Automated Backups Converting Columns in Databases

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Jul 29, 2022
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I've been running some tests with the automated backups created by WHM but I'm having some issues importing an SQL database created by the process. It looks like there are some columns in a few tables where the backup process is converting the values. This is a WordPress database and the tables being effected by this are for a couple different WordPress plugins. Comparison between a manual phpMyAdmin export and automated mysqldump export are below.

INSERT INTO `table` (`hash`, `post_id`, `import_id`, `post_type`) VALUES (0x45550d50deb33e92dbd0b551f7b201ed, 5491, 1, 'post')

INSERT INTO `table` (`hash`, `post_id`, `import_id`, `post_type`) VALUES (_binary ' EU\rP޳>�\�еQ\��\� ', 5491, 1, 'post')

The characters in the mysqldump file cause errors when attempting to import using programs like phpMyAdmin and HeidiSQL.

I've read that this can potentially be fixed by using some combination of the --hex-blob, --max_allowed_packet, and/or --default-character-set options for the mysqldump command but I'm not seeing any way to specify options for when the command is used for the automated backups.

Is there any way for me to set options for the automated backups or is there some special way that the export needs to be imported? Any help would be appreciated!
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