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    {Locate the connector port...} and how fix if PORT not load?

    we do step to step Tomcat 8 and EasyApache Setup Guide and in step #9 we get: then becouse step #10 NEVER load: we execute: and you can see... PORT not listen over IP4 and Tomcat 8 and EasyApache Setup Guide not say what we do when PORT not load how we can fix this error ?
  2. D

    Deploy Java Application using EasyApache 4

    Hello everyone :), I want to deploy a java application on Easy Apache 4, but there is no documentation describing this process. There is only documentation which is explaining how to deploy .war files on Easy Apache 3. One way which I found out is by producing .jar file and by the shell console...
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    Deploy a Java Application?

    Dear C-panel I hav followed Your How to Deploy Java Applications - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation My - Removed - is resideing at atomcat webhotel. that is I can only edit the htaccess To be honest, I do not know how to ask the right question My tomcat app work fine on my local...
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    SOLVED userdata location for a domain

    Hello ! My server has cPanel/WHM version 80 installed. I also installed Tomcat 9.0. I made additions in the Include Editor (Home »Service Configuration »Apache Configuration »Include Editor) in the Pre VirtualHost section. I added the JkMount and all the stuff I needed to make my Tomcat...
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    Tomcat and JSP support

    I have installed Tomcat using EasyApache 4, enabled tomcat on the subdomain and it appears the next step is to install the servlets. When I attempt to run the following command, I receive a directory not found error and the script does not appear to be in the scripts directory. Command...
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    SOLVED Apache2 and Tomcat9 Configuration

    I'm trying to configure Apache2 (WHM managed) and Tomcat9 (not managed) on CentOS 7, to work together. When you browse my website: you are NOT taken to the DocumentRoot /home/example/example_web that I specify in post_virtualhost_global.conf, instead you are taken to public_html. If...
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    How to resolve .htaccess 'SetEnv' for tomcat

    Hi all, I am trying to host my java website and having a bit of trouble. I followed this tutorial: How to Deploy Java Applications - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation But I am receiving and Internal Server Error when trying to access the domain from the web. The message in the...
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    SOLVED Tomcat showing just blank page

    I've installed tomcat85 under easyapache4, activated tomcat for the user, and when opening account's [domain.tld]:10000 it loads a blank page, I can see from tomcat logs under accounts home folder ea-tomcat85/logs/ that it is running. Testing out ubic stop/start ea-tomcat85 seems to work and...
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    Webapp not working issue

    Hello Everyone, I recently migrated from EA 3 to EA 4, in EA3 i had tomcat 7 with JRE 1.6, when i migrated to EA4 i saw that tomcat 8.5 and JRE 1.8 got installed, since i read in EA4 tomcat is private to each user, i wasn't sure how to make my existing domains which were running on tomcat to...
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    How to remove tomcat7 from easyapache4?

    Hello, I have a Cent Os ver 6 and upgraded to Cloud linux ver 6.1 I install cpanel ver 76.0.9 Last months a go I have easy apache 3 and configure with tomcat 7 and I upgraded to easy apache 4 without any problem After cpanel ver 76 my tomcat service is stoped and many jvm-* error log created on...
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    git for cPanel and tomcat ?

    Anyone familiar with any git repositories for cpanel ? Second question is Tomcat dangerous or difficult to use ?
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    Execute Java Web Application

    I hope someone can help. I renamed a war file to zip, extracted the contents, since it's a web application, I don't know what is required to execute the java application though cPanel ?
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    Tomcat with AutoSSL using EasyApache 3 with mod_jk

    Hi Team, SSL is more like default requirement now for any website owner, also google pushing hard on it. My scenario is something like below : I am using EasyApache 3 with Tomcat 7 (i will migrate to EasyApache 4 as soon as it is supported here) So my main website is php which and i run...
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    Tomcat Change Java version

    Hello! I'm running Java 1.7.0 in Tomcat 7, but I'm interesting in updating to 1.8.0. Where is the configuration file located? I can't find
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    WAR file on EasyApache 4

    Hello! I'm interesting in deploying a Java WAR file on my server which runs EasyApache 4, is this possible? I'm on WHM v66 and for some reason I can't downgrade to EasyApache 3 until Tomcat is supported in 4. Any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot!
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    Apache & Tomcat port confliction issue

    Hello Recently, I leased new godaddy dedicated server. The OS is CentOS 6.9 and apache was installed by default. My website developers installed tomcat for new website. The default apache was using port 80 which is default website port. So I changed apache port from 80 to 8079 for the tomcat to...
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    Tomcat down after kernel update

    I am getting this error message: The service “tomcat” appears to be down.The service “tomcat” appears to be down. So I log in to WHM and Try to restart manually. But still getting this error: Waiting for “tomcat” to restart ……waiting for “tomcat” to initialize …………………………………finished. (XID...
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    Tomcat for EasyApache 4

    Hi, We could create a small module which allows Tomcat work with easyapache 4. It works in production servers too. However there are couple of issues that we face 1. We believe cpanel uses jsvc for tomcat. May we know how it is done or benifits of it. [ Very rarely we have tomcat restarting...
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    What happens to Tomcat if I upgrade to EA4?

    I really need to upgrade to EasyApache 4, for PHP 7 support. During the install process, I came across info that EA4 doesn't support Tomcat, so I stopped the upgrade. I'm not sure what "not support" means. I have a Tomcat installation on the server currently to host Solr. If I upgrade to EA4...
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    Returning to easyapache 3 to deploy war

    My server has EasyApache4 I want to deploy a java war file but EasyApache4 don't support tomcat and there is already a website on the server and domain how to return back to EasyApache3, and deploy the war file without affecting the current site? also is there is another way to deploy a java...