting an intolerable amount of SPAM. I have the normal EXIM installed and i presume it does come with its own filter rules. How can i check if i have everything in place to stop this? Is there also any...