cpservd failing frequently - after maxing out on memory


Jan 10, 2010

I rent a VPS from spry - been using it for several years. Off-late (last 2 months), cpservd has been failing frequently - almost daily. Unable to understand why. But indications are that it is getting "bloated" and maxing out on system memory. Or is some other process (like spamd) bloating and causing a memory max-out?

More often than not only cpservd fails but then there have been instances where server is still up but other processes have failed and even ssh into the server has not been possible.

I have run a "strace" on cpservd on several occasions and have seen some instances where scripts using webmail functionality have opened connections, sent out email or have just opened multiple connections, not transacted anything and left hanging.

On the server load side - my server is drastically under-utilized, hosts few domains with static web pages, has only about 50 or 60 active email accounts and very minimal database use. No significant changes have been made in the last few months except for cpanel updates.

Anyone who can advice me on how to troubleshoot, where to start looking for what etc would be greatly appreciated.