Changing horde setting on all emails to delete messages

Travis Stockton

Nov 6, 2018
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Website Owner
I am aware of the setting to fix my issue on an individual email account basis but I am looking to do this for all 70 or so email accounts we have and change the default where this can be done automatically for all future created accounts. I need this:

Browse to "Horde >> Preferences >> Mail >> Deleting and Moving Messages" to enable the following option:

"Move deleted messages to your Trash mailbox instead of marking them as deleted in the current mailbox?"

Deleting an email in Horde will automatically move the message to the "Trash" folder once you enable this option. Note that previous messages you deleted will need to be moved to the Trash folder, or "deleted" again, if you want to see those messages removed from the inbox.

to be done for everyone. I have Bluehost and want to use Horde because of the Shared Address Book feature.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Travis Stockton,

Your access level shows as Website Owner. Without root access to the machine, there's no support for modifying the default Horde preferences. You'd need to manually change the setting for each email account, or reach out to your web hosting provider to see if this is something they can handle for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.