Dec 28, 2006
I have not written any redirection rules in .htaccess file or any where. But when i see the stats for my domain i see thousands of 302 HTTP hits to the site.
i am seeing the AW stats. and i can paste a copy of the stats here.

HTTP Error codes* Hits PercentBandwidth
302Moved temporarily (redirect)534382.4 %27.17 KB
301Moved permanently (redirect)2403.7 %2.29 MB
400Bad Request 3014.6 %0
206Partial Content279 4.3 %1.18 MB

So can we guess why the site is getting so many 302 hits.
i see 5343 of 302 hits to the site. is this some thing wrong. Why should the site get so many 302 hits.
any modifications are to be made.