1. I

    Spam Assassin not saving settings

    One of our customers are having trouble with spam assassin. When they try to configure it the settings are not being change. They enter values for blacklist_from, required hits, etc.. and hit save. However when they go back to the config settings, the settings are not saved. We are only...
  2. F

    Spamassassin not catching enough spam?

    Hey... Im trying to figure out why Spamassassin isnt correctly using RBLs... It's blocking about 25 spams a day and putting them into the spam box, but its also missing about 4-5 that it delivers to my inbox. I've manually checked all of the spam messages that I got on the 23rd (yesterday)...
  3. J

    Spam Question

    I have a client who is receiving spam at [email protected]. Does anybody know why he is receiving this? It's not his default email address but an additional one that was created. I could understand if it was going to [email protected] but for some reason it's showing up as being...
  4. I

    Feature request? Exim spam filters?

    Hey All, Instead of changing the config file everytime there is an exim update (and fighting to get it working afterwards - mines still not filtering near as much as it used to with the same rbls). I attached a screenshot(photoshopped) of what feature I would like to see added to enable...
  5. W

    Spam Box Password

    "Enabling the Spam Box feature will cause all mail marked by Spam Assassin as spam to be delivered to a separate mail box called 'spam'. You must use IMAP or Horde/IMP to check messages that are routed to this box." Is there a password for the spam box? I configured outlook as IMAP to look at...
  6. W

    Can I bounce before spam filters?

    Can default address bounce mail before spam filters? I imagine this has been asked and answered -- I apologize but I can't find the answer searching. I get a lot of spam sent to email addresses that don't exist, such as to prior owners and workers at my domain. I have set up our default...
  7. H

    User Configurable Spam Filter

    I just wandered if its possible to allow a email account user to log into webmail or something similiar and change there own Spam filter settings instead of bugging an admin to do it? It would be nice if they could turn the Spam filter completely off or on and possibly could view there...
  8. I


    Question about Spam Assassin, I noticed that it works well and identifies spam however i still get the spammed message it just says. Hey look I cought this and its potentially spam... Yayay for me! But I get 1,000 of these a day, basically I dont get anymore spam but I get spammed from spam...
  9. R

    How to update Spam Assassin?

    Currently, I see that Spam Assassin will update to a new version every time CPanel updates - can I update it manually more often?
  10. W

    Spam Problems CPanel not secure...

    hi all, i have several problems with spames. I finde about 10.000 mails in queue every 24hours. I also note that it is possible to send out mails via SMTP without authentication. I have however, turned ON the SMTP tweak in WHM. So is there any defenitly way to disable the SMTP server on a...
  11. N

    SPAM??? From my server?

    Hello, When I tried to send the message from my PHP script using mail() function, I've recived a message with SPAM flag in the subject and this lines in message source: X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report X-AntiAbuse: Primary...
  12. R

    Spam workaround

    Hello, Working out some solutions for lower spam I discover that: -The Mail filtering work only if the mail account (User) exist. -Setting the Default-Mail (Catchall) to :fail: wil also bounce the mydo[email protected] , not only thr unrouted mail. Do I am right?
  13. J

    SPAM Filter Question

    There used to be an email account in my cPanel, and it started to receive hundreds of SPAM messages a day - so, I decided to delete it. Now, all of the messages are going to my catch-all box, instead. How do I make it so all of the emails that are sent to this old address are deleted? I don't...
  14. N

    spam to [email protected]

    spam to exisitng e-mailaccounts on server We received today the following message on many accounts sent to [email protected] How do these spammers know the username for each domain. Is this a bug? Return-path: <[email protected]> Envelope-to...
  15. E

    How to reduce SPAM through exim.conf ?

    I wonder if anyone can provide advice on how to change the /etc/exim.conf file. When a connection is received to deliver email to my server (SMTP TCP/IP port 25 and 26 too)... a) Check that the connecting IP has valid non-numerical reverse DNS lookup response, and it matches the "helo"...
  16. V

    SPAM - how to fight this?

    Hi guys, Actually my server get a lot of spam, I activated the spam assassing and some filters, but the emails are redirected to my principal email, exist some method for no receive any SPAM email or block this? (I don't want to waste MB or GB of Month Bandwidth in this trash email). If...
  17. C

    Getting Spam - on pointed domais

    I have several domains parked pointing to the existing site and now I am getting spam addressed to the "pointing" domains. I never setup email for those domains and my setting in CP is to reject all invalid mail boxes. Tried to use redirection in WHM with the same result. Add on domain...
  18. M

    excess spam recently

    In the past few months I have seen SPAM skyrocket. People who were with other hosting switched to me and agree they are getting much more. I keep current on all the updates but was wondering is there something in Cpanel that is being exploited?
  19. T

    [Cpanel Bug] :: Spam Filter

    It seems like CPanel Spam Filter is not working or filtering emails. I have created several filters on our domains, however I am still getting spam emails, which should have been deleted by the spam filter. If anyone can help me out, it would be wonderful. Thanks. Vishal
  20. dory36

    automatic purge of spam folder?

    Any way I can automatically delete messages older than XX days from the spam box created by spamassassin? Thanks - Bill