1. S

    Letsencrypt SSL Configuration Error

    Hello, I’ve the latest cPanel issued, But still I’m getting strange error for LetsEncrypt SSL. How do I resolve it?? I tried reinstalling/updating multiple times. API failure: Net::ACME2::X::HTTP::Network: The system failed to send an HTTP “GET” request to...
  2. E

    Missing SSL certificate on DNSOnly

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version 110.0.14 When I open https://dns.*.*.*.ba:2087/ I see that certificate missing. I don't understand why. Best regards, Elizabeta
  3. V

    Automatically Created Subdomains & Their SSL Coverage

    cPanel automatically creates a www and 6 service subdomains for every domain and subdomain. When you go to the "Manage SSL Hosts" interface these 7 subdomains are listed for domains but for subdomains only www is listed. Why is that? Is there a way to disable the creation of the www subdomain...
  4. E

    Services certificate cannot be fetched due to wrong public IP

    Hello, Recently I moved from cPanel installation that was on a server directly connected to the Internet, to a new server, that has only one IP, which is a private IP and it is connected to a Firewall that holds the public IP and link the two using 1:1 NAT. The new server started with a temp...
  5. H

    SOLVED Trouble purchasing new SSL through WHM Wizard, possible nameserver issue

    Good morning, For the past few years we have used the built-in SSL/TLS Wizard to purchase and install our server's OV wildcard SSL certificate. We have used both Comodo and cPanel options and have been happy with the service. This time around we're having issues and now am under a time crunch...
  6. V

    cPanel Location of SSL Folders

    What is the purpose and content of these folders: /var/cpanel/ssl/apache_tls (SSLs for domains). /var/cpanel/ssl/domain_tls (???). /var/cpanel/ssl/system (SSLs for the cPanel service). /home/user/ssl (SSLs for domains - are these copies of files from /var/cpanel/ssl/apache_tls). cPanel...
  7. V

    In Progress CPANEL-43335 - Hostname Services SSL (Clarification & Differentiation)

    I just want to make sure I got this right about hostname service certificates (SSL), so can you please confirm/correct these statements for me: Hostname SSL is completely separate from the domain SSLs. Every server (hostname) needs to have a SSL installed. When we talk about hostname SSL we are...
  8. JIKOmetrix

    IOS 17 users getting SSL error for email

    Hello, I have IOS 17 Users saying they are getting an SSL when trying to connect email to our cPanel server. OS - AlmaLinux v8.8.0 STANDARD standard cPanel Version 114.0.8 Any idea why apple Mail would work fine with IOS 16.7.x and throw SSL error with IOS 17.x? Ciphers maybe?
  9. anton_latvia

    Disabling expiring SSL notifications through shell

    I wonder, why in 2023 we still have to have a shell script to disable expiring SSL notifications for cPanel users? Just installed new server and forgot to setup the cron and support team got quite a few support tickets about it. Notifications are disabled in WHM, why are they still being sent...
  10. V

    "Generate a self-signed SSL for new domains" vs AutoSSL?

    First to differentiate: 1) AutoSSL installs Let's Encrypt SSL which is CA-signed and passes the browser security check? 2) Option "Generate a self-signed SSL certificate if a CA-signed certificate is not available when setting up new domains." is not referring to SSL that is installed by...
  11. E

    Receiving mail on DNSOnly "The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for “cpanel” on “” will expire in less than 30 days.

    Hello, I have received two mails 1. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for “cpanel” on “” will expire in less than 30 days. Should I install manually this certificate now? 2. I have recived also this email Should I install manually this certificate? Best regards, Elizabeta
  12. V

    Wrong SSL being assigned to a domain when changing the sites IP address

    My server provider recently requested I change my IP ranges. I was provided with new IP addresses and I imported these into WHM. I then changed the main IP address used by Cpanel within the basic web host setup. I know I have the option of using IP migration, but I am keen to change each...
  13. R

    SSL issue on other records

    Hi facing this issue in cpanel, I’m using lets encrypt.I received mail that SSL installed on main domain like but other like and other like this show this error. There is no recorded error on the system for...
  14. T

    Calendar and Contact Server using old SSL certfiicate

    I am having an issue that just started this morning with the CCS service. I am using a 3rd party Outlook plugin that syncs the Outlook calendar to the calendar of a user on my cPanel server. This has worked for several years with minimal problems. However this morning I am being greeted with...
  15. D

    SOLVED Expired SSL on website

    Hello I have renewed SSL by Sectigo on one of my domains. SSL is renewed - see pic in attachment. But when I open web page, there is still old SSL cert. I have restart HTTP Service, delete NGINX Cache, tried different browsers and there is still old SSL. Whart to try? Regards,Davor
  16. H

    Force NGINX WordPress site to use SSL

    I'm trying to figure out how to force a WordPress site running on NGINX in cPanel to only use SSL. I updated the sites nginx conf file with the following line shown in bold below: server { server_name; listen 80; listen [::]:80...
  17. Networkologist

    No SSL for WHM

    I'm at a loss. Tried everything Google said :) Hoping for a one click install but will appreciate any help
  18. A

    SOLVED SSL conflict with expired ssl

    Everything was fine when the domain suddenly expired its SSL certificate (Sectigo free). Once I went into the administration, I saw that there were two SSL certificates and proceeded to delete the expired one, but the problem was not solved even with Auto SSL. I should note that...
  19. A

    Problems with account activation

    Hello, I am having problems with my server I have noticed that sometimes when I activate again an account after a suspension does not leave the information if not that it stays with the data of suspeng.cgi in several opportunities and restarted the server to be solved, likewise happens to me...
  20. ribo

    ssl renew but in browser show NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID

    Hello, in autossl two domains are renew but in google chrome it show NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID and it show there the old ssl there.