1. leonep

    whm list account on other server

    Hello, as admin or reseller would be great to list all account across whm servers. is something possible in some ways? this can be an interesting feature request by your opinion? thanks
  2. A

    csh.cshrc files are present inside /etc

    currently no users have shell access, is it safe to remove the following files -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1620 Apr 1 2020 csh.cshrc -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1620 Apr 1 2020 csh.cshrc;5ea78133 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1620 Apr 1 2020 csh.cshrc;5ea8d299 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root...
  3. P

    Enable ionCube AlmaLinux 8 and cPanel 114.0.12

    Hello there! I have installed new AlmaLinux 8 server, with cPanel 114.0.12. Also, I installed JetBackup 5 in order to restore data from old server. But I receive the following error: "Site error: the ionCube PHP Loader needs to be installed. This is a widely used PHP extension for running...
  4. I

    In Progress CPANEL-43387 - Apple Safari Cannot Logout of WHM or cPanel Admins.

    When using Apple Safari web browser I cannot log out of either the WHM and cPanel admins. I get the drop down menu fine, but nothing happens when I click out on Log Out. If I add logout to the URL in the web browser and submit, it does work (i.e., https://www.domain.tld:2083/logout). I've...
  5. O

    installing nginx with php on whm

    hi I want to install nginx and have it linked to php-fpm, i searched for the .sock files of the php-fpm processes and I was able to locate them but nginx was not able to read them, I think that is due to permission issues. I know my question has too moving parts, but I am wondering if I am...
  6. H

    SOLVED Trouble purchasing new SSL through WHM Wizard, possible nameserver issue

    Good morning, For the past few years we have used the built-in SSL/TLS Wizard to purchase and install our server's OV wildcard SSL certificate. We have used both Comodo and cPanel options and have been happy with the service. This time around we're having issues and now am under a time crunch...
  7. A

    SOLVED can't login to whm after update

    Hello, yesterday i update whm to 114.0.10, today i can't access to whm and ssh it says invalid, i can't login to any of cpanel accounts in my server i can log to a linux user from data center but its not root any advise please
  8. T

    In Progress CPANEL-43456 - WHM can't find "add_kernelcare_free_symlink_protection" script

    The link https://host.net:2087/cpsess**********/scripts13/add_kernelcare_free_symlink_protection in Security Advisor goes nowhere. Clicking the link redirects back to Security Advisor. Searching the server comes up with neither a "scripts13" directory nor an...
  9. T

    email listed in WHM delivery report isn't in roundcube or client inbox

    Suddenly not receiving messages in either roundcube or Thunderbird sent to a particular email address. Multiple remote senders. The raw message can be read from the report page and can be found int the email user's cur folder, but isn't showing up in the email clients. This just started...
  10. S

    Migrate database from shared hosting to AWS Lightsail with WHM

    Hi, I face a prblem for migrating a database around 200mb from shared hosting to my own AWS Lightsail with WHM My current shared hosting disable backup function in cPanel. I can only export it from phpmyadmin or request provider to do it. after i download the backup file, how do I import it...
  11. T

    process CPU load 100% during WHM cPanel upgrade on Almalinux9

    Hello, I have installed AlmaLinux9 on a KVM instance and the latest version of cPanel. Install version of cPanel is 114.0.7. When I run Upgrade to Latest Version from WHM to upgrade cPanel to the latest version, it gets stuck on loading and does not display the progress of the process. Upon...
  12. M

    Can't Update to a new Cpanel version due to OS version & Vice Versa

    Hello I'm attempting to upgrade my OS from cloudlinux 7.x.x to 8.x.x , while reading some common issues i encountered an issue that states that if my cPanel version belongs to the LTS ( 110.0.12 ) section it is not supported and the upgrade will not proceed , on the other hand , cPanel will...
  13. F

    WHM 114.0.6 and PHP versions

    Hi, I have a fresh installation with WHM 114.0.6 and I only have PHP 7.4, PHP 8.0, PHP 8.1, and PHP 8.2 When I enter to EasyApache4 > Currently Installed Packages > "Customize" it doesnt show older PHP versions. How can I add them? I also see in EasyApache4 > "CloudLinux + All PHP Options +...
  14. H

    Cant login to WHM After migrations

    After migration to new server all reseller whms are not wroking with correct login credentials. so i checked the error log and found. You cannot create a “whostmgrd” session for the user “domah” because they are not a reseller. [create_user_session] version [1].
  15. H

    Excessive consumption of users in Overselling mode

    Hi Overselling feature is active for our reseller accounts, but we noticed that users can really consume more than the total volume defined by us. When I activate Overselling, I expect Reseller to be allowed to create more accounts than the specified limit, but naturally, he should not be able...
  16. Y

    How to create WHM/ROOT WHM API token using WHM API

    Hi there! Essentially, the question is how to generate the token using API before it's created? We're using WHM/cPanel API to create a cPanel account under WHM level (by'createacct' API) with the "reseller" privileges so that a new WHM account has been created automatically too (if I...
  17. O

    configure whm for 5000 connections

    Hi Long story short, we have to run an ec2-instance to serve 5K connections per second. We tried to take bigger and bigger instances but for some reason the vmstat always showing the machine peaking the kernel-time with the CPU cores being at 100% usage. We are testing with a php script that...
  18. E

    How to load MariaDB 10.3 on a WHM system with MySQL 8.0?

    My server company has installed WHM with MySQL 8.0 and is not responding to my request to change this to MariaDB 10.3. Is it possible for me to do this? Is there a way to achieve this without a WHM reinstall? Can I just reinstall WHM from the current setup so that the DB server gets changed to...
  19. S

    Cannot access Cpanel WHM - root password not working - can it be reset anywhere?

    Hi, is there anything I can do to recover my root password for WHM? I received this message: Nydus Installed This dashboard relies on agent applications running on your server for certain operations to work, called nydus-ex and nydus-ex-api. They work through connections to your server on...
  20. Q

    Reset dns zone whm /cpanel

    Boa tarde! Após uma tentativa fracassada de migração, o cpanel alterou o ip do servidor na zona dns, e agora tenho muitos sites offline. Existe algum comando que eu possa alterar a zona DNS de todas as contas cpanel que tenho no servidor para o padrão! Por favor me ajude urgentemente!