1. rivermobster

    Subdomain Backup?

    Greetings... I have cPanel sending my backups to S3. My question is... Are subdomains automatically backed up as well? The reason I ask is.... When I look in S3, the size of the particular account I'm asking about, does not appear to be large enough in size to include three separate...
  2. T

    SOLVED Creating a new subdomain on a different cPanel

    We have two different servers both running WHM/cPanel in a completely different locations and network from each other. Server-A and Server-B. We have a domain name set up on Server-A but we wanted to create a new account on Server-B with a sub-domain On Server-B, we...
  3. A

    No option for SSL installation for subdomain available

    No option for SSL installation for subdomain available cPanel Version 108.0.14 only main domain got renewed via autossl, there is no option available for subdomain
  4. M

    Subdomain problem

    I have 2 domains on the same cpanel account Then main domain1.tld and a secondary domain2.tld I created a subdomain on the second domain app.domain2.tld that is working properly. Now every subdomain I create in domain1.tld or domain2.tld seems to not propagate properly. All nameservers seems OK...
  5. P

    Certificate for a delegated subdomain (AutoSSL + Let's Encrypt).

    Hello, I have delegated a subdomain to a new server, DNS is configured and everything works fine. But I am wondering if I can and how to create an SSL certificate for the delegated subdomain? I am using AutoSSL and Let's Encrypt. The subdomain is not assigned to any account, it functions as an...
  6. M

    SOLVED Subdomain Alias Problems: There was an error when the system attempted to create the alias. (XID kvgkft)

    I have a testing domain that was a subdomain of an account. account domain = testing domain = = client chosen Live Domain name. testing domain was it's own account on WHM . Now the work is done and the client is finished and has chosen their FQDN...
  7. 1

    UAPI create subdomain but not create directory?

    Using UAPI to create a subdomain is trivially easy. However it also creates the subdirectory, which didn't happen with API 2 Is there a way to create the subdomain but not create the subdirectory?
  8. Gamecock

    Subdomain proxy vHost template for all users

    I want the subdomain point to (via ProxyPass or ProxyPassReverse) for all of the users of cPanel server. I want to apply this modification on default virtual host template effect all users accounts. (Looks like which is pointing to...
  9. J

    Unable to remove subdomain

    Dear all, I'm trying to remove a subdomain I don't longer need. However, it gives me the following error: Error: (XID u68q2x) The domain “” does not belong to “dorgroot”. Any ideas?
  10. B

    I cannot add my subdomain out of public_html

    Restrict document roots to public_html is off.
  11. A

    Subdomain log

    Where we can find logs related to subdomain creation and deletion
  12. K

    remove subdomain via api

    I know I can use /scripts/proxydomains --subdomain=whm remove to remove whm for all accounts or with --user remove it for one account. Works fine and it seems also to make AutoSSL behave. Is there any way to run this or a similar command via whm api? Is it enough to just delete the subdomain...
  13. D

    Addon domains, subdomain options missing for Jupiter

    Hi, today I need to create an addon domain for a customer but couldn't find the option In whm, i'm in the customers cpanel. using Jupiter theme, these options are missing. I switched to paper lantern and the options are there cpanel 106.0.1
  14. G

    Subdomain - The certificate chain failed OpenSSL’s verification (0:10:CERT_HAS_EXPIRED)

    I'm having an unexpected SSL error that's apparently been going on for awhile, but I just now saw it. This is from AutoSSL, using the default Sectigo. I have one domain and the cert is renewing properly. It has several subdomains, though, and some are renewing while some are not. These...
  15. Flegy

    DMARC for subdomain

    Hello, Is possible to create DMARC for subdomains as cPanel makes the field dmarc name read-only and cannot edit to be a subdomain. Mail tester say to add DMARC record for subdomain but cannot find a way. Are have a way to get it to work?
  16. S

    Sectigo issues partial SSL certificate (only some of the hosts for the subdomain)

    I have AutoSSL enabled and for years it has worked properly. No recent changes to configuration on my end. Yesterday a new account was created with a subdomain of our primary domain (all new accounts start as subdomains of our domain on our hosting platform). Sectigo/cPanel did the AutoSSL...
  17. J

    Migrate Site from Separate cPanel Subdomain Account to Subdirectory of Existing Account

    Hi, not sure how best to categorize this question even. Here's what we need to accomplish, and just want to know the best and/or simplest method of doing so. A) We have a site in development in it's own cPanel account using a subdomain of a different account we also host...
  18. D

    In Progress CPANEL-38658 - Error creating subdomain with linked server

    Hello! We've a server with linked node for mail, with DNS cluster between them. When trying to create a subdomain in any account, we receive always the same error: There was a problem creating the sub-domain: (XID ns6wn5) The “create_subdomain” request to “mailserver.domain.tld”...
  19. R

    A subdomain as an account's primary domain is not resolving locally

    I have an account with domain.tld as the main domain, so I created a second account with the main domain as sec.domain.tld. Externally this domain sec.domain.tld resolves and pings normally to server's IP, but locally the shell cannot resolve and cannot ping to sec.domain.tld This behavior did...
  20. T

    subdomain all going to sorry page

    Hi, I know I'm not the first one to ask for this but my website on subdomain aren't working anymore and cannot find why. Already try absolutely all solutions on forum. So here is my configuration: WHM/cPanel install on dedicated server hosting his own name server and all other server (web...