1. J

    Spam not recognized by Filter

    The email filtering in cPanel's 8.8.0-RELEASE 73 shows: Hint: To filter all mail that SpamAssasin has marked as spam, just choose "SpamAssassin Spam Header", "begins with", and then enter "Yes" in the box. I've configured SpamAssassin to rewrite the header, and used the above hint plus...
  2. S

    Weird Spam

    I just received this email which looks like it's coming from my server and is probably sent to all of my customers but not sure about that. How can I troubleshoot and put an end to this? Theres actually an attached zip file when trying to open I recieve a pop up for the password which I did not...
  3. E

    Spam and a account I don't use

    Spam and an account I don't use A filter has been added that sends all mail header_to: that is [email protected] Discard This seems to work for my problem below, can some of you confirm it is my answer to the problem? UPDATE: it did not work, just got a new load of spam. help...
  4. C

    Spam + hacked = Help Me!!!

    Hi. Today my server had a great problem with congestion of sending of emails provoked by attack Spam. I received the following information from aid of the CPANEL: "Your /tmp directory was hacked into which I believe was part of the problem. You will need to get your admin to check what...
  5. M

    spam sent from my server, but not in exim logs and without my headers...

    My server is getting reported to Spamcop for spam every 3 to 4 days for the past 2 weeks, which means I am almost always listed. The last one lists me like this : Received: from [MY IP] by via HTTP; Spamcop reports : host...
  6. B

    End User Spam Assassin 'training'?

    Is there a way that an end user can run the SPAM Assassin learner (SA-learn) on mail directed to his domain(s)? Please advise. It appears that Cpanel installs with SA:autolearn=off. Lots of spam that is padded with gibberish text is getting through. John
  7. M

    Spam assasin

    Hello, Is there anyway to set up spam assasin to send all the spam emails to a determinate email address and no to the spambox. My clients will never go to the horde webmail to delete all the spams, and it's easier for them to receive all the spams in an emai laccount in their computer...
  8. R

    Spam Question

    Hi, I have noticed that when reading mail inide horde for example if the message has been flagged as spam you can view the message before it was flagged up spam. All you do is click a link above the message and its supposed to show you the original message. The problem I have is that when...
  9. sneader

    How to upgrade Spam Assassin to latest version?

    Newbie Alert! I see in my upcp e-mailed logs that it has downloaded version 2.62 and then 2.63 of Spam Assassin. Yet, all the e-mails that I receive still only show version 2.61 in the headers. How do I get the newer version running? Thanks for any assistance! - Scott
  10. F

    access Spam Assassin BOX ?

    Hello, I have enabled Spam Assassin and Spam Box for a client on my server, but i fail to understand how do we access this SPAM box? I contacted the Cpanel team and they say i need to access it in this format :- [email protected]/spam password The password would be whatever the...
  11. N

    SPAM - Message Being returned

    I have a friend of mine who I have given a hosting account on one of our servers. Everything has been good for about a year, then all of a sudden a couple of days ago his inbox starts to fill up with undeliverable messages. I changed his default e-mail address to mine so I could see some of...
  12. D

    spam assasin problem

    Jan 3 16:55:00 ns1 spamd[10035]: Cannot open bayes databases /home/stormbox/.spamassassin/bayes_* R/O: tie failed: Jan 3 16:55:02 ns1 spamd[10035]: Cannot open bayes databases /home/stormbox/.spamassassin/bayes_* R/W: tie failed: File exists Jan 3 17:17:12 ns1 spamd[10574]: Cannot open...
  13. S

    configure spam assassin settings globally

    Does anyone know where we can configure spam assassin settings globally? Thanks Mike
  14. W

    Spam Box Cleaning?

    hi, is there any way to clean customers spam box? There are many clients forget to check spam box from time to time and this will full up there account... thanks
  15. M

    Spam Assassin or a better solution?

    We were pretty happy with Spam Assassin a few months ago. But lately it seems like more and more spam is slipping through. Does cPanel keep Spam Assassin updated or is this something that we have to do? And my second question would be if anyone has implemented a more successful solution...
  16. J

    Spam Assassin and Forwarding

    Does Spam Assassin filter emails (adding the SPAM tag)before being forwarded to an external address?
  17. N

    There is a way to send out spam in Cpanel servers

    Hi, I think my server is used to send out SPAM. (The problem is no matter what I do, I cannot stop it) I have specified the maximum each domain can send out per hour in 150. But when I view the Mail queue I have more than 30,000 messages there! (Each one with hundreds of mail addresses)...
  18. S

    Spam Assassin not properly scanning and scoring HTML messages

    Hello On one of our servers Spam Assassin does not properly scan and score HTML based messages. When an HTML message comes through it does not have information related to Spam Assassin in the email header. Here is how the entry from the maillog when receiving a text message: Dec 18...
  19. A

    share your rules (spam)

    anyone care to share their rules that they might have to dev null spam emails? (post your raw files)
  20. makan

    Help: Setup SPAM Filters

    hi all, i got an error message when i tried to add/delete SPAM Filters on When i add a filter it said: ----------------------------- Created... A filter has been added that blocks all mail header_subject: that is xxx Fatal! Write Failure...